Faults of the los angeles field trip
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Faults of the Los Angeles Field Trip. Faults of the Los Angels Field trip. How were the San Gabriel Mountains uplifted? –Kim Gloersen How the Raymond, Hollywood, and Santa Monica faults are related? –Diego Furtado How are we “blind” to some of our faults? – Hannah Shamloo

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Faults of the los angels field trip
Faults of the Los Angels Field trip

  • How were the San Gabriel Mountains uplifted? –Kim Gloersen

  • How the Raymond, Hollywood, and Santa Monica faults are related? –Diego Furtado

  • How are we “blind” to some of our faults? – Hannah Shamloo

  • How the 1971 San Fernando and the 1994 Northridge earthquakes compare? –Miguel Frias-Rodriguez

  • How are fault features expressed in an urban environment? – Miguel Villasana

  • How is Los Angeles a city of faults? - Matt Rieman

How were the san gabriel mountains uplifted

How were the San Gabriel Mountains Uplifted?

Kim Gloersen

One mountain said to the other across the rift "Hey, it's not my fault!"

Plate movements
Plate Movements

  • 30 Ma. , subductive tectonic movements occurred between the Farallon, North American, and Pacific plates.

  • 20 Ma. the relative movements of the North American and the Pacific Plate changed from a head on head contact with the Farallon Plate to a lateral slipping against each other.

The big bend
The Big Bend

The “big bend” of the San Andreas fault causes compression that pushes up the Transverse Ranges.

Perspective of Big Bend compressional areas, with the addition of thrust faulting from the Sierra Madre.

Thrust faulting
Thrust Faulting

Compressional zones and thrust faulting.

North-south cross section of the San Gabriel Mountains


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Relationship between the santa monica hollywood and raymond faults

Relationship between the santamonica, hollywood, and raymond faults.



  • The “BIG BEND”: Cause of

  • Compression between the Pacific

  • Plate and North American Plate

  • Mountains and faults are formed:

  • San Gabriel Mountains and

  • Santa Monica Mountains

  • Transverse Range Southern

  • Boundary Fault System: Extends

  • from east to west unlike other

  • California mountains


  • Base of San Gabriel and Santa Monica Mountains

  • West- trending system of faults that extends for 200 km

  • Oblique-slip, reverse-slip, and strike-slip



▼ ▼ ▼

TYPE OF FAULT : Left-reverse Left-reverse Left-lateral (minor reverse)



~900 A.D ~800 A.D. ~1000 A.D



6.0 - 7.0 5.8 – 6.5 6.0 – 7.0

SLIP RATE (mm/yr):

0.27 – 0.39 0.33 – 0.75 0.10 - 0.22


40 km 15 km 26 km

  • Santa Monica fault connects with Hollywood

  • fault at west Beverly Hills Lineament

  • Hollywood fault likely connects to Raymond

  • fault at Los Angeles River floodplain


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  • and notes for paleo-earthquakes in the Los Angeles region.

Blind thrust faults
Blind thrust faults

  • Some faults do not break through the surface anywhere along their length


Puente hills thrust fault
Puente hills thrust fault

  • Recently discovered, 1999

  • Los Angeles Basin

  • Runs about 40 km

  • Three segments

  • Slip rate 5mm/year

  • 4 Major E.Q.’s last 11,000 years



Compared to Northridge…

Northridge’s E.Q. directed strongest shaking towards N to sparsely populated mountains

PHT fault focuses its shaking toward downtown LA

LA Basin amplifies shaking

15x stronger energy release

Viz Credits: AmitChourasia


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How the 1971 san fernando and the 1994 northridge earthquakes compare

How the 1971 San Fernando and the 1994 Northridge earthquakes compare

Miguel Frias-Rodriguez

Comparing two the earthquakes
COMPARING TWO earthquakes compare the EARTHQUAKES



San fernando earthquake 1971
SAN FERNANDO EARTHQUAKE (1971) earthquakes compare

Northridge earthquake 1994
NORTHRIDGE EARTHQUAKE (1994) earthquakes compare

references earthquakes compare

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Posted By: Scott Harrison Posted On: 12:25 a.m. | February 9, 2011, PHOTOGRAPH BY: BRUCE COX / LOS ANGELES TIMES.

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Los angeles a city of faults

Los Angeles: A City of Faultshttp://la.streetsblog.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/source-westside-fault-lines.jpg

Los Angeles, A City of Faults

Matt Rieman

Faults in Los Angeleshttp://la.streetsblog.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/source-westside-fault-lines.jpg

Effect on Infrastructurehttp://la.streetsblog.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/source-westside-fault-lines.jpg

  • Freeways cross faults in many locations creating potential risk.

  • Collapse of freeway bridges during the Northridge earthquake caused widespread recognition of the hazard.

- Faults http://la.streetsblog.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/source-westside-fault-lines.jpgrun throughout the LA basin

Blind thrust faults such as the PuenteHills fault are particularly dangerous

-Skyscrapers are not designed for all possible motions and still have the potential to collapse during specific (and uncommon) motions

Another result of faulting
Another Result of Faultinghttp://la.streetsblog.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/source-westside-fault-lines.jpg

  • Oil can become trapped along faults

  • Yet seepage can also occur along faults

  • Tar pits- Caused by oil seeping up along a fault and degrading to asphalt



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