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Science fair project
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Soil or Sand Biology Emily Wood. Science Fair Project. Do plants grow faster in soil or sand?. Statement of the Problem . I wrote a research paper. Then after typing up the procedure I gathered the materials, I started my project. I monitored the plants for ten days, then collected the data.

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Science Fair Project

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Science fair project

Soil or Sand


Emily Wood

Science Fair Project

Statement of the problem

Do plants grow faster in soil or sand?

Statement of the Problem

Project overview

I wrote a research paper. Then after typing up the procedure I gathered the materials, I started my project. I monitored the plants for ten days, then collected the data.

Project Overview


  • Potting soil is better to plant flowers in.

  • Plants need water so that they can grow roots.

  • With out roots the plants would die.

  • There are a few kinds of plants that can grow in soil.

  • Sand doesn’t retain water.



  • Independent variable: What the plant is planted in (soil or sand).

  • Dependent variable: How fast many leaves plant grows.


    Independent Variable: The independent variable is what is changed in the experiment.

    Dependant Variable: What happens as a result of the independent variable.

  • Constant variables: Amount of water, amount of sunlight, same temperature, same size jiffy pots, same type of plant, and same amount of seeds.

  • Control group:The plants in soil.



The plant will grow faster in soil because sand doesn’t retain water.



1 bag of potting soil

1 bag of sand


Metric measuring cups

6 styrofoam cups

One metric ruler

A pen

Some pieces of paper





Step 1: Gather materials.

Step 2: Label the Styrofoam cups “A1” “A2” “A3” “B1” “B2” and “B3”.

Step 3: Put 110 grams of potting soil into the “A” styrofoam cups.

Step 4: Put 110 grams of sand into the “B” styrofoam cups.

Step 5: Put the styrofoam cups on a table outside, for sunlight access.

Step 6: Put four seeds in each of the cups.

Step 7: Each day come back to water the plants with 2 ounces of water in each cup.

Step 8: Each day come back to record how many leaves are on each plant.

Step 9: After the three weeks are up, analyze and graph the data.

Step 10: Communicate Results.



In cup B2


Day 1




Day 10










Data observations analyzes

Data/Observations (Analyzes)


In conclusion, I’ve learned that if you use to much water in the soil it will drown the seeds. I have also learned that if the sand is compact and held together with water, the seeds will sprout.


Possible experimental errors

  • I think why my experiment didn’t go as planned was because I didn’t start early enough. Another reason could be that I used to much water.

Possible Experimental Errors

Applications and recommendations

I would start earlier and let the plants grow longer. I would also only use 1 oz of water to water the plants.

Applications and Recommendations

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