Teaching and preaching the bible
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Teaching and Preaching the Bible PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Teaching and Preaching the Bible. Leadership and Lay Ministry Training Program Dr. Stu Merkel and Rev. Doug Gray January 12, 2013. Introductions. It’s…Stu and Doug!. Introductions. Overview of the Day Session 1: Preparing for a Bible Study Break

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Teaching and Preaching the Bible

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Teaching and Preaching the Bible

Leadership and Lay Ministry Training Program

Dr. Stu Merkel and Rev. Doug Gray

January 12, 2013


  • It’s…Stu and Doug!


  • Overview of the Day

    • Session 1: Preparing for a Bible Study

    • Break

    • Session 2: Sharing Our Resources and Best Uses

    • Lunch

    • Session 3: Moving from Bible Study to Sermon

    • Break

    • Session 4: Preaching Presentation


Session 1: Preparing for a Bible Study

Let it breathe!

Staying Clear

  • We are task-oriented here

  • Not aimed at devotional

  • The curious bridge of LectioDivina

Prepare a Bible Study: John 11

  • Read the passage at least 3x

    • Literal — what do the words meanwhat do they say, definitions, etc

    • Metaphor — what do the words meanimages, allusions, references, etc

    • Meaning — what do the words meanwhat is the author trying to say/communicate

Prepare a Bible Study: John 11

2. Look at the context

  • Genre — what kind of writing is your passage?

    Poetry, Narrative, Letter, Command/Proverb, Apocalypse

  • Geographical — where is this?

  • Historical — when is this?

  • How is our context like the author’s/passage’s context?

Prepare a Bible Study: John 11

3. Initial Thoughts

  • Feel free to write down initial thoughts and questions

  • Your reaction?

  • Put yourself in the story in different roles.

  • How would the author address our context?

Prepare a Bible Study: John 11

4. Go to the resources

  • Take your questions

  • Check out your thoughts and reactions

  • Look for resources that add depth, beauty or meaning

Prepare a Bible Study: John 11

5. What’s the big idea?

  • Study: More than one idea is a good thing!

  • Sermon: One big idea at a time!

Prepare a Bible Study: John 11

  • How does the big idea apply in my life?What is God calling me to do through this word?

Sharing Our Resources

Yours, mine and ours


Not like that!

Session 2: Teachingthe Word

Because God needs you!

Basic Principles

It’s not rocket science

Some Basic Principles

  • About what God wants to say

  • Centered on how the student will learn best

  • Draws people into the textHelps people draw the text into themselves

  • Less about what the leader knows,more about what the group learns

  • Create multiple points of entry to the text’s big idea

  • Always give participants something to take home

Most important…


Learning Styles

A healthy dose of Mythbusters

Learning Styles

  • Aural

  • Visual

  • Verbal

  • Physical

  • Logical

  • Social

  • Solitary

Creativity Leads to Discovery

  • Are there resources that capture the dilemmaof the text?

  • What resources go with your big idea?

  • Of these which one or two are the most helpful?

Group Dynamics

There’s more going on than meets the eye…


Feed the body so God can nourish the soul

Session 3: From Study to Sermon

Sometimes it’s a looooong trip!

Good Sermon Structures

  • Classic 3-point sermon

  • Topical, thematic or word study

  • Web and flow

  • Refrain

  • “In character” sermon

Classic blunders

  • More than one sermon

  • Not enough meat on the table

  • Too much on the table

  • Bored or just amused

  • Not tied up at the end

How to Preparea Sermon

Stu’s Approach

How to Preparea Sermon

Doug’s Approach

Picking a passage

  • Picking a passage

    • Lectionary

    • Sermon series

    • Occasional/topical

  • Do you have a heart for the passage?

What’s the point?

  • How am I different?

  • How are we to be different?

  • Can I say it in a single sentence?

What’s my way into the sermon?

  • Story

  • Image

  • Video

  • Idea

  • Skit

Structure the sermon

  • Has to be clear

  • Has to have punch

  • Always have a twist

Never preach the sermonthe congregation expects!

Should I tell, showor dothe story?

  • Will it illuminate or dominate?

  • Is the story in there because I want to tell it,or because they need to hear it?

  • Can I do the same with less?

  • Can I faithfully make it interactive?

  • Check against the classic blunders!

  • What does God really want here?

Who Do I Look Like?

Adventures in Celebrity Recognition

Shimon Perez

Former Israeli

Prime Minister

Andy Roddick

Top-Ranked Tennis Star

(11th in the world)

Alan Alda

TV Actor,


Gary Oldman

Movie Actor,

Prisoner of Azkaban

Mickey Mantle

One of the best baseballplayers of all time

Kiera Knightley

Movie Actress,

Pirates of the Caribbean

Who Do You Look Like?







The Rosetta Stone

Helping us experience and understand each other



Bruce Almighty

Should I tell, showor dothe story?

  • Am I interpreting the Bible, or the video?

  • Am I sure it will work?

  • Do I have a back up plan?

Session 4: PreachingPresentation

Outlines, Discussion and Tips…oh my!

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