Let's Make Friends!
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Let's Make Friends!. Hello! We are from Chorzów in Poland. We are in class 4. Please, write to us!. Hi! My name is Klaudia. I live in Chorzów. There is a beautiful park. I ‘ m eleven years old. I like dancing very much. This is my pas s ion. I have an older brother. His name is Kamil.

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Let's Make Friends!

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Let's Make Friends!


We are from Chorzów in Poland.

We are in class 4.

Please, write to us!


My name is Klaudia. I live in Chorzów. There is a beautiful park.

I ‘m eleven years old. I like dancing very much. This is my passion.

I have an older brother. His name is Kamil.

My mum, Iwona is a nurse. My father, Jacek works in a large firm.

I learn in Primary School number 12. My favourite teacher is Mrs Dziuba.

I think we can be friends.



My name is Artur and I’m eleven years old. I’m from Poland and I live in Chorzów.

I’m in class 4B of primary school. My favourite subjects at school are English and Physical Education.

I like sport and I practice swimming. I ski in the winter, too. My hobby is a computer.

I love playing games and sending e‑mails to my friends.

I’ve got a younger brother. His name’s Igor and he is 7 years old. He is going to school after summer holidays .

We’ve got some pets at home. They are: a cat - his name’s Tiger, a guinea-pig and some aquarium fish.

My name is Kinga Buchta. I’m ten. I am in class 4c. I’m from Poland, I live in Chorzów.

My mother’s name is Ewa. She’s 33.My father’s name is Wojciech. He’s 33. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. My mother is a gardener. My father is a wholesaler of groceries.

My best friend is Wioletta. She’s in my class. My hobby is ,,fairy Witch”. Greetings!

My hobby: My friend:

My name is Sandra and I live in Poland. I play computer games and listen to music every day. In the summer I go to the cinema and ride a bike. In the summer I don’t do my homework. My sister’s name is Jessika. My friends are Patryk and Sandra. On Saturdays we play football and rollerblade .On Sunday we go to the swimmingpool and play volleyball. My favourite book is “Harry Potter” and “Ice Age 2”. My favourite colours are orange and blue. My favourite magazines are “WITCH” and “DIDLE”.

I’m Sandra!

I’m Patryk!

My name’s Patryk. I’m in class 4b. My hair is blonde, my eyes are blue. I’m short and thin. My favourite colours are blue and red. My best friend is Sandra. My favourite subjects are Geography and PE. I like playing football. I like ice-cream, chips and hamburgers

My name’s Patryk Piątkowski. I’m from Chorzów in Poland. I’m in class 4b. My favourite number is nine. My favourite colours are black and white. My favourite sport is football.

Hello! It’s me!

Hi! My name is Dawid. I’m eleven. I’m from Poland. I am a nice and good boy. I’m interested in Extreme Sports, riding a bike, music and computer games. I go to Primary School number 12.


Dawid Koruszowic

My name is Roksana Melich. I am in class 4c. I’m 11 years old, live in Chorzów. I have 2 brothers. I’m interested in sport and dance. My favourite cartoon is „Witch”. At home I have a guinea pig which is called Pusia. My parents’ names are Barbara and Janusz.


I ’m Miriam Pieniek.

I’m 11. I’m in class 4a. I live in Chorzów. It is a town in the south of Poland. I have got two sisters - Maja and Marysia. My favourite book is „Harry Potter”. My favourite colour is green. I like pizza. I have got brown hair and brown eyes. My favourite subjectsare Music and English. I have got an aquarium with fish.

Have you got any pets? Do you like pizza? What’s you favourite colour?

Write soon,


I am Claudia. I’m 11.I likesport and dance. I love animals. I would like to be an archaeologist or zoologist in the future. I like dancing techno!!!!!!!! And I love my hamster. His name is Fuzi. He is sweet and very nice.


My name’s Dominika Zogornik. My best friend is Miriam Pieniek. I’ve got a little sister. Her name’s Hania. I also have got a small dog, Ami, and a collection of gypsum dogs, Diddles and W.I.T.C.H. – magazines for girls. My mum’s name’s Ola and my dad’s name is Marek. My favourite animals are: a dog and a guinea pig. My favourite colour is blue and my favourite toys are Galupy horses and Mimi hopps – rabbits and foxes. I’m very, very crazy! I’m eleven. I like hamburgers and pizza. I don’t like meat or sausages. I can sing very, very well. I can paint and draw. I can’t play the piano or cook.

Bye, bye


My name is Eryk. I’m eleven. I’m from class 4b. I’m from Poland. I live in Chorzów. My favourite computer game is Ghost Master. I like summer holidays. I play football with my friends every day.

I’d like to visit Sweden.


My name is Martin.I am 11 years old and I am a student of a fourth class in Primary School number 12 in Chorzów.

I am interested in extra ordinary sports,playing the guitar and nature.

I have got a sister.Her name is Roxane and she is 8 years old.I have got a cat.


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