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MEET THE TEACHER. Mrs. Tami Cunningham Email: Phone: 610-351-5900 ext. 27316. INTRODUCTIONS. Mrs. Tami Cunningham Rm 316 Mrs. Kim Bruchak Rm 317 Mrs. Emily Dotter Rm 318 Mrs. Susan Petragnani Rm 319.

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Mrs. Tami Cunningham



610-351-5900 ext. 27316


Mrs. Tami Cunningham Rm 316

Mrs. Kim Bruchak Rm 317

Mrs. Emily Dotter Rm 318

Mrs. Susan Petragnani Rm 319

Teachers in Second Grade


  • Go Math- new math series

  • Problem Solving

  • Mathematical Communication

  • Numbers and Operations

  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking

  • Geometry

  • Measurement and Data

  • Addition and Subtraction Facts- Xtramath (class code= sbw796aa)

  • Homework- 2 sided workbook page


  • Lead 21 8 Units

  • Differentiated Readers

  • Flexible Groups

  • Centers

    • Seat Work- practice phonics and comprehension skills

    • Study Station- practice vocabulary, phonics, writing, and reading

    • Independent Reading- read books on reading level

    • Teacher- meet with reading groups

  • Homework:

    • Read for 10+ minutes

    • Differentiated Reader (on-line)

    • Comprehension Strategy/Skill practice


  • Pre-test on Lead 21 Day 1

    • 10/10= vocabulary homework

    • No test

  • Post-tests on Lead 21 Day 5

  • Homework:

    • Lead 21 Day 1: Assign 2 worksheets which are due on Day 4 of Lead 21

    • Lead 21 Day 4- study for test


Social Studies: Scott Foresman- People and Places

  • 1- Where We Live

  • 2- Our Earth

  • 3- Working Together

  • 4- Our Country Today

  • 5- Our Country Long Ago

  • 6- People & Places in History


Science: Houghton-Mifflin- Discovery Works

  • Forms, Sources, Conversions, and Transfer of Energy

  • Earth Systems Theory

  • Survival of Living Things

  • Natural Resources

  • Environmental Laws



* Monday through Thursday (Extra credit on Friday)

* Initial Assignment Sheet Nightly

* Use “Keep/Return” Folder System

* Encourage Student Responsibility

* Communicate Problems with Assignments

Book Orders:

2 ways to order:

* Order on-line (directions will be attached)

- Class Code= GLQZN

- The class receives a free book

* Fill out order form

- Please make checks payable

to Scholastic Book Club

- Place in an envelope with child’s

name and label “Scholastic Books”


Monday: “Shining Moments” Presentation

* 3 items to share

* 4-6 pictures to display

* Fill out Fact Sheet

Friday: Guest Reader Read Aloud (3-3:15 pm)

* Star may invite a guest to read

The new STAR is picked on a Friday,

and their week will begin the following Monday.


  • 1 daily healthy snack in afternoon

  • Birthday treats are permitted

  • 19 students

  • Please, no snacks containing peanuts!


DAY 1: Library(return books each week)

DAY 2: Art (smock needed)

DAY 3: Gym (sneakers required)

DAY 4: Music and Computer Lab


  • Teacher Contact: 610-351-5900 ext. 27316

    (between 8:20-8:35 A.M. and 3:40-4:00 P.M. for direct contact or

    leave a message during the day.)

  • E-Mail:

  • In an emergency contact office: 610-351-5840

  • Attendance Line: 610-351-5900 ext. 27711 (by 9:30A.M.)

    May also use Parkland app.

  • Emergency School Closing:

    790 AM radio

    TV Station 69

Bullying/ Bullying-Like Behavior is an

Intentional, Negative Act

  • It is a negative act when someone intentionally inflicts injury or discomfort upon another person. The student or students who bully mean to harm another student in some way. This could be through physical actions, through words, or indirectly, for example, by intentionally excluding the student from a group or activity.

