My journey to become a cbap
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My Journey to Become a CBAP - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My Journey to Become a CBAP…. Presented by: Paula R. Maychruk, B.V/TEd., CAPM, CBAP Business Analyst. First Steps…. Become an IIBA member Download the BABOK and start reading Find & join a CBAP study group, or start your own Begin preparing the CBAP application. IIBA Membership Benefits.

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My journey to become a cbap l.jpg

My Journey to Become a CBAP…

Presented by:

Paula R. Maychruk, B.V/TEd., CAPM, CBAP

Business Analyst

First steps l.jpg
First Steps…

  • Become an IIBA member

  • Download the BABOK and start reading

  • Find & join a CBAP study group, or start your own

  • Begin preparing the CBAP application

Iiba membership benefits l.jpg
IIBA Membership Benefits

  • Free, unlimited access to the BABOK, job postings, and other website content

  • Local, national and international networking opportunities

  • Ability to influence the growth and direction of the business analysis profession

Local chapter membership benefits l.jpg
Local Chapter Membership Benefits

  • Discounts on local chapter events and training opportunities

  • Access to local CBAP study groups (next one in January, 2009)

  • Access to borrow exam prep materials

  • CBAP exam discount for the first 25 eligible applicants in Saskatchewan

Download the babok l.jpg
Download the BABOK

  • Visit

  • Click on Professional Development

  • Choose Business Analysis Body of Knowledge from the menu

  • The final version (1.6) is available only to IIBA members

  • Solution & Assessment KA

Find a cbap study group l.jpg
Find a CBAP Study Group

  • Previous session ran January through June, 2008

  • Next session will begin in January, 2009

  • Please contact either Paula Maychruk or Cindy Radford if interested

Begin the cbap application l.jpg
Begin the CBAP Application

  • 21 hours of professional development in the last four years

  • Show expertise in 4 of 6 Knowledge Areas

  • Experience:

    • Resumes will not be accepted

    • Must be listed by project

    • 7,500 hours of BA-related work in the last ten years

Preparing the application l.jpg
Preparing the Application

  • Begin the application at least 2 months before you plan to apply

  • It can take anywhere from 6-10 hours to complete

  • Download and review the CBAP Handbook before you begin

  • Suggest you apply within 6 months of when you plan to write

Application process l.jpg
Application Process

  • Can take up to 30 days to receive approval and your candidate ID

  • Must book (and pay for) the exam within 60 days of when you will write

  • Current application is paper-based

  • Online CBAP application expected to be available February, 2009

Certification benefits l.jpg
Certification Benefits

  • Designation recognized by international governing body, similar to PMI

  • Non-industry specific designation

  • Growing trend in BA job applications across Canada

  • Business Analysts in high demand

Exam breakdown l.jpg
Exam Breakdown

  • 22.0% - Enterprise Analysis

  • 22.7% - Req. Planning & Management

  • 18.7% - Requirements Elicitation

  • 20.7% - Req. Analysis & Documentation

  • 10.7% - Requirements Communication

  • 5.3% - Solution Validation & Assessment

What does the exam cover l.jpg
What Does the Exam Cover?

  • BABOK version 1.6

  • Experience

  • Any BABOK reference material

    • Footnotes

    • Internet sources

    • Other books

    • “Common knowledge”

Exam format l.jpg
Exam Format

  • 150 multiple guess questions

  • 3.5 hours

  • Definition and scenario-based questions

  • Electronic exam is now available at the Wascana Testing Center in Regina!!!

My study plan l.jpg
My Study Plan

  • Read the BABOK once through (speed-read) to get a sense of the content

  • Through my study group, read in detail approx. 30-50 pages every 2 weeks

  • A month before the exam, started using the study guide to prepare

  • Two weeks before, began memorizing specific content

Study tips l.jpg
Study Tips

  • Break the BABOK into manageable pieces

  • Practice questions were very helpful

    • Reviewed all wrong answers in detail

    • Reviewed all other answer choices

  • Matrices can help organize information

Example study question l.jpg
Example Study Question

  • A type of modeling that provides a visual representation of the business area under consideration is a:

    • Component Business Model

    • Domain Model

    • Class Model

    • Use Case Model

Example study question18 l.jpg
Example Study Question

  • The person who is responsible for determining the technical direction or solution of the project is the:

    • Developer

    • Application architect

    • Database designer

    • Infrastructure analyst

Example study question19 l.jpg
Example Study Question

  • After the number of phases for a project has been decided, what should a BA do next?

    • Review the features & functions list

    • Map requirements to the respective design phases

    • Update the traceability matrix

    • Recommend improvements for the phases

Example study question20 l.jpg
Example Study Question

  • A requirements package may contain all of the following, except:

    • A partial list of requirements

    • Table of contents

    • Revision log

    • Work product

Example matrix l.jpg

Context Diagram



Example Matrix

Practice exam tips l.jpg
Practice Exam Tips

  • Took practice exam 3 times

    • All the way through to see where I was at (before my in-depth preparations began)

    • In pieces as I prepped using the study guide

    • The night before the real test

Test taking tips l.jpg
Test Taking Tips

  • Activities, Tasks, Techniques – know that order in which they are performed and how they relate

  • Simplify the terminology for yourself

  • Any topics you are unfamiliar with – do detailed research to help solidify the concepts (e.g. business architecture, use cases, etc.)

Study tricks l.jpg
Study Tricks

  • Types of Architecture: BIAST

  • Planning a Feasibility Study: PM BRAIN WORK

  • Elicitation Techniques: PRO BID FIRS

  • Verify Requirements = quality (clear, correct, complete, consistent – 4 c’s)

  • Validate Requirements = meet the need (solution-oriented)

Endorsed training opportunities in regina l.jpg
Endorsed Training Opportunities in Regina

  • 4-day “Business Process Reengineering for Competitive Advantage” (January 13-16, 2009 - few seats remaining)

  • 3-day “Mastering Requirements Management with Use Cases” (early April, 2009)

  • 3-day “The Business Analyst’s Course” (late April, 2009)

  • 5-month “Master’s Certificate in Business Analysis” (next intake will be Fall, 2009)

Exam prep materials l.jpg

Training Unplugged

$159.00 USD

108 practice questions

Sample exam – 75 questions

Also offer a 3-day exam prep class

Also offer online exam prep questions

30-day subscription = $99 USD

90-day subscription = $199 USD

B2T Training

$149.00 USD

300 practice questions

Sample exam – 150 questions

Also offer BA “certification”

Exam Prep Materials

Upcoming cbap prep sessions l.jpg
Upcoming CBAP Prep Sessions

  • December 9, 2008

    • “Preparing the CBAP Application”

  • Mid-January, 2009

    • CBAP Study Group Kick-off