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Conference September, 2005 Career Pathways for Student Success PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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National Tech Prep Network. Conference September, 2005 Career Pathways for Student Success. The Increased Importance of Information Assurance Education. A Roadmap to a Career in Homeland Security. Moderator: Phil Hale Dean of Applied Technology Oakland Community College.

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Conference September, 2005 Career Pathways for Student Success

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National Tech Prep Network


September, 2005

Career Pathways for Student Success

The Increased Importance of

Information Assurance Education

A Roadmap to a Career in Homeland Security

Moderator:Phil HaleDean of Applied TechnologyOakland Community College

Information Assurance Directorate

Dr. Vic Maconachy


“We now live in a world where terrorists can do as much damage with a keyboard and a modem as with a gun or bomb…Two choices are available: adapt before the attack or afterward.”

Sen. Edwards introducing

Cybersecurity Research and Education Act of 2002

How Bad Is It ?

Winning the battle is dependent on knowing the enemy’s secrets, movements and plans.

Al Qaeda Manual: Declaration of Jihad Against the Country’s Tyrants, eleventh lesson: Espionage

Internet Attacks During Third Quarter

Tech Web News

According to Internet Security Systems’ newest report, the number of security threats climbed 9 percent in the third quarter over the previous three months.

CSI – Cyberterrorism: More Sophisticated Than Past Worms

Information World

No hard evidence exists that shows a cyberterrorism attack on the U.S., but when such an attack comes, it is likely to be much more harmful than the current crop of relatively unsophisticated viruses and worms that have caused billions of dollars in damages…

Read Any Good News Lately?

2003 IT Security Budgets Increased Despite Flat Overall Spending, Says META Group

Business Wire

This year, companies spent an average of 8.2% of their total IT budgets on security, up from 7.6% in 2002 and only 3.2% in 2001, according to new findings from META Group’s 2004 Worldwide IT Benchmark Report.

Sobig’s Success Prompts Calls for Secure E-Mail

I D G News Service

In the wake of the Sobig attack, security experts uniformly credited the worm’s sophisticated design for much of its success. However, the sheer magnitude of Sobig’s attack led to questions about whether the Internet’s current e-mail infrastructure is making things too easy for virus writers and spammers.

YES ! …Maybe ?

Talk about impact!A True Story

USA TODAY – Monday Sept. 8, 2004

Betty bought a brand new computer for Christmas. In June, COMCAST curtailed her outbound mail privileges after pinpointing her PC as a major source of e-mail spam. An intruder had turned her P C into a “Zombie”, spreading as many as 70,000 pieces of e-mail spam a day.


On the net


Search engines,

Comparison shopping

Download malicious

Code/keystroke reader

Creates spam relay

Betty is not alone

  • National Cyber Security Alliance

  • Study with AOL:

  • Approximately three-fourths of users falsely believed their computers were at least somewhat safe from on-line threats and viruses, and 60% believed they were safe from hackers.

  • Two-thirds of the users had no firewall protection nor current anti-virus protection

Information Assurance




ALL People-Centric



Fundamentally, only THREE countermeasures

available to protect critical information infrastructures.






Network Protection Is No Longer Just an Insurance Policy,

It Is Now a Core Business Requirement

Growing the Information Assurance Work Forcefor Today and Tomorrow





Secure Govt.


Awareness and Training


Threat & Vulnerability Reduction


National Response System

Awareness, Literacy, Training and Education:

Weave a thread of continuity through

The National Plan

Jan. 2003

The National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace

  • Priority III : A National Cyberspace Awareness and Training Program

    • In addition to the vulnerabilities in existing information technology systems there are at least two other major barriers to users and managers acting to improve Cybersecurity

      • (1) a lack of familiarity,knowledge and understanding of the issues

      • (2) an inability to find sufficient numbers of adequately trained and/or appropriately certified personnel to create and manage secure systems.

