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BE FOUND. BE ENGAGED. BE SUCCESSFUL. MarketingProfs Makeover: Optimize Your Website To Increase Search Visibility and Attract Qualified Visitors Presented by: Marc Engelsman June 14, 2011. Why optimize?. Source: iProspect 2007. Why Optimize?. Digital pull is better than push

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MarketingProfs Makeover:

Optimize Your Website To Increase Search Visibility and Attract Qualified Visitors

Presented by: Marc Engelsman

June 14, 2011

Why optimize?

Source: iProspect 2007

Why Optimize?

Digital pull is better than push

  • Pre-qualified

  • Pre-disposed

  • Ready to act

Keyword Selection

How much competition (large, authority sites) is there for the particular keyword?

How closely does the keyword match your product/service offering, messaging, goals and objectives?

Marketing/Brand Relevance






Search Frequency

Is there already a logical place on the site to optimize for the particular keyword?

How many people are searching on the particular keyword?

Free Keyword Research Tools


  • Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator to identify competitive phrases and search frequencies


  • Compare search patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties

Free Keyword Research Tools


  • See what keywords people are searching for by region and timeframe


  • Media planning tool to identify websites your target customers are likely to visit

  • Good for competitive intelligence

Tags in Your Page Coding

Title Tags

  • Text in the top of the browser when visiting a website

    Meta Description Tags

  • Text shown in search results underneath the site URL

    Both tags entered in the website source code

Optimized Content Best Practices

One keyword per page

250 words “visible” page content

3-5 keyword mentions

  • Placement in top 1/3 of page

  • Use in headers (H1 tags) and sub-heads (H2 and H3 tags)

Links and Link Building

Quality Link =

  • One that comes from an industry relevant website

  • Appears on a website that is recognized by the search engines as an authority site, and

  • Is embedded on a keyword rather than on your company name or URL. Links on a keyword should point to the page on your site that is optimized for that keyword.

Content Marketing for Link Building

Straight Link Requests

Directory Submissions

Press Release Optimization & Distribution

Internal Link Upgrades

Article Optimization & Submission

Partnership Outreach

Social Media Outreach & Campaigns

Free Links Research Tool


  • External links

  • Internal links

  • Competitors’ links

Google Analytics: Goals

Cart through Sale Funnel Analysis

Other Tools to Gain Insights




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Marc Engelsman

Twitter: @Marc_Engelsman


[email protected]

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