sheila porter intel ireland
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Sheila Porter Intel Ireland

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PowerPoint Presentation III Making Machines and Observing Functionality. Sheila Porter Intel Ireland. Session 6: Making Machines. Understanding the session: Exploration of the mechanics of simple machines

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sheila porter intel ireland

PowerPoint Presentation III

Making Machines and Observing Functionality

Sheila Porter

Intel Ireland


Session 6: Making Machines

  • Understanding the session:
  • Exploration of the mechanics of simple machines
  • Practical based lesson in which the student builds different types of “toys” using basic mechanics

The session is broken down into 3 sections

Section A: Design, Build, & Make It Go

Section B: Gears, Cranks, Crankshafts and Belts

Section C: Using Motors to Produce Motion


Activity 5A: Rolling Kit

Goal: To allow students to become more familiar with the ideas behind basic mechanics, how energy can be stored, transferred and transformed.

Outcome: Make a “Rolling toy which can travel 1-1.5 metres as an introduction to mechanical engineering.

Preparation: To do this you will need “One Rolling Kit” per student

Materials required (“Rolling Kit”):

1 film canister with lid, with holes (8mm – 10mm Ø) drilled in both ends

2 Rubber bands (6.5cm)

2 small washers

1 piece of thick drinking straw

Session 6, Activity A


Rolling Toy Video

Building the Rolling Toy

See Design and Discovery Website - Resources

Note: If film canisters are unavailable use empty coke cans


Gears, Cranks, Crankshafts & Belts

  • Students
  • Are introduced to the concepts of mechanical engineering
  • explore the mechanics of simple machines and learn that most mechanical devices are really a set of simple machines working together
  • learn how machine action can be transferred or change direction by experimenting with gears, wheels and belts, and crankshafts



Crankshaft Toy Video

Example of a Crankshaft Toy

See Design and Discovery Website - Resources



  • Small milk carton
  • 3 pieces of
  • 16-gauge steel wire
  • - 1 x 20cm long
  • - 2 x 7cm long
  • 1 straw
  • Insulating tape for crank handle
  • Needle nose pliers