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Zhongli Pan Ph.D. USDA ARS WRRC Univ. of California, Davis PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New Production and Processing Technologies for Fruits and Vegetables. Zhongli Pan Ph.D. USDA ARS WRRC Univ. of California, Davis. University of California - Locations. Berkeley Davis Irvine Los Angeles Merced Riverside San Diego San Francisco Santa Barbara Santa Cruz.

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Zhongli Pan Ph.D. USDA ARS WRRC Univ. of California, Davis

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New Production and Processing Technologies for Fruits and Vegetables

Zhongli Pan Ph.D.


Univ. of California, Davis

University of California - Locations

  • Berkeley

  • Davis

  • Irvine

  • Los Angeles

  • Merced

  • Riverside

  • San Diego

  • San Francisco

  • Santa Barbara

  • Santa Cruz

University of California - Profiles

  • Chartered in 1868

  • 10 Campuses

    • Five medical schools and teaching hospitals

    • Three law schools

  • Three National Labs

  • Two Centers

  • 45 Nobel Prizes (12 of them since 1995)

  • 320 members of the National Academy of Sciences

  • More UC academic programs are rated among top 10 than other universities

  • 42,000 graduates each year, including 7.5% of the nation’s Ph.D.

  • Total 970,000 living alumni

University of California - Profiles

  • Enrollment (fall 2001)

    • Total 183,355

      • Undergraduate 141,366

      • Graduate 41,989

    • UC Extension enrollment44,102

  • Budget

    • Total $14 billion

      • State of California26%

      • Gifts, grants and contracts23%

      • Medical centers19%

      • Student tuition and fees11%

      • Education activities9%

      • Auxiliary enterprises6%

      • Other sources6%

University of California - Davis

  • Established 1908

  • Nation’s top 12 public universities.

  • School of Veterinary Medicine - No. 1.

  • International leader in agricultural, biotechnological and environmental science

  • Enrollment

    • Undergraduate19,460

    • Graduate5,632

    • Total25,092

  • 900 Teaching Faculty (FTE)

  • 1700 Research Faculty (FTE)

  • 14000 Other Staff (FTE)

University of California - Davis

University of California - Davis

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

  • 30 faculty members

    • Including 10 joint appointees

    • Strong ties w/ Food Science & Technology

  • 20 staff members

  • 180 undergraduate students

  • 50 graduate students

Undergraduate Major:Biological Systems Engineering

Undergraduate Specializations

·      Agricultural engineering

·  Aquacultural engineering

·      Biomechanical/Premedical/engineering*

·      Biotechnical engineering*

·      Ecological systems engineering

·      Food engineering

·      Forest engineering

* most student interest is in these two areas

Undergraduate Minors(in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences)

  • Applied Biological Systems Technology

    • 0-1 graduate per year

  • Geographic Information Systems

    • 5-10 graduates per year

  • Precision Agriculture

    • 0-1 graduate per year

Graduate Program:Biological Systems Engineering

Some Recent Research Projects

Agricultural Engineering

Precision Agriculture

Differential GPS



Differential Correction

Tomato Yield Monitor

Electronic Weigh Bucket -Loading

Displacement sensor


Load cell

Moisture Sensor

Standard tine

Texture/soil Compaction Sensor

D = f (Geometry,



Bulk Density,

Texture, and

Moisture Content)

Measurement of Soil Water Suction and Water Content

Temperature sensor


Watermark sensor

Variable Rate Applicator

Pistachio Yield Monitor

Testing precision irrigation for orchards

Testing ergonomics of various trellis designs

Machine for transferring tubs of wine grapes from the vine row to a bin

Monitoring dust generated by nut harvesting

Testing a solar still for extracting salt from ag drainage brines

Biological Engineering

Testing solid state fermentation for producing biological control agents

Equipment for dispersing beneficial insects to control pests

Bioenvironmental Engineering

Pilot facility for anaerobic conversionof organic wastes

Fish production in recirculatingtank-based systems

Mechanized thinning of foreststo reduce fire danger

Fluidized bed reactor used to study combustion and gasification of biomass fuels

Tracing particles in a fluidized bed combustor

Postharvest and Food Engineering

In-field cooling of fruits and vegetables

Evaluating methods for reducing damage to fresh pears during transport

Evaluating quality of precooked pinto beans

Clam shell grill used to study heat transfer in hamburger patties

Experimenting with air impingement for heating and cooling foods

America’s Top 5 Agricultural States 1999

Cash Receipts(Dollars in Billions)



















California Agriculture Farm Gate Values in 1999: 26.7 Billions

California Agriculture (2002)

  • Leading commodities (billion $):

    • Milk (3.8)

    • Grapes (2.6)

    • Nursery(2.3)

    • Lettuce(1.3)

    • Cattle(1.2)

    • Almonds(1.2)

    • Strawberries(1.0)

Irrigation water is usually plentiful and high quality. Sources of water include Sacramento River, irrigation districts with canal delivery systems from dam sources and deep wells.

