Canto 2008 satellite s role in connecting the caribbean
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CANTO 2008 Satellite’s Role in Connecting the Caribbean PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CANTO 2008 Satellite’s Role in Connecting the Caribbean. SES NEW SKIES. A global satellite communications provider, based in The Hague, the Netherlands 100% owned by SES, the world's premier satellite group Operate a fleet of seven in-orbit satellites Global presence:

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CANTO 2008 Satellite’s Role in Connecting the Caribbean

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CANTO 2008Satellite’s Role in Connecting the Caribbean


  • A global satellite communications provider, based in The Hague, the Netherlands

  • 100% owned by SES, the world's premier satellite group

  • Operate a fleet of seven in-orbit satellites

  • Global presence:

     The Hague (HQ)  Washington, D.C.  Singapore  Beijing  Sydney  Johannesburg  Sao Paulo

SES NEW SKIES’ satellite fleet

  • 36 Satellites: 34 operated by wholly-owned subsidiaries and 2 through equity participations

  • Located at 25 orbital positions

NSS-806 Satellite Facts

Orbital Location: 319.5 East

Launch Date: 1998

EOL: 2016


C-band: 36 transponders

Ku-band: 6 transponders

Coverage: Americas, Caribbean and Western Europe

NSS-806 ‘Hotbird’ for the Americas

  • One of two leading satellites for Caribbean and Latin American program distribution

  • 130 channel community reaches approximately 14 million homes and 4,500 cable headends across the region

  • Provides ‘single beam’ C-band coverage of Caribbean, Latin America and Western Europe - ideal for European broadcasters seeking Caribbean coverage (and vice-versa)

NSS-7 Satellite Facts

Orbital Position: 338  East

Launch Date: 2002

EOL: 2016


C-band: 49 transponders

Ku-band: 48 transponders

Coverage: Atlantic Ocean region, including the Americas, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East

NSS-7 Unrivalled Atlantic Coverage

  • Distributed governmental and enterprise networks

  • Home to a historically strong African video neighborhood

    • Reaches 3.5 million homes in Sub-Saharan Africa via DTH, MMDS and terrestrial retransmission

    • Carries over 100 channels in 8 languages

  • 338 East is one of the leading trans-Atlantic locations for permanent and OU/SNG feeds

  • Home to multiple GSM trunking networks across Africa, broadband circuits in the Caribbean and South America.

Retail Networks

Point-of-Sale (PoS)

Banking, inventory



Corporate Networks

Internet/Intranet access

Corporate voice

File transfers


Government Services

Secure Global communications

Remote command

Remote surveillance

Rural Telephony and Network Extensions

PSTN extensions

GSM Trunking


WLL interconnections

Oil/Gas Exploration Scientific Data transfer

High-speed Internet access



Internet trunking


VoIP Termination


DTH platforms

IPTV platforms

Examples of End Customer Applications

Connecting the Caribbean

  • Connect the Caribbean Objective: “Connecting the Unconnected by 2015”

  • Caribbean Geography Demands Satellite Connectivity

    • Small Island States

    • Subject to weather related disasters which stress terrestrial based infrastructure

    • Rural and remote areas with limited connectivity

    • Low cost applications

Broadband Access

  • Large projects aimed at closing the “Digital Divide”

  • Internet cafés – Hot spots

  • Remote GSM and WiMax sites

  • Incomplete coverage of existing terrestrial fiber, copper or wireless networks

  • Rural networks

  • Multi tenants – condominiums

  • Add value to future DTH and IPTV systems

Examples of current networks

  • GSM Backhaul Network in the South Pacific Islands

    • Digital circuits connecting cell sites in Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and Fiji

    • 10 sites

    • C-band

  • Rural Telephony Network in the Dominican Republic

    • Voice network for pay-phones

    • 500 sites

    • Ku-band

  • Broadband Network for Remote Schools in Nicaragua

    • IP connectivity and educational content

    • 60 sites

    • C-band

  • Telemedicine in Haiti

    • IP connectivity and videoconferencing

    • 2 sites

    • C-band

Terminals Are More Accurate and Efficient

Skyware Ku Band

1 to 4W

integrated TX/Rx


HNS Direcway integrated terminal

Wildblue Ka Band

consumer terminal

using Raven 66cm

antenna and US

Monolithics 3W


Nera DVB RCS terminal

indoor unit

What Was…

Market Value of Mobile TV market*

in € billion

Global Market

CAGR: 72.9%

What’s New…

Broadband Mobile Platforms

Mobile Media

  • Market Status:

    • Expansion of commercial shipping and recreational maritime segments

    • Resuscitation of Aeronautical market

  • What SES NEW SKIES does today

    • Work with our customers MTN-SeaLink, Broadband Maritime, Telenor etc. to provision broadband solutions to ocean-going vessels

  • Future Opportunities

    • Continue to work with customers and value-chain customers to support the growth of truly global mobile broadband networks

  • Market Status:

    • DMB-S has had success in Japan/Korea

    • DVB-H is being adopted in Europe and several other Emerging Markets

  • What SES does today

    • Exploratory SOLARIS JV with Eutelsat to explore S-band payload to support DVB-H services in Europe (feeder and direct-to-handset)

  • Future Opportunities

    • We see strong potential in Satellite feeder links to 3G base-stations and DVB-H repeaters

What’s Needed…

  • All satellite operators need spectrum to deliver their services

  • Our evolving technology uses it more efficiently and cost-effectively

  • Regulatory environment must be predictable

  • Regulators must safeguard the delivery mechanisms of satellites…

  • …as for other critical infrastructure

Example: C-Band Use in the Caribbean

  • 3.4 – 4.2 GHz

  • Backhaul services for telecoms networks

  • Point-to-point trunking

  • Government and strategic communications

  • High-volume data and broadcast transmission

  • Rural telephony services

  • Avionics

  • Maritime services

  • ‘Lifeblood of the satellite industry’

Can Satellites Share C-band With Other Technologies?

Example: WiMax…

  • …150km exclusion zone needed

  • Exclusion zones are dependent on terrain type and may need to be much bigger

  • Many users are not listed so creating exclusion zones is often impossible


  • SES New Skies: committed to increasing service over the Caribbean

  • Significant expansion of its fleet planned in the next 3 years

  • Caribbean customer growth foreseen for long term for…

  • …Broadband, government, and safety services

  • Satellite use of spectrum must be preserved to ensure continued connectivity

  • Satellite use of C band should be safeguarded in particular

  • New technologies must be implemented in a way that preserves existing services

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