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BWC Public Affairs Office:. BWC Command Meeting 11MAY13. Public Affairs Office Status Agenda. What we’re covering today: General Overview of PAO AORs BWC PAO Initiatives BWC Brand Project External Marketing Activities Speedball Promotional Vehicle PGI Filming RSI Media Event

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BWC Public Affairs Office:

BWC Command Meeting


Public Affairs Office Status Agenda

  • What we’re covering today:

  • General Overview of PAO AORs

  • BWC PAO Initiatives

    • BWC Brand Project

    • External Marketing Activities

      • Speedball

      • Promotional Vehicle

      • PGI Filming

      • RSI Media Event

    • Internal Marketing Activities

      • PTGB Charity Brand

      • BWC Gear Store

      • IgnitionDeck

  • Current and Projected Staffing

  • BWC Con and Industry Event Participation

    • PAX Prime

    • SOE Live

    • Dragon Con

    • BWC Veterans in Gaming Panel Submission Status

  • PAO Q1 Budget

  • Summary and Future Needs

General Overview of PAO Areas of Responsibility

Internal AORs

External AORs Front Page

WP Content

WP Production

WP Artwork

BWC Game Division Recruiting

BWC Podcast

BWC Social Media

BWC Twitch TV

BWC Event Broadcasting

BWC Gear Store

BWC Pixel Warriors

BWC Brand Stewardship

MarComm Strategy

BWC Physical Collateral

Industry Outreach Campaigns

Teams & Sponsorships

Play To Give Back Charity

BWC Co-Branded Events

BWC Service Offerings

Public Speaking, Filming & Media Event Engagements

PAO Initiatives: Brand Project

These BWC primary marks are being established

as our Core Brand. Specific Brand Stewardship criteria

is being drafted and a BWC Style-Guide is in production

for inclusion in the BWC Wiki.

These marks are currently being donated by the 2 IP

holders for the exclusive use of BWC in pursuit of BWC’s

stated missions, goals and engagements only.

These marks are a collaborative effort between the 2 IP

holders. They grant BWC an open-ended license to use

these core marks with no expectation of royalties,

compensation or other financial consideration from BWC

given the marks remain under and are protected by

effective Stewardship that continues to benefit BWC as a

sustainable gaming and game industry entity.

PAO Initiatives: External Marketing

  • BWC Speedball Team

  • BWC Promotional Vehicle

  • PGI Trailer Filming

  • RSI Media Event

PAO Initiatives: Internal Marketing

  • Play To Give Back Charity Brand

  • BWC Gear Store

  • IgnitionDeck

PAO AOR Staff Structure

Public Affairs Officer

BWC Outreach Development Group

Deputy Public Affairs Officer


PAO Media Officer

PAO Projects Officer



Social Media Producer

Lead Recruiter



Front Page Technician

Pixel Warrior Producer

BWC Gear Store

Industry Outreach, Events & Philanthropy Initiatives

BWC Event Broadcast Hosts x4

BWC Twitch Streamers x8

PS2 Recruiters

MWO Recruiters

SC Recruiters

BWC All Host

PS2 Host

MWO Host

SC Host

Industry News





Features & Events Editor

PS2 Editor

MWO Editor

SC Editor

Internal Art Editor

External Art Editor

Front Page Art Editor

Special Item Production

BWC Brand Stewardship

Play To Give Back Charity

BWC Physical Collateral

BWC Services

MarComm Strategy

Gear Design

Industry Outreach

BWC Cons and Panels

BWC Product Development

BWC Team Sponsorships

Co-Branded Events

BWC Services Development

BWC Non-Game External Filming & Promotional Video Production.






Updated: JUL2013

BWC Con and Industry Event Participation

  • PAX Prime

  • SOE Live

  • DragonCon

BWC PAX Panel Submission

Veterans in Gaming: Embracing Common Ground

What impact do military-themed games have on an increasing population of active duty and veteran gamers?  

How are large gaming communities leveraging the experience and common frames of reference veterans provide?  

How is this growing segment of dedicated players impacting game and community development?  

How are veteran-run "play to give back" charities and events changing the landscape of gaming philanthropy?  

Hear from both sides of the screen as we explore the unique relationships veterans have with the game industry

and discuss the impact these tight-knit communities will have in the future.  Join veteran gaming community and

top industry leaders as we explore these important issues and more!

Panelist List:

Moderator - Miki Bell, BWC      Confirmed

Industry - Chris Roberts, RSI     Confirmed

Industry - Bryan Eckman, PGI     Confirmed

Industry - Russ Bullock, PGI Confirmed

Industry - John Smedley, SOE       Answer Pending

Industry - Matt Higby, SOE        Answer Pending

Vet Community - Brent Russel, BWC     Confirmed

Vet Community - Mark Christianson, ODG     Confirmed

PAO Q1+ Budget

PAO Expenditures Feb, March, April of 2013:

  • BWC ALL Funds Expended: $200.00

  • Non-BWC Funds Expended: $1378.00

  • Projected Q2 Needs: > $300.00

PAO Summary & Future Needs

  • Transitioning To More Effective Postures

  • Strong Structure, Processes & Staff

  • Internal Service Model

  • External Agency Model

  • Evolving and Engaging BWC Brands

  • Realistic Project Goals and Expectations

  • Effective Project Management

  • Status and Update Transparency

  • Managing Moving Parts Efficiently

  • Cost Benefit/SWOT Project and Engagement Analysis