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CMV Mini VRF SYSTEM. R410a , 50Hz. Contents. Brief Introduction Advantages Indoor units Controllers. I. Brief Introduction. 01. Product Line Up 02. Outdoor units 03. Indoor Units Line up 04. Nomenclature. Brief Introduction. 01. Product Line Up. CHIGO commercial AC products.

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R410a, 50Hz


  • Brief Introduction

  • Advantages

  • Indoor units

  • Controllers

I. BriefIntroduction

  • 01. Product Line Up

  • 02. Outdoor units

  • 03. Indoor Units Line up

  • 04. Nomenclature

Brief Introduction

01. Product Line Up

CHIGO commercial AC products

Mini VRF


Air-cooled scroll chiller








Brief Introduction

02. Outdoor Units

  • 10KW /12.5KW/14KW/16KW

  • 4 models

  • All outdoor units have same size

  • Each outdoor unit can connect more than one indoor unit, MAXIMUM 8 units can be connected.

Brief Introduction

03. Indoor Units Line Up

Brief Introduction

04. How To Read The Model Name











Design code

B: 2nd generation

Refrigerant type

R1: R410a

Power supply

Z: 380-415V/3PH/50Hz


Outdoor unit

Capacity (*100W)

Compressor code

V: Inverter

Chigo VRF system

Brief Introduction

04. How To Read The Model Name

Design code

B: 2nd generation











Refrigerant type

R1: R410a

Function code

H: Heat pump

Indoor unit code

Q: 4-way cassette

G: Wall-mounted

TA: Low ESP ducted

TB: Medium ESP ducted

TH: High ESP ducted

LD: Floor ceiling

Capacity (*100W)

Compressor code

V: Inverter

Chigo VRF system

II. Advantages

  • 01. High efficiency

  • 02. Benefit for users

  • 03. Benefits For Installers

  • 04. Doctor Kit

01. High Efficiency

High Efficiency

01. High Efficiency DC Inverter Compressor

High efficiency

  • Twin-rotor DC inverter compressor

    • Rotating speed can be down to 20RPS

    • Has very good efficiency in part load condition

High reliability

Low noise

Low vibration

Long life

High Efficiency

01. High Efficiency DC Inverter Compressor

High Efficiency, Low Noise:

Optimized the efficiency and noise during operation with the latest technology.

Environmental Protection:

Developed the compressor with alternative refrigerant which can protect environment.

Low Vibration:

Reduced the vibration during compressor start and operation by using 2CYL Structure, simplified the match of air-conditioning.

High Efficiency

02. High Efficiency DC Motor

  • High efficiency DC fan motor

  • Low noise and high efficiency because of high-density wire winding engineering

  • Brushless with built-in sensor

  • Low efficiency

  • Big noise

  • Not adjustable



High Efficiency

03. DC Motor Stepless Control

  • DC fan motor can be stepless controlled by outdoor PCB according to system's operating temperature and frequency. And it is able to reduce the energy consumption and maintain the system in the best performance.

Revolution (rpm)

DC motor stepless adjustment


AC motor 2-speed adjustment



Low performance


50% energy








High Efficiency

04. 180˚ Sine Wave Control

  • The perfect combination of 180˚ Sine wave rotor frequency drive control technology and excellent IPM inverters, reduces the reactive loss of motor-driven, increases motor efficiency by 12%.

Conventional control waveform

Increase efficiency by 12%

180˚ Sine Wave vector Control

High Efficiency

05. CCT Inner-grooved Tube

  • CCT (Continuous Cooling Transformation) inner-grooved copper tube has high thermometric conductivity. Its inner-grooved fins break the refrigerant flow boundary layer to enhance refrigerant disturbance to increase heat-exchanging efficiency.

CCT Inner-grooved Tube


Conventional Tube


Coefficient of heat transfer, kW/(m2·K)






Refrigerant mass flow,kg/(m2·K)

High Efficiency

06. High Performance Heat Exchanger

  • Has low air resistance and great heat transfer coefficient

  • Frosting improved, frost on the heat-exchanger will be well-distributed, easy for defrosting.

Cross Flow Fins


Conventional Fins

Coefficient of heat transfer







Face velocity,m/s

02. Benefits For Users

Benefits For Users

01. Excellent In Efficiency

  • Thanks to DC devices(compressor and motor), piping optimization design and new control logic, system's EER and COP are observably increase.

