Tuck everlasting jeopardy
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Tuck Everlasting Jeopardy. How Long Can Your Team Last?. Literary Elements Q1. What is the setting of the story? Spring 1880s Summer 1880s Fall 1980s. That’s Right!. b) Summer 1880s. Sorry, Try Again!. Literary Elements Q2.

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Tuck everlasting jeopardy

Tuck EverlastingJeopardy

How Long Can Your Team Last?

Literary elements q1
Literary Elements Q1

What is the setting of the story?

  • Spring 1880s

  • Summer 1880s

  • Fall 1980s

That s right

That’s Right!

b) Summer 1880s

Literary Elements Q2

Winnie struggles to decide if she should drink the water from the spring when she turns 17. This is an example of what type of conflict?

Internal Conflict

External Conflict

Man vs. Man

You are corrrect


a) Internal Conflict

You are wrong

You areWRONG!

So, Try Again.

Literary Elements Q3

Keeping the natural life cycle, fate, and everlasting life are examples of what literary term?






c) theme

Literary Elements Q4

The shot gun, sprinkling water on the toad because it was thirsty, and three events will come together are examples of what?

Inciting Force



Good Job, that was a tough one!

  • c) foreshadowing

Literary Elements Q5

The events of Tuck Everlasting are told from which point of view?

First person

Third person omniscient

Third person limited

You are awesome

You are AWESOME!

c) Third person limited

Characters Q1

This character dreams of adventure but is stifled by their parents and own self-doubt.






a) Winnie

Characters Q2

This character’s wife left him because she thought he sold his sole to the devil.

  • Angus Tuck

  • Miles Tuck

  • The Constable



b) Miles Tuck

Characters Q3

This character takes one day at a time and tries to protect her family.

  • Winnie

  • Winnie’s grandmother

  • Mae Tuck



c) Mae Tuck

Characters Q4

This character is willing to sacrifice others to satisfy his own desires.

  • Winnie’s grandmother

  • The Man in Yellow

  • Angus Tuck

Wonderful answer choice

Wonderful Answer Choice!

c) The Man in Yellow

Characters Q5

This character is the dearest Tuck of all to Winnie.

  • Angus Tuck

  • Jesse

  • Miles

You rock

You Rock!

a) Angus Tuck

She did like him, but he was not the dearest to her!

Events Q1

What was Winnie contemplating in the beginning of the story?

  • Throwing dirt on her mother

  • Running away

  • Killing the frog



b) Running away

Events Q2

Why did the Tucks’ kidnap Winnie?

  • To convince her not to tell anyone about the spring

  • They wanted to hold her for ransom

  • They always wanted a daughter



a) To convince her not to tell anyone about the spring

Events Q3

How did the constable know where to find Winnie?

  • He followed the sound of the music box

  • The man in the yellow suit

  • Search dogs

Good for you

Good for You!

b) The Man in Yellow

Events Q4

How did Tuck make sure the spring was the source of their changelessness?

  • He cut himself

  • He jumped off the roof

  • He shot himself

You really listened

You really listened!

c) He shot himself

Events Q5

How did the wood get destroyed?

  • It died

  • An electrical storm

  • The man in yellow cut it all down

Very good answer

Very Good Answer!

b) An electrical storm

Places Q1

This is the town where Winnie Foster lives.

  • Treegap

  • The gap

  • Walker

Well done

Well Done!

b) Treegap

Places Q2

This is the place where Winnie first met Jesse.

  • By the tree

  • By the fence

  • By the river

That s right1

That’s Right!

a) By the tree

Places Q3

This is the place where Tuck discussed the cycle of life to Winnie

  • At the table during supper

  • On the sofa, when he went to speak to her during the night

  • In the rowboat on the pond


Awesome !

c) In the rowboat on the pond

Places Q4

This is the place where Mae would have gone if Winnie wouldn’t have taken her place?

  • The gallows

  • To jail



a) The gallows

Places Q5

This is the place where Winnie slept the first night at the Tuck’s.

  • On the sofa

  • In the loft

  • In Tuck and Mae’s room

That s right2

That’s Right!

a) On the sofa

Who Said It? Q1

“Did you really believe you could keep that water for yourselves?”

  • Constable

  • The Man in Yellow

  • Winnie


b) The Man in Yellow

Who Said It? Q2

“I want to grow again, and change. And if that means I got to move on at the end of it, then I want that, too.”

  • Angus Tuck

  • Miles

  • Jesse



a) Angus Tuck

Who Said It? Q3


  • Mae

  • Miles

  • Jesse

Who Said It? Q4

“I’m not exactly sure what I’d do, you know, but something interesting-something that’s all mine.”

  • Jesse

  • Miles

  • Winnie

That was a tough one good job

That was a tough one,good job!

c) Winnie

Well, at least now you have a 50/50 chance.

Who Said It? Q5

“It’s no use having that dream. Nothing’s going to change.”

  • Mae

  • Tuck

  • Winnie

Vocabulary Q1

Which word means expressing sorrow or regret?

  • exasperated

  • rueful

  • galling

Please try again don t be too sad
Please Try Again!Don’t be too sad.

Vocabulary Q2

Which word means a member of the clergy?

  • parson

  • eddies

  • anguish

A parson
a) parson

Vocabulary Q3

Which word means cowlike?

  • lingered

  • jaunty

  • bovine

C bovine
c) bovine

Vocabulary Q4

Which word means fashionable, stylish?

  • cahoots

  • jaunty

  • marionette

Vocabulary Q5

Which word means a puppet moved by strings?

  • petulance

  • verandah

  • marionette