Just what does an itrt do
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Just what does an ITRT do? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Just what does an ITRT do?. Phyllis Gardner, Instructional Specialist Technology Resources. ITRT? ITIS? ITS?. Instructional Technology Resource Teacher. Ways they can help teachers. Provide direct support to the teacher by coaching or modeling technology tools and software

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Just what does an ITRT do?

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Just what does an ITRT do?

Phyllis Gardner, Instructional Specialist

Technology Resources


  • Instructional

  • Technology

  • Resource

  • Teacher

Ways they can help teachers

  • Provide direct support to the teacher by coaching or modeling technology tools and software

  • Consult and collaborate with teachers, working with students when needed for the purpose of modeling or demonstrating a lesson in the classroom

  • Advises and assist teachers to

    determine what, when, where, and

    how to integrate technology into

    a lesson

Ways they can help your school

  • Collaborate on technology use with teachers or administrators

  • Coordinate the selection of any school software or even hardware

  • Facilitate any school-wide technology effort

  • Design and implement technology staff developments

Ways they can help your school

  • Help your school develop and implement short-term and long-term technology goals

  • Act as a liaison between the school and the district concerning technology

  • Help with communication to parents and via the internet by assisting with school web pages and/or newsletters or calendars

Integration specialists

  • So .. the key is for the ITRT to find what the teachers/students need and to gently nudge integration in that direction:

  • Full blown step-by-step hold my hand training

  • Or a simple as a suggestion of a "knock-your-socks off" website

So they can…

  • Do model lessons for a full class

  • Do small group instruction with students or teachers

  • Do after-school mini-workshops

  • Collaborate right in the classroom as a teaching partner

And they can…

  • develop and help teachers implement cool technology projects

  • get resources, ideas, and great tips for a particular teacher or team of teachers

  • teach the teachers how to use all this cool stuff

  • make a teacher's day by fixing/showing/helping/supporting

So that means they also do….

  • “door to door” sales for both technophobes and technomaniacs

  • how-to workshops and staff developments

  • one-to-one training when needed for “digital immigrants”

  • modeling of new technologies as often as needed

Time Management

  • 70% - working with teachers/students

  • 15% - meeting with/supporting administrators

  • 10% - communicating/creating/planning

  • 4% - minor troubleshooting

  • 1% - maintaining paperwork


  • Ask to see their weekly logs

  • Be mindful of their work schedules

  • Find opportunities where they can assist staff

  • Be a technology supporter yourself

Final Thoughts?

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