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Surgical instruments
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Surgical Instruments. Crile hemostatic forceps (curved and straight). Mosquito hemostatic forceps curved and straight. Bard-Parker #3 scalpel handle. Mayo-Hegar needle holders. Bone curette. Periosteal elevator (Freer). Carmalt hemostatic forceps (curved and straight). Periosteal elevator.

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Surgical Instruments

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Surgical instruments

Surgical Instruments

Crile hemostatic forceps curved and straight

Crile hemostatic forceps (curved and straight)

Mosquito hemostatic forceps curved and straight

Mosquito hemostatic forcepscurved and straight

Bard parker 3 scalpel handle

Bard-Parker #3 scalpel handle

Mayo hegar needle holders

Mayo-Hegar needle holders

Bone curette

Bone curette

Periosteal elevator freer

Periosteal elevator (Freer)

Carmalt hemostatic forceps curved and straight

Carmalt hemostatic forceps(curved and straight)

Periosteal elevator

Periosteal elevator

Kelly hemostatic forceps curved and straight

Kelly hemostatic forceps (curved and straight)

Vulsellum uterine forceps used in orthopedics

Vulsellum uterine forceps(used in orthopedics)

Balfour abdominal retractor with blade

Balfour abdominal retractor with blade

Kocher oschner hemostatic forceps

Kocher (Oschner) hemostatic forceps

Farabeuf retractor

Farabeuf retractor

Which one is which army navy vs farabeuf

Which one is which?(Army/Navy vs. Farabeuf)

Army navy top farabeuf bottom retractors

Army-Navy (top)Farabeuf (bottom) retractors

Brown adson thumb tissue forceps

Brown-Adson (thumb) tissue forceps

Yankauer suction tip tube

Yankauer suction tip (tube)

Weitlaner retractor

Weitlaner retractor

Mayo dissecting scissor straight and curved

Mayo dissecting scissorstraight and curved

Metzenbaum scissors

Metzenbaum scissors

Rat tooth thumb tissue forceps

Rat-tooth (thumb) tissue forceps

Which one is which metzenbaum vs mayo

Which one is which?Metzenbaum vs. Mayo?

Mayo dissecting scissor top metzenbaum scissor bottom

Mayo dissecting scissor (top)Metzenbaum scissor (bottom)

Army navy retractor

Army-Navy retractor

Suture scissors blunt blunt

Suture scissors (blunt blunt)

Allis tissue forceps

Allis tissue forceps

Babcock tissue intestinal holding forceps

Babcock tissue (intestinal) holding forceps

Adson thumb tissue forceps

Adson (thumb) tissue forceps

Which one is which adson vs brown adson

Which one is which?Adson vs. Brown Adson?

Adson vs brown adson thumb tissue forceps

Adson vs Brown-Adson (thumb) tissue forceps

Backhaus towel clamps

Backhaus towel clamps

Which one is which 4 vs 3

Which one is which?#4 vs. #3

Bard parker 3 and 4 comparison

Bard-Parker #3 and #4 comparison

Poole suction tip tube

Poole suction tip (tube)

Littauer suture scissors

Littauer suture scissors

Surgical instruments

Senn Retractors

Surgical instruments

Doyen Intestinal Forceps

Surgical instruments

Finochietto Retractor

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