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Welcome!. Marietta Rives, DE Consultant, Co-Chair of Instruction & Assessment Team Jan Norgaard, AEA 13 Associate Director, Network Team Member Deb Johnsen, AEA 13, Iowa Core Curriculum Lead. Housekeeping Notebook organization Severe weather Restaurants Group norms Class for credit.

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Welcome 4058856


Welcome 4058856

Marietta Rives, DE Consultant, Co-Chair of Instruction & Assessment Team

Jan Norgaard, AEA 13 Associate Director, Network Team Member

Deb Johnsen, AEA 13, Iowa Core Curriculum Lead

Welcome 4058856


Notebook organization

Severe weather


Group norms

Class for credit

Group norms

Group norms

1. Districts will function as an Iowa Core Curriculum Team

-principal(s) and teachers will attend all meetings.

-each team member’s opinion is valued and encouraged.

-members will function as a team to assist their districts in the Iowa Core Curriculum process.

2 attention and engagement

2. Attention and Engagement

-sessions will start and end on time.

-take responsibility for your own learning.

-use post it notes for ideas and questions, transfer to parking lot.

-computers and cell phones may be used at break.

3 misery is optional

3. Misery is optional

-there will be planned breaks, but take a stretch break (mental or physical) when needed.

Welcome 4058856

Class for credit

EDEX 296: 737

$60- Renewal credit

$145 – Graduate credit

Register on line www.aea13.org

1 credit

EDEX 296:737Iowa Core Curriculum Leadership Development North, South or Central

Welcome 4058856

Deadline for sign up is Nov 30th!

Ignore Dec 7th date!

Welcome 4058856

Leadership for the Iowa Core Curriculum: Objectives

Define the intents and purposes of the Iowa Core Curriculum

Build on leadership behaviors

Identify the implications for a local school district and school building

Identify leadership responsibilities

Describe the legislative requirements

Welcome 4058856

Directionsfor KWL (1st sheet behind yellow activity divider)

Fill in the K, W Columns individually

Process individual responses as a team.

Please identify your school and introduce each member of your team.

Please list two things that your team knows about the Iowa Core Curriculum in

the K (Know) column.

5.Please don’t repeat those items that

have already been stated.

The core curriculum is

The Core Curriculum is…

  • A state-wide effort to improve teaching and learning to ensure that all Iowa students engage in a rigorous & relevant curriculum.

Supporting the iowa core curriculum

Supporting the Iowa Core Curriculum

Informed and engaged Communities

Integrated Schools and Support Agencies

Committed Leadership actions

The core curriculum provides

The Core Curriculum Provides…

  • Comprehensive picture of effective curriculum that addresses:

  • Content

  • Instruction


Why is the core important

Why is the Core important?

  • To set high expectations

    • for all students

    • for educators

  • To attend to the learning needs of students

  • To break through the achievement plateau

  • To address global and local challenges

The core curriculum provides1

The Core Curriculum provides…

Essential concepts and skills to make sure students reach Iowa’s Core Content Standards & Benchmarks.

Iowa core curriculum defines the most critical learning for all students

Iowa Core Curriculum defines the most critical learning for all students.

Content Areas

  • Literacy

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • 21st Century Skills


Let s focus in

Let’s Focus In…

Essential concept and skill

  • Concept example: Understands and applies rate of change.

  • Skill example: Analyzes and evaluates the mathematical thinking and strategies of others.

Ultimate outcomes



Educational leaders

Ultimate outcomes:

Leadership responsibilities

Leadership Responsibilities

  • Be an advocate within the system by supporting and sustaining the Iowa Core Curriculum for students, schools and community.

    …What does this mean?

Teacher responsibilities

Teacher Responsibilities

  • Be a life long learner

  • Reflect on instructional practices

  • Incorporate instructional practices that challenge students

  • Use data and information to inform practice

  • Communicate with parents and students

  • Collaborate with colleagues

  • Access and engage in professional development

The supports for success

The Supports for Success



  • Knowledge of the Iowa Core Curriculum

  • Development of Leadership Capacity

  • Plan for Action

Content alignment

Content Alignment

  • Building awareness

  • Protocols and tools to assess alignment

  • Plan for Action

Instruction and assessment

Instruction and Assessment

  • Build a common language

  • Protocols and tools to analyze content and instruction

  • Professional development that will improve instruction and assessment practices

  • Connections among existing initiatives

The network

The Network

  • Delivers training and facilitation

  • Provides protocols and tools for LEA implementation

  • Provides ongoing support for the LEAs

Core curriculum timeline

Core Curriculum Timeline

  • July 1, 2010Implementation Plan for Grades 9-12

  • July 1, 2012 Full Implementation of the Plan for Grades 9-12

  • July 1, 2012 Implementation Plan for Grades K-8

  • 2014-2015 Full Implementation of Plan for Grades K-8



What can you do

What Can You Do?


  • Essential Skills and Concepts

  • Technical Assistance


  • FAQs


  • AEA Leaders


  • Judy Jeffrey’s Podcast


  • School Leader Updates

  • Login