Letters to rifka
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Letters To Rifka. ELA Mr. Cancro’s Class. Letters From RIFKA CS2 Chart. Letters From RIFKA CS2 Chart. What are some of the EVENTS leading up to the Solution?. They were violently stabbing the bales of hay. Searching all the carts carefully and closely.

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Letters To Rifka

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Letters to rifka

Letters To Rifka


Mr. Cancro’s Class

Letters from rifka cs2 chart

Letters From RIFKA CS2 Chart

Letters from rifka cs2 chart1

Letters From RIFKA CS2 Chart

What are some of the events leading up to the solution

What are some of the EVENTS leading up to the Solution?

  • They were violently stabbing the bales of hay.

  • Searching all the carts carefully and closely.

  • The guards were questioning Rifka.

  • The guards were playing with her hair.

  • She was speaking very quickly.

  • She was telling stories to the guards about the German soldiers

  • Soldiers were about to look into the rucksack.

  • The guards were inspecting her closely.

  • Rifka changed her accent to make the guards think she was a Russian peasant (they’d probably kill her if they thought she was a Jew)

  • Rifka could pass as a Russian peasant because she didn’t look like the rest of the family (blond hair, blue eyes, light coloring)

Respond to pages 5 27

Respond to Pages 5-27

  • 1. Personal Responses:

  • 2. Perspectives:

  • 3. Summarize:

How would you describe russian peasants in the 1900 s

How would you describe Russian Peasants in the 1900’s?

Why did rifka escape in a russian boxcar

Why did Rifka Escape in a Russian Boxcar?

Russian soldiers 1919 ww1

Russian Soldiers 1919 WW1

Typhus disease and ringworm

Typhus Disease and Ringworm

Rifka arrives at inspection station

Rifka arrives at Inspection Station.

Rifka s is from berdichev russia

Rifka’s is from Berdichev Russia

In what directions is rifka traveling arrives warsaw poland november 30 1919

In what directions is Rifka traveling? Arrives Warsaw Poland November 30, 1919

Rifka s migration from russia to the united states

Rifka’s migration from Russia to the United States




Government of russia

Government of Russia

Dictatorship in 1919

Democracy in United States

The people have the power to vote for their leaders.

Equality under the Constitution of the United States.

  • One Ruler has all the power to control over the entire Country.

Star of david symbol of judiasm jewish religion


Vocabulary words

Vocabulary Words



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