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Table of Contents. Introduction and overview. The Recipe Conversion process.Compute the Working Factor.Putting it all together. Using the Recipe Conversion process.Odds and Ends.A sample problem illustrates other things to consider when converting recipes.Final Practice Problem. Introduction

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Applied Math

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1. Applied Math Recipe Conversion

2. Table of Contents Introduction and overview. The Recipe Conversion process. Compute the Working Factor. Putting it all together. Using the Recipe Conversion process. Odds and Ends. A sample problem illustrates other things to consider when converting recipes. Final Practice Problem

4. Recipe Conversion: Introduction Many times you will find that an often-used recipe has a yield that is either too high or too low for your current needs.

6. Recipe Conversion: Introduction You have probably converted recipes before. At home for example, it is not uncommon to either double a recipe or cut it in half.

7. Chances are you multiplied each ingredient by 2 to double the recipe...

9. Recipe Conversion: Introduction When you multiply ingredient amounts by numbers such as 2 or 1/2, you are using a working factor to convert the recipe. A working factor indicates how many times larger (or smaller) your new recipe is compared to the original.

10. Recipe Conversion Determine Working Factor There are two things you have to do in order to convert recipes:

14. Original Recipe: Recipe Conversion Determine Working Factor: Sample Problem 1

46. Recipe Conversion Determine Working Factor: Practice Problems For practice, compute the working factor for these two situations.

57. Recipe Conversion Sample Problem 1 Now that you can compute the working factor for any situation, let’s put it all together and convert a recipe.

66. Recipe Conversion Practice Problem Try this one on your own. When you are done, click to see the answers.

69. Recipe Conversion Odds & Ends Let’s take a few moments to look at a few issues that can arise when converting recipes.

87. Recipe Conversion Odds & Ends Ultimately, it is up to you to decide when and how much rounding is appropriate. Similarly, you must decide when to convert decimal answers to fractional form. That decision will be based more on the types of measuring equipment you have than anything else.

89. Final Practice Problem Convert the following recipe. When you are ready, click to see the answers.

94. The End Now that you have become familiar with the recipe conversion process, try some of your own recipes. The more you do, the better you will get at this important skill!

96. Convert Decimals It is possible to convert decimal values to a specific fractional form. For example, if you are asked to measure of a length of 3.83” on a ruler how would you do it?

97. Convert Decimals Since traditional rulers are read in a fractional format, you will need to change the measurement of 3.83” into a fraction. However, simply expressing 3.83” as isn’t helpful because the smallest interval on a ruler is 1/16th inch.

98. Convert Decimals You will need to change 3.83” into a fraction which has a denominator of 16.

99. Convert Decimals If you are in a kitchen setting and have a decimal quantity of food to measure, that can be a problem since most measuring instruments used there are calibrated in fractions instead of decimals. The next problem will give you further practice.

100. Convert Decimals Convert the measurement 0.655 oz to the nearest 8th oz.

101. Convert Decimals You may have spotted a shortcut to the decimal-to-specified fraction technique.

102. Convert Decimals Watch this shortcut method used on the following problems.

103. Convert Decimals Click on the button below to return to Recipe Conversion presentation.

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