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Holiday safety
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Holiday Safety. Introduction. The holiday season can be a time of joy but it can also be a very hectic time which can put you at risk. When you make out your shopping list, make a Safety List too. Safe Shopping Safe Home. Shopping Safety. Invite a friend to shop with you

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Holiday Safety

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Holiday safety

Holiday Safety



  • The holiday season can be a time of joy but it can also be a very hectic time which can put you at risk.

  • When you make out your shopping list, make a Safety List too.

    • Safe Shopping

    • Safe Home

Holiday safety

Shopping Safety

Invite a friend to shop with you

Ask your neighbors to watch your home while you’re away

Lock doors and windows before leaving home

Holiday safety

Shopping Safety

Always lock your vehicle

Place packages in your trunk or out of sight

Holiday safety

Shopping Safety

Ladies – secure handbag close to body

Men – keep wallet in inside coat pocket or front pants pocket

Holiday safety

Shopping Safety

Carry your house keys and car keys seperate

Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings

Holiday safety

Shopping Safety

Use positive body language and don’t look vulnerable

Don’t carry cash – pay with credit card or debit card

Holiday safety

Shopping Safety

If shopping with children, teach them to find a store clerk or security guard if they should become separated from you

Holiday safety

Shopping Safety

Never leave your purse or packages unattended

When exiting stores, do not walk alone

Holiday safety

Shopping Safety

Only park in well lighted and well traveled parking lots

Have your car keys in your hand when you walk to your car

Look in and around your car before entering

Holiday safety

Shopping Safety

If you feel that you are being followed or you are uncomfortable with a situation, contact a store employee. Have someone walk you to your car or call 911.

Holiday safety

Shopping Safety

If you are a store or business employee and you are the last person to leave after closing, feel free to call 911 and ask for an escort to your car.

Holiday safety

Home Safety

Holiday safety


  • Make sure the tree is fresh - no falling needles

  • Keep the tree fresh - keep it in a bucket of water until you are ready to bring it inside

  • When you bring it in cut a diagonal slice off the bottom of the trunk

  • Use a sturdy stand with wide-spread legs

Holiday safety


  • Keep the stand filled with water

  • Keep the tree away from heat like fireplaces, heaters and heat ducts

  • After the season, recycle or discard the tree - Never burn it

  • If you are considering an artificial tree, make sure it is flame retardant



  • Make sure that lights have a factory label which assures it has been safety tested

  • Inspect each string of lights to make sure there is no damage

  • Position bulbs so they are not in contact with needles or ornaments



  • If you string lights together, don’t string more than 200 midget or 50 larger bulbs through one string

  • Don’t connect more than 3 sets of lights on the same extension cord

  • Keep cords and plugs away from the water under the tree



  • Keep cords out of walkways to prevent tripping

  • Don’t run cords under carpets or rugs

  • Take care not to pinch cords when placing behind furniture



  • Make sure that fragile glass ornaments - or ornaments that small children could mistake for candy- are placed high on the tree or consider not using them

  • If small children are in the home do not use older ornaments that may be made with toxic materials such as lead based paints



  • Make sure that tinsel is not placed on low limbs where it could pose a choking hazard to small children or consider not using it at all



  • Don’t use your fireplace to burn wrapping materials - which can create toxic fumes or even a flash fire

  • Use kindling and wooden matches to light to light fires - not flammable liquids

  • Don’t wear loose clothes when tending fires

  • Keep flammable decorations away from the fireplace



  • Don’t close the chimney flue until the fire is COMPLETELY out

  • Make sure the fire is out before leaving the house or going to bed

  • Dispose of ashes in a metal container and never in or near the house

Fire hazards

Fire Hazards

  • Place candles in a holder that will not tip

  • If you place candles in a window make sure they are clear of curtains or drapes

  • Extinguish all candles before leaving or going to bed

  • NEVER place lit candles on your tree


Smoke detectors fire extinguishers

Smoke Detectors & Fire Extinguishers

  • Smoke detectors should be installed on each floor and outside each bedroom

  • Don’t place smoke detectors in kitchens where false alarms are common

  • Test smoke detectors at least once a month and replace batteries annually

  • Buy a fire extinguisher and inspect it frequently



  • Use an ashtray that is large, deep and will not tip over

  • Empty ashtrays often

  • After a party, check all surface areas for smoldering cigarette butts - even behind pillows and cushions

Holiday food preparation to avoid food poisoning

Holiday Food PreparationTo Avoid Food Poisoning:

  • Keep food, utensils, preparation surfaces and hands clean

  • Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold

  • Refrigerate leftovers as soon as possible after the meal

Holiday food preparation preparing the turkey

Holiday Food PreparationPreparing the Turkey:

  • Defrost the turkey in the refrigerator - NEVER at room temperature

  • Stuff the turkey just before cooking to prevent the stuffing from spoiling

  • Use a meat thermometer to assure complete cooking

Holiday parties and alcohol

Holiday Parties and Alcohol

  • Don’t drink alcohol in excess of one per hour

  • 1 beer = 1 shot of whiskey = 1 glass of wine

  • Never drink alcohol on an empty stomach

  • Feel free to refuse alcohol regardless of pressure or encouragement to drink


Holiday parties and alcohol1

Holiday Parties and Alcohol

  • Don’t drink alcohol if you are pregnant or are using medication





Holiday traveling

Holiday Traveling

  • Plan your trip with scheduled rest stops and activities for small children

  • Leave an itinerary with a friend so someone knows where you are

  • Don’t overload your vehicle or obstruct your view with packages

  • Avoid a heavy meal before leaving on a trip to prevent sleepiness.

Holiday travel

Holiday Travel

  • Get a good night’s sleep before starting on the road

  • Follow other vehicles at a safe distance

  • If traveling in winter weather, carry emergency equipment such as first aid kit, blankets, compass, flashlight, flares, etc.


Safe shopping

Safe Shopping

  • Avoid carrying large packages that block your vision and make you a target for purse snatchers

  • Ask store for an escort to your car - some now provide this service

  • Shop during daylight hours whenever possible

  • Always park in well lit areas

Safe shopping1

Safe Shopping

  • Carry your wallet in your front pocket

  • Carry your purse close to your body or under your coat

  • Have your keys in your hand before you go to your car

Holiday stress releivers

Holiday Stress Releivers

  • To avoid stress:

  • Don’t blow your budget

  • Budget your time as well as your money

  • Start planning your gift list early

  • Don’t try to do everything yourself

  • Make some fun plans for January when the post holiday blues set in

Summary holiday safety list

SummaryHoliday Safety List

  • Fresh Tree

  • Lights and Decorations

  • Fire in the Fireplace

  • Holiday Food

  • Party Plans

  • Travel

  • Shopping

  • Stress Relievers

Holiday safety

All add up to a


Holiday safety

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