The soil in this Salinas Valley field is being prepared for one of many cool season vegetable crops grown here.

Salinas - Monterey Area Agriculture

Cool season




San Joaquin Valley Agriculture

San Joaquin Valley Agriculture




Sweet corn

The Department of Viticulture and Enology at UC Davis is a research and teaching institution. One of our missions is to help wine and grape scientists worldwide address questions that have no known or well established answers. Our goal is to help improve the quality and value of grapes, raisins and wine for consumers by the application of new information and a better understanding of grape and wine qualities.

Quality grape growing is key to making quality wine.

New Infrared Heating Technology for Processing and Drying Foods and Agricultural Products


  • Need alternative drying technologies

    • Improve process and energy efficiencies

    • Reduce production costs

    • Improve product quality

    • Environmentally sound

Possible Solutions

  • Infrared radiant heat transfer is often more efficient than convective heat transfer

  • Limited uses of infrared radiation in food and agricultural processing

Principles of Infrared

  • Infrared radiation – Electromagnetic wave

Electromagnetic spectrum

Principles of Infrared

Peak wavelengths and temperatures of a blackbody

Spectrum of Water

Infrared Emitters

  • Electric infrared emitters

    • infrared bulbs, infrared tubes, or heat lamps

  • Gas infrared emitters

    • Natural gas and propane gas

      • Catalytic infrared emitter (CIR)

        • Produced virtually no volatile organic compounds (VOC), carbon monoxide (CO), and nitrogen oxides (NOX)

Infrared Heating Technology (cont.)

  • Infrared drying

    • High efficiency and product quality

    • Rice, fruits and vegetables

  • Infrared dry-blanching

    • High efficiency and product quality, no waste water

    • Fruits and vegetables

  • Infrared disinfestation

    • Retain product quality

    • Rice

  • Fruit and vegetable based chips

    • Healthy food products

Infrared Radiation Drying - Onion


Flameless Gas

Infrared Drier


Heating Methods

Continuous heating

Intermittent heating

Fixed heating cycle

Variable heating cycle

Recirculation fan on

Recirculation fan off

Infrared Radiation Drying - Onion

Infrared Radiation Drying - Onion

Color Comparison



Infrared Radiation Drying - Strawberry

IR Hot Air

Infrared Radiation Drying - Rice

Exhaust air

Pressure gauge

CFG IR emitter

Flow meter

Natural gas

Fresh air in

Solenoid valve

Air recirculation


Data acquisition and control

Vibrating bottom


CIR Dryer

Infrared Radiation Drying - Rice

Rice Temperature

Infrared Radiation Drying - Rice

Rice Drying Rate

Infrared Radiation Drying - Rice

Rice Moisture Change

Infrared Radiation Drying - Rice

Rice Quality – Head Rice Yield

T – Tempering

NT – No Tempering

Infrared Radiation Drying - Rice

DisinfestationResults – Heating rate

Disinfestation Results – Incubation Test

Results – Disinfestation

Results – Rice Quality

Infrared Dry Blanching (IDB)

Infrared Blancher/dryer

Infrared Dry Blanching (IDB)

Simultaneous Blanching and Dehydration of Pears

Infrared Dry Blanching (IDB)

  • Apple samples





Enzymatic (peroxidase) activity of treated with IDB for various times

½” (12.7mm cubes)

Infrared Dry Blanching (IDB)

  • Texture of IDB and Steam Blanched Apple Samples

Infrared Dry Blanching (IDB)

  • Pear samples

Enzymatic (peroxidase) activity of treated with IDB for various times

½” (12.7mm cubes)

Infrared Dry Blanching (IDB)

  • Pear samples

Heating rates of pear slices by IDB and 75°C steam blanching

Infrared Dry Blanching (IDB)

  • Carrots

Control 2min 3min 4min

Enzymatic (peroxidase) activity of treated with IDB for various times

(15mm in Diameter)

Infrared Dry Blanching (IDB)

  • Cut corn (corn kernels)

Control 1min

Enzymatic (peroxidase) activity of treated with IDB for various times

Infrared Dry Blanching (IDB)

  • French Fries

Control 3.5min

Enzymatic (peroxidase) activity of treated with IDB for various times

Infrared Heating Facilities

Electric vacuum infrared dryer

Infrared Heating Facilities

Catalytic infrared dryer/blancher

Infrared Heating Facilities

Infrared and hot air dryer

  • Dehydration of fruits and vegetables

  • Dehydration of fruits and vegetables

  • Pretreatment of dehydro-frozen products

  • Toasting and roasting of food products

  • Fasting cooking of food products

  • Disinfection and disinfestations of feeds, foods and agricultural products

  • Drying of pet foods and agricultural and food products

Potential Applications

Expaned Fruit and Vetetable Products

100% Bread Fruit Product

Improvement of Rice Sample Milling

Fruit and Vegetable Films

Ultrasonic Aided Extraction Processing

Fish gelatin extraction from fish skin

Value-added Ag. and By-product Processing

Rice straw particleboard with rice bran based adhesive

Saline wood and grass based particleboard

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