What do you get when you cross an audio system with a lighting system
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What do you get when you cross an Audio System with a Lighting System? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What do you get when you cross an Audio System with a Lighting System?. Answer: A Complete Solution. Next to hearing the “Word of God” Sunday morning, Seeing is believing. The more AV solutions put into churches, increases the need for better lighting, especially for broadcast.

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Answer a complete solution
Answer: A Complete Solution Lighting System?

  • Next to hearing the “Word of God” Sunday morning, Seeing is believing.

    • The more AV solutions put into churches, increases the need for better lighting, especially for broadcast.

  • Imagine the “healing” ceremonies in pitch black.

  • Lighting can ad emotion and focus to any situation.

  • Controlling that lighting with ease of pushing a button is a dream.

Lighting is not difficult here is what you need
Lighting is Not Difficult Lighting System?Here is what you need.

  • Electricity –

    • There is no easy way to dim candles.

  • Protocol Cable

  • Lighting Control Console

  • Dimmer Pack

  • Lighting Fixture

  • No EQ, Compressor, Crossover or BBE needed.

Control cables
Control Cables Lighting System?

  • Used for communication between console control and dimmers

  • Can be 3 pin or 5 pin depending on the protocol

  • Example Protocols

    • AMX (analog multiplex-transmits more than one analog signal)

    • MicroPlex (NSI protocol MicroPlex 1, 3 pin XLR Multiplex )

    • DMX (digital multiplex, sends multiple signals, to control 512 apparatuses) 5 PIN

Lighting control surface
Lighting Control Surface Lighting System?

  • Table Top, Rack Mount or Wall Box Mount

Table top mc7008 454 retail
Table Top Lighting System?MC7008 $454 Retail

  • 16 Individual Control Channels

  • 2-Scene Preset or Single Scene Operation (wide mode)

    • Used for two completely different lighting displays (different acts in the production)

  • Individual Channel Bump Buttons

    • To momentarily accent the brightness of a particular light or channel

  • User Programmable Memory Scenes

    • To easily call up lighting scenes for a performance

  • User Programmable Chase Functions

    • Chase is a sequence of events in a lighting show

  • Chase Rate Control (tap button)

    • How fast the chase changes from one fixture to the next

  • Grand Master Fader

    • For fading out the entire scene

  • Blackout Function

    • For a dramatic full lights drop out

  • NSI Micro-Plex Control Signal (3-pin XLR)

  • Optional DMX512 Digital Control (5-pin XLR) $114 Retail

Rack mount mlc128r 1199 retail
Rack Mount Lighting System?MLC128R $1199 Retail

  • Control up to 128 Individual Intelligent Devices

  • 512 Control Channels

  • An Extensive Memory Capacity that Provides up to 256 Device Patterns and 256 Shows

  • Pre-focus Memories that Provide Fast Standard Show Set-up Times with Minimal Editing

  • On-board Library of Popular Intelligent Lighting Device Definitions

  • Control of Similar Traits in Multiple Devices

  • Lighting Device Editing, Adding and Deleting Capabilities, as well as Alphanumeric Naming for Identification of all Devices, Traits and Indexed Positions

  • Control of Similar Traits in Multiple Devices

  • Two-line by 40-character LCD Display

  • Four Encoder Wheels for Fast-Action Access and Easy Modification of Device Trait information

  • Joystick Provides Real Time Pan and Tilt Control

  • Audio Synchronization for Triggering from a Remote Line-level Audio Source such as a Compact Disc Player or Audio Mixing Console

  • DMX512 Output (3 pin XLR)

  • Micro-Plex Output (3 pin XLR)

Wall mount sapphire lcd station 1680 when you don t have a lighting guy at church
Wall Mount Lighting System?Sapphire LCD Station $1680When you don’t have a lighting guy at Church.