Parkland Bullying Pledge

  • We will not bully others

  • We will try to help students who are bullied

  • We will include students who are easily left out

  • When we know someone is being bullied,

    we will tell an adult at school and

    an adult at home.

School Wide Positive Behavior System

  • Proud Be part of the “PACK”!

  • Accountable

  • Careful

  • Kind

Parkland Cafeteria

  • Prices:

    - Student Breakfast……………. $1.15

    - Student Lunch………………… $2.35

    - Milk …………………………….. $.50

    - Apple & Eve Juices/ Capri Sun $0.60

    - Orange Juice- Sun Cup 4 oz… $0.30

    - Bottled Water 8 oz ……………. $0.50

    - Snacks………………… $0.40 - $1.00

e-Trition Procedures

  • Please write the following on the outside of envelope:

    - Student’s Name

    - Teacher’s Name

    - Amount of money/check being deposited

    (for more than one child, write all names

    on envelope and designate the amount

    for each child)

  • Checks made payable to: PSD Cafe Account

  • On-line Payment:, go to Parkland School District. Use student ID number or birthday. May also check balances and purchases.

  • All blocks on accounts must be requested again.



Rapid communication service-sends 1,000’s of messages in minutes

Expect 3-4 voice messages/month from Principal regarding upcoming events/important reminders.

Will be used to communicate instructions in case of emergency.

Will call you around 5:30 AM to announce inclement weather delay or closure to the primary number on file only.

If school dismisses early for any unscheduled reason, will call all emergency numbers, send a text message and an email to all contacts on file.

We strongly encourage all parents to participate in this new notification system as opting out will not allow families to receive messages that will be communicated via the system in the event of a true emergency.

Changes to the information we have on file can be made any time by contacting the school building secretary.


  • Quiet atmosphere for work

  • Help organize


  • Encourage daily reading

  • Write in a journal or diary

  • Early bedtime

  • Good breakfast/snacks

  • Establish a good routine


  • Field Trip Chaperones

  • Special Projects

  • Donate Items:

    • tissues

    • sanitizer

    • eraser caps

    • sticky notes

    • prize box items

  • 1 room mom for the building


  • Meet 2nd Tuesday of each month

  • Website:

  • Facebook page:

  • Contact:

  • Classroom Coordinator:

What is standards based education
What is Standards Based Education?

  • Standards-based education is the learning, assessment, and reporting of student performance based on consistent and equitable measurements.

  • Standards-based education provides the foundation for 21st century learning opportunities that prepare students for today, tomorrow and the future.

  • Provides a fair and objective way to evaluate students based on what they have learned while providing the appropriate level of challenge and rigor.

  • Gives teachers a powerful system for teaching.

  • Helps parents be knowledgeable participants in their students' education.

Standards based assessment

  • An approach that compares students’ performances to the standards, rather than comparing them with other students.

  • Teachers conduct informal and formal assessments on an ongoing basis and provide students with feedback.

  • Assessments can include projects, reports, presentations, daily class work, classroom discussions, and pencil and paper tests and quizzes.

    • With students who show understanding quickly, the teacher may increase the challenge by assigning a task that requires more complex thinking.

    • If the student does not grasp the concept, the teacher will look for another way to present the skill or concept, and may provide the student with another way to show what they know.

Standards based reporting

  • A committee revised the current elementary report card to reflect Standards Based Education. A parent advisory team also met 2 times to gather information and provide feedback.

  • A standards-based report card lists the most important skills students should learn in each subject at a particular grade level.

  • Instead of letter grades, students receive marks that show how well they have mastered the skills or standards.

  • The marks might show whether the student is advanced, proficient, basic or below basic for each reporting standard.



Oct 29: Schnecksville Elem.6:30– 7:30 PM

Nov. 3: Parkway Manor

6:30– 7:30 PM

Purpose Statement

NEW REPORT CARD: 2014-2015


One HOPPY Bunch