The civil war computer
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The Civil War computer. By Keila Mateos. When did the Civil War occur?. Started on April 12, 1861 Ended on April 9 , 1865 . Who was involved in the Civil War?. Union. From the North

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The Civil War computer

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The Civil War computer

By Keila Mateos

When did the Civil War occur?

  • Started on April 12, 1861

  • Ended on April 9, 1865

Who was involved in the Civil War?


From the North

States were: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Oregon, California, and Minnesota


  • From the South

  • States were: North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Virginia

Border States

  • In the North

  • Wanted slavery but did not want to secede

    States were





What alliances were formed during the Civil War?

  • Some alliances with slaves as soldiers

  • With the Presidents and Generals (by taking sides)

  • Yet, many alliances were broken and torn apart because of the war

Leader s of the Union

  • President Abraham Lincoln-President of Union

  • Ulysses S. Grant-Union General

Leaders of the Confederacy

  • Jefferson Davis-President of The Confederacy

  • Robert E. Lee-Confederate General

What were the main events and battles of the Civil War?

  • First battle : Bull Run on July 21st

  • Attack at Fort Sumter

  • Gettysburg July 2nd

  • Gettysburg address speech by President Lincoln

What were the main weapons & Vehicles in the Civil War?

  • Infantry Soldiers carried muskets

  • Muskets- Usually carried one bullet at a time, range was 250yds

  • Rifles- Had much greater shooting range than musket, up to a 1,000yds until the 1850’s when it was almost impossible to use guns

  • Some had to pound with mallets

Railroads in the North

  • More of a Union advantage when war began

  • North had 22,000 miles of track

  • Railroads had “Standard gauge”- Which means that any train car could ride on any track

Railroads in the South

  • Not many in the South

  • Only had 9,000 miles

  • Was not standard gauge which made it was expensive, and an inefficient system


  • Southern advantage

  • First C.S.S was “Hunley”

  • Was 40 feet long and 4 feet across

  • Eight man crew

  • Sank the Union ship, Houstanie, in 1864 off the coast of Charleston, was not wrecked

How did the Civil War effect America’s future?

  • Families were torn apart

  • Economy was ruined from all the money spent on the war

  • 3.5 million African Americans were freed from slavery

  • 600,000 soldiers died

How did the Civil War end?

  • General Robert E. Lee’s army tried to attack the North

  • But were defeated

  • The Union surrounded the Confederate’s which forced Lee to surrender

  • Confederate soldiers got word little by little and the fighting stopped in a few months







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