My trip to bonnet creek
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by JOSIAH and JOSHUA ODUNADE. My trip to bonnet creek. Special Series .

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My trip to bonnet creek

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My trip to bonnet creek



There was only one light on and that was mine oh pardon me as Geronimo Stilton would say hello my name is Joshua Odunade the publisher of the Odunade company anyway exactly at that moment My mom came and said, "time to wake up but only I was already awake so I jumped into the shower and started jumping at that moment I stop because I heard squish so I lifted my foot and guess what I squish a cockroach after that I scrape it off.

Chapter 1

  • Pretty soon I was ready to leave we got ready to go we started driving then at that moment my mom put on something called Elmo or something we didn’t even under stand it we made our own secret language but it took my mom 2 second to figure out what we were saying it went like this.

You smell like pee pee

You ka like pee pee

Chapter 2

  • I wanted to sleep but I was to hungry so I stayed up till my mom stop at waffle house I love there hash brown and scramble eggs so I order hash brown and scramble eggs after that we left around 1:00 am after that we stop at a exit and rested for the night. In the morning we got dunkin donuts my mom order a egg, cheese, and sausage my mom got donuts for us but she got me that special sandwich just for me cause I her favorite.

Chapter 3

I left then I got really bored I picked up a book it was called the forgotten book I finished the book so I picked up holes it was it was good but I fell asleep doing the book I really wished it had a dvd player . When I woke up guess what were at the resort a resort is paradise and where you relax. We sign in and a bellhop took are luggage and took us to are room I jumped up and down and all around but guess what no one join me instead I stayed in the time out corner that were bad people go but then I realized are luggage wasn’t there I told my mom she rushed out of bed she took a look around then that when I called the resort well my mom did then I took a moment to think and I realize the bellhop was wearing a black uniform The others Bellhop were wearing blue I told my mom and she told the police

Chapter 4

the forgotten book page 9

  • I look around the floor and found a piece of paper it said a address I gave it to the police they took my mom and me with them we drove to a hotel and asked the the a bellhop for a key to room seventeen we took the card the key a card anyway we took the card inserted it into the door we opened it and guess what we saw the luggage and the police took out a card that said anything you say will be used against you they put him in handcuffs and left we walked back to the resort I pulled out out the card and opened the door then jumped on my bed and turn on the TV and watched the and jimmy fallon show till I went to sleep.

The end

Next book



#1 bestseller!

The world roamers!

The forgotten book

By Josiah Odunade


It was my 10th birthday and I was having a blast! There were balloons everywhere there was cake and best of all my best friends Joey and Griffin were here. I was turning into the double digits and it was very significant to me. Now it was time for the gifts! I got a new bike and a fishing rod. Then it was time for Hide and Seek! I was the best at this game and no can ever find me. NO ONE. Joey was it and we all dashed out to our hiding spot. I hid inside our old dryer machine. That’s when I noticed a secret compartment inside of it, I opened it up and inside was a dusty book.

chapter 1 THE BOOK

I quickly sneaked into my room to hide my book without being caught but I tripped over some frosting of the cake. “Found ya!” Joey said. “NO!” my reputation for hide and Seek was ruined because of some dumb book! “what do you have there Franklin?” said Joey. “oh it is just a book I found” I replied quickly. “Well aren’t you going to open it?” said Joey. Just then Griffin walked by. “ooh a book. let me see!” said Griffin. I opened the book and it was about a whole bunch of different countries. “An atlas basically” said Griffin. (did I mention that Griffin just likes the facts? If I did here it is for a second time) then Joey pointed out a picture of a emerald at the corners of each page. We wondered why it was there but we decided it was probably just decoration. But when I touched the emerald everything became dizzy and I could hardly see. Then it went completely dark.

chapter 2


As I looked up I saw a really tall building. “Wait where are we” I asked Joey and Griffin. Joey’s eyes lit up. “Paris, France that’s where!” “how do you know?” I asked. Griffin said “because that is the Eiffel Tower duh!” okay now I really need to listen in Geography class. “How did we get here is a better question” said Joey. “It must be the book when we touched the emerald it took us here so maybe when we touch the emerald again it takes us back.” Worth a try I said. I tried it out but nothing happened. That’s when I saw a page which read: to get back home you must learn three things you did not know. “Okay group split up and find 3 new information on France as you can. Meet back here in a hour!” I said. And we were off!

Chapter 3

End of sample

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