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INTRODUCES. (Example Licensee site). Today’s Buyer is Tomorrow’s Seller and Every Seller is a FSBO. JABIN Software. Mission Statement

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(Example Licensee site)

Today’s Buyer is Tomorrow’s Seller and Every Seller is a FSBO

Jabin software
JABIN Software

Mission Statement

Blending technology and the human touch to network real estate Buyers & Sellers using an affordable online platform that encourages confidence, efficiency, transparency, and security to address the needs and interests of all Consumers.

What is jabin software
WHAT is JABIN Software?

  • A leading edge sales and marketing/media proprietary software company for the conveyance of real property.

  • Represents the greatest Real Estate Model enhancement in the last 40 years.

  • JABIN Software endorses a “Consumer Centric” real estate Model. The company has developed and deployed three supporting website Platforms-

    1. the Corporate site

    2. Licensee website template- “Powered by iGOfsbo”


JABIN Software

Business Model




1. R.E.P

2. R.E.E



What is a fsbo
What is a FSBO?

  • FSBO (fizzbo) or For Sale By Owner is the process of selling real estate without the representation of a real estate broker. Homeowners typically market their own property, do not pay a commission and represent themselves with the help of an attorney.

  • In 2011:

    • Total # of Traditional and FSBO HOME sales = 4.56 million.

    • 10% or 456K homes sold FSBO in the US.

    • 71% of FSBO sales are single family detached homes.

    • 88% of all Home Buyers start their home search on the internet.

What is the igofsbo system
What is the iGOfsbo System?

  • System represents the EVOLUTION of Real Estate Sales.

  • A SaaS (Software as a Service) sales management and marketing/media software systemsupported by a Licensee.

  • Proprietary Patent Pending software system of the 4 Core Elements + 1.

  • CONSUMER CENTRICplatform for Real Estate Buyers & Sellers.

  • Establishes a FREE MARKET opportunity for Consumers to fully transact (Buy-Sell) Real Estate over the Internet.

  • Puts more MONEY in everyone’s pocket- (Seller, Buyer, & Licensee).

  • Introduces, encourages and increases COMPETITION for the benefit of all consumers.

  • CHANGE AGENT- proposing a method to improve the process, efficiency and affordability of transacting real estate.

Who is an igofsbo user
WHO is an iGOfsbo USER?

  • A USER is a Licensee, Buyer and/or Seller.

  • LICENSEE- an Entrepreneur (R.E.E.) or Real Estate Professional (R.E.P) that subscribes to the technology of the iGOfsbo model and the human touch to deliver a higher level of service that is more cost effective and efficient.

  • SELLER-a consumer that embraces technology and is eager to preserve home equity, wants to reduce transaction costs, decrease Days on Market (DOM), streamline the sales process and maintain control.

  • BUYER-a consumer that embraces technology and is eager to save money, “Buy with Confidence”, seeks efficiency, demands transparency and wants to stay in control.

Why igofsbo for licensee
Why iGOfsbo?(for Licensee)

  • Control Destiny.

  • Flexible Compensation Model.

  • Turnkey operation.

  • Leverage technology to increase business volume

  • Multi-Channeled Lead Generator.

  • Time and Resource Management.

  • Reduces Operating and Resource overhead.

  • Consumer Centric platform delivering the highest quality and level of service without increasing costs.

Who is an igofsbo licensee
Who is an iGOfsbo LICENSEE?

  • A vetted and authorized individual or company that holds the right to deploy the iGOfsbo system’s 4 Core Elements +1.

  • All Licensees operate as an independent business, autonomous from JABIN Software, LLC. 

  • Licensees are Real Estate Entrepreneurs (R.E.E.) or Real Estate Professionals (R.E.P.)

    R.E.E.- supports software only; good for individuals that have not acquired a state real estate license.

    R.E.P.- supports software and real estate transaction. Abides by Law of Agency. Examples are Brokers, Agents, Developers, Banks, Attornies, etc.

  • Licensee’s can secure multiple licenses.

  • Career Professional.

How a licensee competes
How a LICENSEE Competes

  • The iGOfsbo model encourages a Free Market that supports a Licensee in their effort to service the consumer.

  • A Licensee is unrestricted and may charge any Fixed FEE amount that best reflects their individual market and provides a competitive advantage.

Why igofsbo for seller
Why iGOfsbo?(for SELLER)

  • Platform will put more $ in the Seller’s pocket.

  • Fixed FEE.

  • Applies state of the art Marketing.

  • 4 Core Elements +1.

  • Competitive Advantage.

  • High Level of Service (LOS) and attention.

  • Ideal system for 1st x Home Sellers.

  • Seller is in CONTROL.

Why igofsbo for buyer
Why iGOfsbo?(for BUYER)

  • It’s FREE.

  • No Commission.

  • Private and Secure.

  • Transaction Transparency.

  • Seller’s PassBook – think of it as the Seller’s Diary. An electronic report that provides full listing disclosure and information- Empowering a Buyer and increasing Confidence.

  • Buyer is in CONTROL.

What is myopenhouseanytime com view open house videos all day every day

A novel video online website solely designed to showcase videos and pictures of property

For Sale or Rent.

  • LICENSEE- a free robust Lead Generator. It’s your silent partner always working for you 24/7/365.

  • SELLERS- a free listing video platform and powerful Marketing tool.

  • BUYERS- a free convenient service for busy Buyers that want to tour open houses on their time- not just on Sunday’s anymore.

Call to action
Call to Action

  • Join in the Evolution of Real Estate

  • Register Now and unlock all the tools of the iGOfsbo system

  • Be one of the possible 5 million consumers this year that will make Matches that Happen with a Licensee “Powered by iGOfsbo”.

Additional information
Additional Information

  • Our Websites:

    Corporate portal

    Listing aggregator

    1st Licensee Multimedia focused listing aggregator