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Stage 6 language beginners
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Stage 6 [Language] Beginners. 2 Unit course. Who can do this course?. Anyone who hasn’t done [Language] previously OR who hasn’t done it for more than about a year. That means you won’t be competing with native speakers!. What will I gain from the course?.

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Stage 6 [Language] Beginners

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Stage 6 language beginners

Stage 6[Language] Beginners

2 Unit course

Who can do this course

Who can do this course?

Anyone who hasn’t done [Language]previously OR who hasn’t done it for more than about a year.

That means you won’t be competing with native speakers!

What will i gain from the course

What will I gain from the course?

  • You will learn a great deal about [target country] , its people and its culture and you will do this through the study of [Language]

  • You will improve your understanding of how languages work (including your own!)

  • Lots of communicative activities form part of the course and will enhance your ‘people-skills’.

So what will i be able to do in language

So, what will I be able to do in [Language] ?

  • Speak and write in simple [Language] about things that matter to you.

  • Understand simple conversations and texts such as emails, songs, magazine articles, films etc.

  • Feel socially competentas you will pick up a lot about the [Language] lifestyle and culture.

Prescribed topics


  • Family life, home and neighbourhood

  • Education and work

  • People, places and communities


  • Friends, recreation and pastimes

  • Future plans and aspirations

  • Holidays, travel and tourism

What sort of things will we be doing to learn language

What sort of things will we be doing to learn [Language]?

What will the hsc look like

What will the HSC look like?

  • Oral examination:a 5-minute conversation in [Language]about your personal world i.e the topics mentioned in the other slide. 20 marks

  • Written examination:

    • Listening to short texts (e.g conversations, announcements etc.) in [Language] and writing a response in English. 30 marks

    • Reading short texts in [Language] and responding in English.

    • 30 marks

    • Writing short texts in [Language] e.g. postcards, emails etc.

    • 20 marks

School specifics

School specifics

Teachers please note: insert anything here that your school might offer e.g. trips overseas, excursions, native speakers support etc.

This presentation was created by Ghislaine Barbe, Education consultant, AIS NSW with funding from the Australian Government Languages Programme. 2007. *

Users are advised to insert their target language wherever [Language] appears in the text to make it more relevant to their students.

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