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Psychics Scottsdale Arizona

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Reading Tarot cards is not an easy process, but it is not a difficult one either. Read on for a few process about learning to read Tarot cards for more information please visit \n \n

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Musical Tarot Reading is so very different than anything you\'ve ever experienced before. It falls under psychic practices, however it is the most natural of all the psychic methods. Why?

Music Therapy is also a large part of what I do at Blue Cobalt in addition to Tarot Card Reading combined with my musical abilities. FREQUENCIES of light and sound are all around us; they are what make up the Universe. The means of all communication, every message sent - every message received are done so through waves or frequencies.  

We know fast frequencies are light, and SLOW frequencies are... NOTES! MUSIC :)So, every one of us are aligned to our own set of frequencies. We all like some music and not others. We all like some sounds and not others. Musicians were drawn to a specific instrument and that instruments set of tonalities. Cobalt Blue Musical Tarot Reading uses the frequencies (notes) that YOU are most "in tune" with and discover them. Only When we know what frequencies (notes) are yours  can we truly understand how you are relating to the Universe and what the Universe is trying to communicate to you. Without knowing your notes, the tarot cards only:



Step into a serene environment. Take a seat, take a deep breath, and then when ready pick a mallet. You\'ll use this mallet to strike the meditation bowl at your own tempo (speed) three times. After you strike 3x, you put the mallet down. There will be many wooden hand crafted Native American Flutes (NAF). You choose the one that you like the best.I will play that flute for you while you shuffle the cards. Once I\'m  done performing and you are done shuffling we can begin. 


will leave the rest of the process as a surprise. Just know that we will use YOUR notes. I have a way to find out what your pitches are and how they will affect the Tarot. It is unlike any Tarot Deck you\'ve ever seen and it is completely dedicated to the sounds and frequencies of our Universe. At the end - you will have created a melody. I will record that for you and send you the MP3 which is included in the reading. 


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