All buttons are programmable and can execute any system function

• Programmable functions include, but are not limited to:

“Fade To” Command Change Page

Snapshot Lock

Raise/Lower MAX

• Programmable through LumaEdit™ PC-based offline editing program

• Controls up to 512 dimmer channels

• Mechanically captured buttons to prevent removal or vandalism

• 20 character x 4-line backlit blue LCD screen and blue LED

button backlights with 20-year minimum life

• Fits in 3.5” deep, four-gang wall box

• Stations connected in series using Belden cable #9829 or

equivalent, and two conductors for station power

Dimmer pack starting as low as 169
Dimmer Pack Lighting System?Starting as low as $169

  • D4DMX

    • 1200 Watts/channel, 4 Channels

    • 16 Programmable Chase Patterns

  • Choosing a dimmer relies on a few things

    • How many fixtures on the channel you need

      • Too many on an underpowered channel can cause overheating and shutdown

      • Match the power consumption of the fixtures with output of the channel.

    • Where will the dimmer be located

      • Depends on situation

        • Install: most likely in a rack on the wall

        • Mobile: most likely attached to the truss or T-bar

Advanced systems
Advanced Systems Lighting System?

  • Topaz – Modular dimmer system that allows the user to add channels as needed for expansion, inexpensively and replace failed channels with ease.

    • 12 to 96 channel housings (96 is two 48’s)

    • Can be more, consult NSI

    • NEED DLR interface

      • Translator between the control and the rack

  • You don’t need to be an expert, call NSI for help in putting together the system, so you don’t miss anything.

  • NSI can also come to the site to commission the system (turn it on, not take your sales commission)

    • Need 3 weeks plan time

    • Costs money, but consider this, NSI trains your dealer’s Techs on the job, so they can do the next one.

    • Also NSI commissions carry a TWO year warranty, sell that!

Fixture Lighting System?

  • Lowes or Home Depot

    • Yes, common lighting can be controlled

  • Theatrical

    -- Par Light Provides general stage light, type depends on bulb used.

    • Fresnel

      • A spotlight employing a single fresnel lens that produces a soft edged beam, and usually provided with a spherical reflector and a means to adjust the focus from spot to flood. Soft edge

    • Ellipsoidal

      • A spotlight that embodies an ellipsoidal reflector and framing shutters, and sometimes an iris and pattern slot. Sharp edge. Varying degrees of coverage.

    • Intelligent

      • A luminaire that is robotic, i.e., certain functions such as panning, tilting, focusing, dimming, beam shaping and coloring, etc., are motorized and remotely operated from a control console.

  • GOBO – usually has a pattern that projects the image or blocks unwanted light

  • GEL – adds color

Don t want to piece together yourself no problem
Don’t want to piece together yourself? No Problem! Lighting System?

PAR Can System in a Box

  • Eight Channel, Programmable Light System

  • Easily Expandable by Adding More of Your Own Dimmers and Lights

  • Six Kits to Choose from

  • Color Frame Included at No Extra Cost

  • Rolled Edges for Extra Strength

  • Solid Steel Clutch on Par 56 Cans

  • Black Finish

  • CE Listed

  • Choose between Hands On or Hands Free operation:The Hands Free system features a NCM 508 which has 2 scene Operation and is configurable to 8 individual Channels with 8 sub-master Sliders.

  • The Hands On system features a MC 7008 which has 4 scene operation and is configurable to 8 individual channels with 8 sub-master sliders.

  • Choose between DDS 5600 dimmer pack or DDS 3600R Relay Pack, depending on your application.

Who to sell to
Who to sell to? Lighting System?

  • Tour/Festival Rig Companies

  • Theatrical Lighting Contractors

  • Home Theatre

  • Retail – systems in a box

  • Church Contractors – biggest avenue

    • Churches are always on a budget, NSI is the budget line, without sacrificing quality

  • AV Contractors - Board Rooms – VC and presentations

  • Electrical Contractors – guess who gets called for lighting 90% of the time.

NSI Lighting System?

  • The easiest, most recognizable name to sell in the lighting biz.

  • Billion Dollar, financially strong company

  • Own their own production facilities, no rented time like the competition.

  • Look for the UL listing.

  • Having Trouble, Travel with Debbi, she can fix it if given the floor, Schedule time now!

  • Scott Andergard is a wealth of knowledge, call and ask for him, he is there to help.