Benefits For Users

02. Outstanding Comfort Ability

  • Precisely room temperature control by adopting large pulse EXV. Indoor temperature fluctuation can be maintain within 0.5 ˚C, offers outstanding comfort ability.

Room Temperature

Mini VRF



Conventional fixed speed system


Benefits For Users

02. Fast cooling and heating

  • Every rooms meet set point most quickly and comfortably by optimized refrigerant control.

  • Normally running

  • Some indoor unit get to set point

Stop @ Set point

Stop @ Set point

Benefits For Users

03. Wide Outdoor Operation Range.

  • Because global warming is getting worse, Max. cooling operating temperature is increased to 50˚C,


0 ˚C

10 ˚C

20 ˚C

30 ˚C

40 ˚C

50 ˚C


Cooling range


  • Heating operating temperature is down to -20˚C. In the cold winter, system can heat the room continuously.


Heating range





10 ˚C

20 ˚C


Benefits For Users

05. Intelligent Defrosting Program

  • Program starts only when unit needs to. Whereas conventional unit's defrosting timing & duration is fixed, causing fluctuations in temperature and personal comfort.

  • Conventional unit's defrosting timing & duration is fixed

  • Intelligent defrosting program starts according to heat exchanging efficiency & capacity change due to the frost. Less temperature fluctuations, people feel more comfortable.

Conventional program

Intelligent defrosting program

Heating Capacity output


Benefits For Users

06. Fan Reversal Protection

In standby, if the outdoor fan motor is rotating in opposite direction at a high speed by the wind or other natural factors, the unit can’t start so as to keep the fan motor from broken down. It will start when the fan motor speed slow down.

Benefits For Users

07. Flexible For All Kinds Of Rooms

  • 8 types & 55 models of indoor units, suitable for all kinds of rooms.

03. Benefits For Installers

Benefits For Installers

01. Long Pipe & Height Difference.

  • The total pipe length: 125 m

  • The longest pipe length: 50 m

  • Height deference: 30 m

  • Height difference between indoor units: 15 m

  • Length from first indoor distributor to last indoor unit: 25m





Benefits For Installers

02. Space saving installation

  • Multiple indoor units can be connected to 1 outdoor unit, and long piping connection is also possible.

  • Compare to one-drive-one type, the outdoor unit can be installed in various places to realize the space-saving installation.

Benefits For Installers

03. Addressing Methods

  • Automatically addressing: system will distribute address to indoor unit automatically

  • Automatic addressing will reduce artificial faults and manual works.

Benefits For Installers

04. Automatic Addressing

  • Automatic addressing will reduce artificial faults and manual works.

    • 54% system failure were caused by communication faults.

    • 65% communication faults were caused by address problems.

    • Most of the address problems were: address setting forgotten, wrong settings, address repeat.

  • Address faults was awarded to the most hated fault after had investigated 120 VRF after-sale engineers in 2011.

Failure chart



Benefits For Installers

05. LED Display On PCB

  • LED display on the PCB, it can show system's operation status and error codes.

Benefits For Installers

06. Mode Restriction

  • 5 kinds of mode restriction

    • First start indoor units priority mode

    • Cooling (or heating) priority mode

    • Cooling only (or heating only) mode

  • Mode restriction function can be selected on the outdoor PCB.

Benefits For Installers

7. Oil Control Technology

  • Core oil control technology makes system safety & reliable.

Oil level control

Intelligent oil return program

Oil even pipe

Oil separator

Separation efficiency 92%

Benefits For Installers

8. 3-phase Power Protector (Optional Device)

  • Protect the outdoor unit from instable voltage.

04. Doctor Kit

Doctor Kit

01. Easy To Use

  • Doctor Kit includes: 1 CD software and RS485-USB converter, easy to install

  • Graphical interfaces, easy to use

Doctor Kit

02. Data Monitoring

  • We can use computer to inquiry outdoor unit's operating status, error codes when connecting to Doctor Kit.

  • Compressors, sensors, valves operating parameter can be real-time monitored.

  • System operating parameter curve can be real-time displayed.

Doctor Kit

04. Troubleshooting

  • Built-in with troubleshooting instruction, user can follow the instruction to solve the problem when error happens.

  • User can also print out the instruction and take it to site to solve the problem step by step.

