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Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador Instituto Pedagógico de Maturín Metodología de la Investigación - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador Instituto Pedagógico de Maturín Metodología de la Investigación. Content- based and task-Based instruction. Presented by. Patricia Mota Marjorie Tami. Carlos Salazar Sasha Yéndez. Content- Based Instruction (CBI).

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Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador

InstitutoPedagógico de Maturín

Metodología de la


Content-based and task-Basedinstruction


Patricia Mota

Marjorie Tami

Carlos Salazar

Sasha Yéndez



“Integration of content learning with language teaching aims”

Brinton, Snow and Wesche(1989)

Communicative fashion while learning content: science, mathematics, and social studies.

Models of Content-Based


Theme-Based Model

Must allow a wide variety of language skills to be practiced.

Adjunct Model

Language and content courses are taught separately.

Sheltered Model

The subject matter is taught in simplified English.

Oral Language

Thematic Instruction




~Activities require comprehending, producing, manipulating, or interacting in authentic language.

~ Attention is principally paid to meaning rather than form.

~Students work together to write and edit a class newspaper, enact scenes from a play, or take part in other joint tasks.

Develop, Administer and Analyze Assessment

Know and Identify Academic Content


Select and Evaluate Materials and Resources

Plan and Revise Instruction

Determine Instructional Strategies



Generic Skills.

Learning outcomes.

Multidisciplinary approach.

Sharing, Talking.

Problem Solving.



Plan of Class

Applicable to EFL learners from English III to V at UPEL


The professor will greet his students and he will ask questions about what they think when they hear the following words: computer, iphone, ipad, laptop, etc. Also, he will encourage the participation of every student with a dynamic game.

To be verb: is, are.

Vocabulary: computer, Iphone, Ipad, laptop, cameras, video beam.

Questions, such as:

Do you know what an iphone is? Have you ever used a video beam?

Do you use internet constantly?


The professor will show videos about technological devices using a video beam and a computer. Then he will give every student a piece of reading about social networking in order to make them acquire some network vocabulary. Later he will ask questions about the topic to make students give their opinion.


The professor will give students a game-like assessment, such as crossword puzzles, matching words and phrases, about the previous class where they will interact with each other using the just learned vocabulary. Written and spoken.

Practice of pronunciation and writing.


Video beam


Helpfultools in Content

and Task-BasedInstructions