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Evolution of computer hardware
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Evolution of Computer Hardware. The Abacus. The Slide Rule (invented early 1600s). The Pascaline ( invented by Blaise Pascal, circa 1642 ) This is the front view. The Pascaline (rear view). The Reckoner (by Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz, circa 1700).

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Evolution of Computer Hardware

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Evolution of computer hardware

Evolution of Computer Hardware

The abacus

The Abacus

The slide rule invented early 1600s

The Slide Rule (invented early 1600s)

The pascaline invented by blaise pascal circa 1642 this is the front view

The Pascaline(invented by Blaise Pascal, circa 1642)This is the front view.

The pascaline rear view

The Pascaline (rear view)

The reckoner by gottfried wilhelm von leibniz circa 1700

The Reckoner(by Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz, circa 1700)

The difference engine by charles babbage 1822

The Difference Engine(by Charles Babbage, 1822)

The analytical engine by babbage circa 1830

The Analytical Engine(by Babbage, circa 1830)

Joseph marie jacquard s loom circa 1830 note the punch cards

Joseph Marie Jacquard’s Loomcirca 1830(note the punch cards)

Hollerith machine

Hollerith Machine

Hollerith detail

Hollerith Detail

The mark i 1942 8 feet tall 51 feet long 5 tons

The Mark I (1942)(8 feet tall, 51 feet long,5 tons)

The mark i used paper tape to store data and program instructions

The Mark I… used paper tape to store data and program instructions

Howard aiken a ph d student at harvard university inside the mark i

Howard Aiken, a Ph.D student at Harvard University inside the Mark I

Electronic numerical integrator and computer eniac

Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC)

Another view of eniac

Another view of ENIAC

Programming eniac by manipulating its vacuum tubes

Programming ENIAC by manipulating its vacuum tubes

Harvard mark ii

Harvard Mark II

Mit whirlwind 1948

MIT Whirlwind (1948)

Univac the first general purpose computer for commercial use late 1940s

UNIVAC… the first general-purpose computer for commercial use (late 1940s)

After vacuum tubes came transistors this is the first point contact transistor

After Vacuum Tubes came TransistorsThis is the first point-contact transistor.

Ibm 701 1953

IBM 701 (1953)

Ibm 704 1956

IBM 704 (1956)

Ibm 7090

IBM 7090

Ibm 360 1964

IBM 360 (1964)

Ibm s 390

IBM S/390

And the future of computers

And the future of computers?

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