america after ww2
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America after WW2

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America after WW2 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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America after WW2. Anticommunist crusade & the threat of Nuclear War House of Un-American Activities Committee. HUAC An investigative committee of the House of Representatives

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america after ww2

America after WW2

Anticommunist crusade & the threat of Nuclear War

house of un american activities committee
House of Un-American Activities Committee
  • HUAC
  • An investigative committee of the House of Representatives
      • Investigate disloyalty and rebellious activities suspected of having Communist ties.
      • Committee members often branded witnesses as “red” if they refused to comply or hesitated in answering committee questions
  • McCarthyism; the making of false accusations based on rumor or guilt by association
  • Senator McCarthy
    • Accused many Americans of being communist or communist sympathizers
      • Those targets
        • Government employees
        • Entertainment/Hollywood
        • Educators
  • Accused government officials and citizens without ‘real’ evidence
  • Hollywood Blacklist/Entertainment Industry
    • List of screenwriters, actors, directors, musicians and other U.S. entertainment professionals
  • These individuals were denied employment in the field because of their political beliefs or associations real or suspected
loyalty oaths
Loyalty Oaths
  • Loyalty program
    • Screen all federal employees for their loyalty
      • A person might become a suspect for reading certain books, belonging to various groups, traveling overseas or even seeing certain foreign films
        • Seemed to confirm the American fears of Communism
  • Truman required loyalty oaths and background investigations on persons suspected of having communist ties or being a part of undemocratic associations.
  • Fear of communism and the threat of nuclear war affected American life
  • 1950s and 1960s
          • schools held nuclear drills
          • bomb shelters were built in basements of homes and buildings.
          • Foreign Policy became a major issue in presidential elections.