Healthcare and Business Transcription Services

Healthcare and Business Transcription Services PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presentation Outline:. Our Goals Our CommitmentOur Healthcare ServicesTranscription OfficesMedical Verticals UtilizingTranscription Technology Made SimpleTranscription Process and DeliveryTranscription Services - SpecializedMedical ServicesCodingBilling ComplianceMedical and Technical Pr

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Healthcare and Business Transcription Services

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1. Healthcare and Business Transcription Services

2. Presentation Outline: Our Goals Our Commitment Our Healthcare Services Transcription Offices Medical Verticals Utilizing Transcription Technology Made Simple Transcription Process and Delivery Transcription Services - Specialized Medical Services Coding Billing Compliance Medical and Technical Procurement Our Value Proposition

3. Our Goals Improve The Business Process A Smooth Transition and Integration Reduce Costs at the operational level Ensure Regulatory Compliance Deliver high quality results!

4. Our Commitment Compliant, secure and redundant data solutions Tested Quality Assurance methodology Strict “turn-around-time” delivery guarantee Compliance with HIPAA and Regulatory guidelines Provide teams of educated, trained and Knowledgeable staff to deliver excellent quality in service and support 24/7/365 “always available” Operation

5. Our Healthcare Services Medical Transcription Technical Transcription Business Transcription Medical Coding Compliance Medical Billing Medical Reporting

6. Transcription Offices

7. Our Current Transcription Clients We provide transcription services to a wide variety of Healthcare providers… Family Practice Internal Medicine Pediatrics Genetics Just to name a few…

8. Transcription Technology Made Simple

9. Transcription Process and Delivery

10. Transcription Services - Specialized We provide transcription services for any recorded medium - seminars and training events This data is used for e-learning solutions and event archiving We also provide transcription services for business groups Speakers and Moderators Teleconferences Books and Manuscripts

11. Medical Services - Coding Medical coding requires a working knowledge of; Terminology Characteristics Conventions of ICD9 and CPT codes Service description to Code translation Insurance Carrier requirements Our Medical coding service includes: Team with Medical degree and certifications strong understanding of coding Team of Certified Medical Coders for verification Understanding of Medical Insurance carriers requirements for coding based on service ensuring accuracy and higher pay rates

12. Medical Services - Billing We provide high quality - low cost medical billing services Patient Demographic Entry Charge Entry Cash Posting Denial / Rejection Analysis Our billing team works with clients using their existing system and software to deliver: Personalized Service A well-trained staff Work-flow Management system Continuous Process Improvement

13. Medical Services - Compliance We have taken extensive measures to meet HIPAA regulations Our coders understand and adhere to compliance requirements for processing healthcare claims Healthcare audits Analyze Medical Records We focus on ensuring complete compliance with all medically related guidelines HL7 compliance Secure PHI data transmission Secure medical data management

14. Medical and Technical Procurement We are positioned with a wide variety of partners to provide the following procurement services: New and Used Medical equipment: Sourcing Purchasing Unloading Technology equipment purchasing: Servers Phone systems (PBX and VOIP solutions) Workstations/laptops Software Licensing Peripherals Custom Solutions (ask about it!) Through our partner relationships, we are able to offer customized cost effective solutions to Medical practices and hospitals with reduced rates and maintain high levels of functionality!

15. Our Value Proposition Build relationships with Medical Administration, Physicians and practice staff to understand the mutual benefits of our services: Reduce Costs while improving service offering Increased accuracy of PHI and billing information Improve medical business process to reduce operational costs and gain true ROI Offer tiered “turn-around-time” options for services Provide 24/7/365 Exceptional Customer Service Ensure HIPAA and Healthcare compliance We offer a Pilot Program to promote the use of our transcription services- No-Charge, Seven day Trail! Schedule an appointment, TODAY!

16. Thank you for viewing our presentation

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