CNSS National Training Standards Map

CNSS National I A Education and Training Standards:

CNSSI 4011The I A Professional

CNSSI 4012Senior Systems Manager

CNSSI 4013Systems Administrator

CNSSI 4014Information System Security Officer

CNSSI 4015System Certifier

CNSSI 4016Risk Analyst (Pending)

CNSSI 4017 Information Systems Security Engineer

(in development)

127 U.S. Institutions in 40 States and the District of Columbia Map to the CNSS National Training Standards

CNSS National Training Standards Map

This program offers tremendous opportunity for 2 year programs/

National Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education

Partnerships with Academia

Reducing the vulnerability of our

National Information Infrastructure by promoting higher education in information assurance and producing a growing number of

professionals with IA expertise

in various disciplines.






Centers of Academic Excellencein Information Assurance Education

New National Centers of Academic Excellencein Information Assurance Education


New National Centers of Academic Excellencein Information Assurance Education


California State Polytechnic (CA)

DePaul University (IL)

East Carolina University (NC)

Eastern Michigan University (MI)

Nova Southeastern University (FL)

Oklahoma State University (OK)

United States Air Force Academy (CO)

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and

State University (VA)


Centers of Academic Excellence

in Information Assurance Education

Now 66 to serve you



Critical Infrastructure Security

Geo location is very good.


  • Schools designated as CAEs

  • are eligible for special congressional funding

  • are reporting students specifically searching for schools with CAE recognition

  • are starting to support and receive support for state level cyber and homeland security issues and research

  • are producing students immediately employed in the work force

  • Areas having CAEs

  • Can boast having IA education and training and education programs to potential corporations considering relocation

  • Can boast presence of IA research capability

  • Can use CAEs to improve security posture

Implementing -

Defending America’s Cyberspace National Plan for Information Systems Protection Version 1.0

An Invitation to a Dialogue

The White House 2000

Congress Passes Cyber-Service Bill (October 20, 2000)

  • Provides for:

    • Scholarships for Service

    • Infrastructure Support: Faculty Development

    • Infrastructure Support: Program Development

    • All based on NSA Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance

Administered by National Science Foundation

NSA representative co-chair of executive steering group

Department of DefenseScholarship for Service Program

NSA Designated Executive Agent

Assistant Secretary of Defense

Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence

MEMO Dated July 2, 2001

“I hereby delegate to the Director, National Security Agency, the authorities and responsibilities of the Secretary of Defense under the following statute:

Public Law 106-398”


Partnerships with Business,Academia, & Government

National Colloquium for

Information Systems Security Education

Purpose:Academic colloquium with academia, government, business and industry INFOSEC experts to discuss direction of INFOSEC undergraduate and graduate curricula; academic disciplines; common requirements; specific knowledge, skills and abilities; certification requirements and feasibility of certification board formulation.

Conference: June, 2006


The Twenty Most Critical Internet Security Vulnerabilities (Updated) ~ The Experts’ Consensus

Sources of Help & Information



Sources of Help & Information


Awareness Toolkit


    • Enhance Awareness

    • Encourage Information Systems Education and Training

Self-Help Awareness Program







Educational Solutions for a Safer World

National Security Agency

Information Assurance Directorate

Jenny Griffith

CIS Secondary Tech Prep Liaison

Walled Lake CentralHigh School

Beginning the Educational Path

Building a model for a career focused on Information Assurance education and training through High School curricula

  • The Oakland County Tech Prep Consortium is comprised of:

  • 28 local school districts

  • 44 high schools

  • four technical campuses

  • business/industry/labor affiliates

  • five campuses of Oakland Community College

  • Oakland Schools, the intermediate school district of Oakland County.

An Overview of Oakland County, Michigan

  • Geography: Located north of Detroit; 910 square miles. The county has 450 lakes within its boundaries.

  • Population: 1,134,195. For the year 2000, the estimated median age of the county was 36.7 years.

  • Median Income: The median income per household based upon 1999, which is the latest data, is $61,907 (U.S. average = $41,994).

  • Commerce: Forty-five Fortune 500 companies do business in the County. It is the third wealthiest county in the nation. One-third of all U.S. auto production takes place within 70 miles of the County. Robotics firms in Oakland County account for more than 50% of all U.S. robotics sales.

Step one in “the process”

Agreeing upon specific measurable competencies which fulfilled requirements of degree and certificate programs at Oakland Community College



Sources of Help & Information


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