Ncra annual conference re cap 2013
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NCRA Annual conference re-cap 2013 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NCRA Annual conference re-cap 2013. San Francisco, CA May 30-June 2, 2013 Jennifer Watkins, MN State President, CTR. Cancer Registry professional: the paradigm shift. Job Task Analysis every 5-7 years Last one 2004 Hourly wage increased from $47,968 in 2005 to $62,232 in 2012

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NCRA Annual conference re-cap 2013

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NCRA Annual conference re-cap 2013

San Francisco, CA

May 30-June 2, 2013

Jennifer Watkins, MN State President, CTR

Cancer Registry professional: the paradigm shift

  • Job Task Analysis every 5-7 years

  • Last one 2004

  • Hourly wage increased from $47,968 in 2005 to $62,232 in 2012

  • 29.7% Change!

CoC quality measure standards

  • s4.4 and 4.5

  • Measures in Development

    • GI: At least 15 RLN are pathologically examined following resection for gastric cancer.

    • Lung: LN resction in non-small cell lung ca

    • Gynecologic Oncology: Measure workgroup being formed

Bridging the gap between oncology and quality programs

  • Critical steps to Collaboration

    • Develop a common understanding of Purpose, Terminology & External Requirements

    • Routine Meetings

    • Joint participation on quality improvement initiatives.


  • Use outside tools to compare your facility with others

    • website



Physician-CTR Collaboration and Breast Cancer Management

  • Use the NCCN Guidelines

  • We can help the clinician by;

    • Making Staging Card, laminate and give to doctors

    • When sending tx request put, “This pt is part of Clinical Study”, “1st, 2nd, 3rd Request….”

      • Essentially any cases we are doing can be considered a clinical study because data is used for statistics


  • When making presentation slide or charts for information request add the following under the title

    • “Prepared by the Tumor Registry Staff”

      • Letting them know we are THERE and this is where they can get this information!

      • “If You Prepare It. It will be Used!”

      • Share your data with Finance Department

The future of napbc: an update

  • 476 Accredited Centers

  • 173 Centers in Process

Napbc standard changes

  • S 1.3- Evaluation and Management guidelines

  • S 2.3- Breast Conservation

  • S 2.8- Diagnostic Imaging

  • S 2.12- Radiation oncology


  • S 2.15- Support and Rehabilitation

  • S 3.2- Clinical Trail Accrual

  • S 5.1- Breast Center Staff Education


  • Required for Compliance in 2014

    • S 2.7- Pathology Reports

    • S 6.1- Quality and Outcomes

    • Still on Hold

      • S 6.2- Quality Improvement

        • Requires data collection

        • Committee met on April 10, 2013

Have your cake and eat it too; keeping your staff happy and your boss even happier

  • Staff Retention/Recruitment

    • Financial compensation

    • Health Benefits

    • Flexible work arrangement to promote good work/life balance

    • Rewards and Recognition Programs

    • Availability to work Remotely


  • Advantages of Working Remotely

    • No commute

    • Greater work/life balance for employees

    • Less expenses required

    • Greater productivity due to less interruptions

    • Happier employees which means a greater retention of high quality staff

Qopiwhat is it and why should ctr’s care?

  • QOPI: Quality Oncology Practice Initiative

  • A set of measures geared for the outpatient chemotherapy clinic or practice, designed as a tool for performance improvement

  • Important because they help with Quality and Career Development!

  • You can look online for 100+ ideas for studies, put it up at Cancer Committee and let them pick.

What does the pt do next? After tx is done

  • Institute of Medicine recommends each cancer pt receive a tx summary and surviorship care plan (TS/SCP)

  • Colorado Central Cancer Registry did a pilot program which used cancer registry data to pre-populate TS/SCPs


  • Templates developed for breast and colorectal cancers

  • Web-based Module developed; which connects oncology providers to pre-populated, interactive templates.


  • 2015 Implementation of Treatment Summary & Survivorship Care Plan

  • WEBPLUS is a good tool

  • Purpose: Find areas of improvement for both web-based application and templates

    • 17 Plans developed---13 delivered---9 patients interviewed and 6 nurses interviewed

    • Nurses loved it!

    • 100% of Patients would recommend it!

Understanding leveraging Meaningful Use Stage 2 (mu2)

  • Meaningful use is using certified HER technology to:

    • Improve population and public health

    • Use of certified HER technology for electronic exchange of health information to improve quality of health care, example E-prescribing

  • CS Education website has the built in Youtube videos so you can still see them even if your place of work has strict Firewalls!

  • Stage Coach on Youtube; Canswer Forum questions, youtube style!

  • Use to find answers!!

    • Go to AJCC Channel


coc rapid quality reporting system (rqrs)

  • Benefits include:

    • Allows expedited data entry

    • Enables accredited cancer programs to report data on pt’s concurrently

    • Provides hospitals timely notification of treatment expectations

Fun facts

  • Alexander Von Winiwarter (1848-1916)

    • Arguably the First Cancer Statistician

      • Studied records and outcomes of 548 cancer pts treated by famous German surgeon, Theodor Billroth between 1867 and 1976

      • Published “Statistics of Carcinoma in 1878.

      • Credited with idea of classifying tumors by their site of origin

      • Developed the concept cure rate by years and, indeed, that cure was possible

      • Probably responsible for establishing 5 year survival as the measure of curability


  • NCRA Annual Conference 2013 Manual

    • Conference Proceedings

      THANK YOU!!

      I hope you enjoyed this recap of what I learned. My hope is that some of this will help you in your profession! ~Jennifer Watkins, CTR

      MN State President

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