Doctor Kit

05. Automatic Data Backup

  • Automatic Data Backup: all operating data will be saved on hard disk automatically. Data file can be exported easily by software.

  • When system failure, user can send the data file to Chigo, Chigo's engineer will check and guide you to solve the problem.

  • 10 hours data = 1MB

Doctor Kit

06. Charged Refrigerant Volume Calculator

  • Input the liquid pipe diameter and length, software will calculate the additional refrigerant charged volume.

  • Charged volume can be saved for future reference.

  • Discharge pressure can be monitored when charging refrigerant.

. Indoor Units

  • 01. 4-way cassette

  • 02. Wall-mounted

  • 03. Floor ceiling

  • 04. Low ESP Ducted type

  • 05. Medium ESP Ducted type

  • 06. High ESP Ducted type

  • 07. Full fresh air processor

Indoor Units

01. 4-way Cassette

  • Standard type:

    • Capacity: 2.8 kW to 16 kW

    • Size: 840 × 893mm

    • Built-in with EXV and water pump

    • Pumping head 750mm

  • Compact type:

    • Capacity: 2.2 kW to 4.5 kW

    • Size: 580*580mm,

    • Built-in with EXV and water pump

    • pumping head 700mm

Indoor Units

02. Wall-mounted

  • Capacity: 2.2 kW to 7.1 kW

  • 2 types of unit can be chosen:

    • EXV Built-in type

    • EXV separated type

  • Compact size and low noise

Indoor Units

03. Floor Ceiling

  • Capacity:4.5kW to 16.0kW

  • Flexible installation:

    • vertical or horizontal

  • Built-in with EXV

  • Comfortable air delivery swing adjustment:

    • Left and right,

    • Up and down

Indoor Units

04. Low ESP Ducted Type

  • Capacity 2.2 kW to 7.1 kW

  • External static pressure: 20 Pa

  • Built-in with EXV

  • Low noise, and light weight

  • Slim body, only 180 mm height

  • Air return box and filter is optional

Indoor Units

05. Medium ESP Ducted Type

  • Capacity: 7 kW to 15 kW

  • External static pressure: 70Pa

  • Built-in with EXV

  • Flexible installation, many options

  • Air return method can be site changed

Air return for rear

Air return from bottom

Indoor Units

06. High ESP Ducted Type

7.1kW / 8.0kW / 9.0kW

  • Capacity: 7 kW to 15 kW

  • External static pressure: 150Pa

  • Built-in with EXV

  • Suitable for long distance air supply

10.0kW / 12.0kW / 15.0kW

. Controllers and Software

  • 01. Wireless remote controller

  • 02. Wired controller

  • 03. Group controller

  • 04. BMS Gateway

  • 05. Centralized control system

  • 06. Doctor Kit

  • 07. CMV selection software

Controllers and software

01. Wireless Remote Controller



  • Indoor unit address inquiry

  • Indoor unit address setting

  • Temperature setting

  • Operation mode setting

  • Fan speed setting

  • Timer function

Controllers and software

02. New Wired Controller

  • Bidirectional communication. Indoor unit's operating parameters (error code, temperature, address) can be inquired and displayed on the controller.

  • Compact design

  • 3'' screen with white background light

  • Timer function

  • Electrical standard dimensions

Controllers and software

03. Group Controller

  • Easy to install. Controller connects to outdoor units only.

  • Able to install group controller after building decoration.

  • 1 Controller can control max. 64 indoor units in different systems.

Controllers and software

03. Group Controller

  • Wireless/wired control restriction

  • Operation mode restriction

  • Timer function

  • Error or protection code display

Controllers and software

04. BMS Gateway

Mini CMV system

  • BACnet gateway

  • Modbus gateway





BMS/BAS System


  • Honeywell

  • Siemens

  • Johnson controls

  • Etc…


Controllers and software

05. Centralized Control System

  • Billing function

  • Operating report output

  • Schedule management

  • 1024 indoor unit can be connected

  • Control indoor units with fully permissions.

Controllers and software

06. Doctor Kit

  • Operating status, error codes inquiry

  • Compressors, sensors, valves operating parameter real-time monitored and display.

  • Commissioning results can be reported.

  • Built-in with troubleshooting instruction

  • Automatic Data Backup

Controllers and software

07. CMV Selection Software

latest developments

1st time test of trail production is done.