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Acpl safety training
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ACPL Safety Training. Emergency Action Plan. October 2013. Learning Objectives. By the end of this training session, you will be able to: Identify who is responsible for carrying out procedures in the Emergency Action Plan

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ACPL Safety Training

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Acpl safety training

ACPL Safety Training

Emergency Action Plan

October 2013

Learning objectives

Learning Objectives

By the end of this training session, you will be able to:

Identify who is responsible for carrying out procedures in the Emergency Action Plan

Identify zones, escape routes, and exits for your department or building

Name scenarios and assembly locations for internal and external evacuations

Explain how elevators are used in evacuations

Describe a walkaround of your department or building

Explain the use of the emergency response kit in an evacuation

Tell when to resume normal operations

Name two tasks that must happen after an emergency

Emergency action plan

Emergency action plan


Whose responsibility

Whose Responsibility?

Who should be most familiar with the Emergency Action Plan?

Responsibility is a skill it can be learned

Responsibility is a skill; it can be learned!

Emergency action plan1

Emergency action plan

Building Evacuations

Building evacuation announcements

Building Evacuation: Announcements

Use it or lose it

Practice making an emergency announcement

Can your coworkers hear you?

When do you need to make a different kind of announcement?

Talk about it with your coworkers


Building evacuation tour and explore

Building Evacuation: Tour and Explore

Building evacuation checklists

Building Evacuation: Checklists

Acpl safety training

Building Evacuation: Maps

No map

No map?

Contact John Hidy, Security Services Manager, at x1281 for a map of your building.

Use it or lose it1

Tour your facility

Practice your pre-sweep evacuation as a team

Have a prepared drill to practice escape routes

Have an unannounced drill to practice escape routes


Emergency action plan2

Emergency action plan

Resuming Operations

Resuming operations

Resuming Operations

Emergency action plan3


Putting it All Together to Evacuate or Shelter

Acpl safety training


Acpl safety training


Emergency action plan4


After the Incident

After the incident

After the incident

Post emergency analysis

Incident reports

Post incident analysis

Post-Incident Analysis*

*California Specialized Training Institute

Incident reports

Incident Reports

Click to go to the Incident Report form on Insite

Acpl safety training

Click to go to the Emergency Action Plan on Insite



Information for all safety training has been provided by John Hidy, Security Services Manager, Allen County Public Library.

For more information or if you have questions, contact John Hidy, x1281or e-mail

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