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Present simple. De onvoltooid tegenwoordige tijd van ‘ to have’. have or has. I havea cat You have a dog He ha s a horse She ha s a rabbit It ha s some milk We have some chickens You have some guinea pigs They have some birds.

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Present simple

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Present simple

De onvoltooid tegenwoordige tijd


‘to have’

have or has

I havea cat

You have a dog

He has a horse

She has a rabbit

It hassomemilk

We have somechickens

Youhave someguineapigs

Theyhave somebirds

Do ….. + werkwoordDoes …… + werkwoord

Do I have English?

Do youhave biology?

Does he have geography?

Doesshehave maths?

Doesithave anyproblems?

Do we have Dutch?

Do youhave French?

Do theyhave science?

…. don’t + werkwoord…. doesn’t + werkwoord

Idon’t have a tie

Youdon’t have a blazer

Hedoesn’t have a shirt

Shedoesn’t have a skirt

Itdoesn’t have PE

We don’t have history

Youdon’t have anymistakes

Theydon’t have time


  • We ……. (to have) Italian pizza on Mondays

  • We have Italian pizza on Mondays

  • I …. (to have) breakfasteverymorning

  • I have breakfasteverymorning

  • In summertheyoften … (to have) sports on the playing field

  • In summertheyoftenhave sports on the playingfield

  • My dadalways .. (to have) chips on Sundays

  • My dadalwayshas chips on Sundays

Practise making questions

  • He hashistory every day

  • Does he havehistory every day?

  • They often havesausages at school

  • Do they often havesausages at school?

  • She sometimes hasgood marks

  • Does she sometimes havegood marks?

Practise making negative sentences

  • I have English at school

  • I don’t have English at school

  • She has a school uniform

  • Shedoesn’t have a school uniform

  • He has old-fashionedclothes

  • He doesn’t have old-fashionedclothes

  • My parentsalways have time for me

  • My parentsdon’talwayshave time for me

When do we use the Present Simple?

For facts:

  • Cows have horns

  • Sugar has a sweet taste

  • Babies don’t have school

  • A rabbit doesn’t have two legs

  • Do rabbits have four legs?

  • Does a fish have any legs?

When do we use the Present Simple? (2)

For habits (= gewoonten)

  • We have English twice a week

  • I havebreakfast at eight in the morning

  • He has lunch at school everyday

  • Shedoesn’t have French on Tuesdays

  • Theydon’t have biologyeveryday

  • Doyouhavemathseveryday?

Whichwords go with the Present Simple?


Little sister alwayshas goodmarksfor English


I never have bad marksfor French


Doyourparents ever have school on Saturday?


I usuallyhave a warm lunch at school

Whichwords go with the Present Simple (2)


You often have a lot of homework for maths


My brother sometimes has trouble at school

Elke dag

My dad has a meeting every day

Practise for test Unit 2

  • 1?...... you ....... a drama lesson?

  • 2+I .......... maths every day

  • 3?........... Sophie ......... a nice school uniform?

  • 4–Steven .......n’t .......... the right trainers

  • 5–Sidrahand Scott ..........n’t .......... a winter coat as part of their uniform

Practise for test Unit 2 (2)

  • 1?Jenny / English now

  • 2+Sarah and Robin / geography now

  • 3–Julia / a school uniform

  • 4+Steven / French every day

  • 5–I / time for another coffee

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