The qin dynasty
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The Qin Dynasty. By: Yana Obiekwe & Briana Wood. The Warring Period. The warring period brought strength to the Qin State to defeat its rivals, and other states. The Qin State took over the other states, so their period of rule became the…………. The Qin Dynasty. The Qin Dynasty.

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The Qin Dynasty

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The qin dynasty

The Qin Dynasty

By: Yana Obiekwe & Briana Wood

The warring period

The Warring Period

  • The warring period brought strength to the Qin State to defeat its rivals, and other states.

  • The Qin State took over the other states, so their period of rule became the…………

The qin dynasty

The Qin Dynasty

The qin dynasty1

The Qin Dynasty

The Qin Dynasty was located between the Yellow River and the Yangtze River.

Main facts

Main Facts

  • First unified Chinese empire

  • Strong central government with strict laws

  • Created money and writing system

  • Built networks of canals and roads; and a lot of the Great Wall

The beginning

The Beginning

  • During their dynasty, the Zhou believed no one could rule China without heaven’s permission.

  • This idea that heaven chose China’s ruler and gave him or her power was called the Mandate of Heaven.

  • The Qin dynasty began in 221 b.c. and ended in 206 b.c.

  • In 221 b.c., a king from Qin managed to unify all of China.

  • Under his control, he named himself emperor.

  • As emperor, he took a new name called Shi Huangdi.

Shi huangdi

Shi Huangdi-

259 b.c to 210 b.c.

During his time

During his time….

  • Shi Huangdi was a strict ruler, but was also effective and managed to expand the size of China both north and south.

  • Unlike the Zhou rulers, Shi Huangdi refused to share his power with anyone.

  • He became a kind of a dictator.

  • Under his control, Shi Huangdi ordered terra-cotta, or clay soldiers to be made to protect him in the after life.

  • Later in 1974, in Huangdi’s tomb, more than 6,000 of the statues were found by archeologists.

A change

A Change

  • Although the Qin didn’t live for long, they saw great advances in China.

  • For instance, upon the beginning of the Qin Dynasty, the Zhou Dynasty officially ended.

  • During its reign over China, the Qin Dynasty achieved many things like increase in trade, improvement in agriculture, and military security.

  • To protect China from any invasions, the Great Wall of China was built under the control of Shi Huangdi.

  • The Great Wall was a barrier that linked earlier walls that stood near China’s northern border.

  • The Qin Dynasty also introduced several reforms such as, currency, weights and measures that were standardized, and a better system of writing that was established.

  • Though the Qin Dynasty was the first imperial dynasty of China, it did not last long. And by 206 B.C., the Qin Dynasty had officially come to………..

The qin dynasty



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