Revenue leakage – preventive measures
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Revenue leakage – preventive measures PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Revenue leakage – preventive measures. Source of leakage of revenue. Mails Mailing facilities SB/SC PLI/RPLI Other Agency Services Miscellaneous services. Mails. Case Study (Don Bosco). It was found in delivery point not to have been renewed

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Revenue leakage – preventive measures

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Revenue leakage – preventive measures

Source of leakage of revenue

  • Mails

  • Mailing facilities

  • SB/SC


  • Other Agency Services

  • Miscellaneous services


Case Study (Don Bosco)

  • It was found in delivery point not to have been renewed

  • Reported to SSRM Mumbai-Bykulla for investigation enclosing a copy of RNP

  • After repeated reminders SSRM was able to recover the amount of deficiency

Case Study

  • Can you imagine the amount ?


Why revenue protection is needed?

  • To increase revenue

  • To reduce deficit

  • To become self-sufficient

Why leakage of revenue is prevailing?

  • Ignorance of procedure by the customers

  • Ignorance of rules by officials

  • Pilferage of postage stamps

  • Fraudulent procedure

How revenue protection can be done?

  • By taxing

  • By taking up the case with office of posting

  • Personal letters

  • Bulk posting


  • Double the deficiency

  • For official unpaid – single deficiency

  • If returned, sender should pay

Penalty for breach of conditions – Min. Re 1

  • Post card

  • ILC

  • Letter

  • Treated as letter- single deficiency

  • Treated as letter- double deficiency

  • Returned to sender/RLO

Penalty for breach of conditions – Min. Re 1

  • Book packet

  • Registered newspaper

  • Over Size and over weight;Returned to sender. Others; treated as letter or parcel whichever is less, difference charged

  • Treated as book packet or periodical as per condition- difference charged

Penalty for breach of conditions – Min. Re 1

  • Blind literature

  • Treated as book packet, letter or parcel and difference charged

Leakage of revenue

  • Mails

    • Book Post

    • Parcels

    • RNP

    • Periodicals

    • Printed Books

    • Other general mails

Book Posts

  • Printed matter

  • Picture, Plans, Maps, Drawings

  • Business, Commercial, Legal documents

  • Manuscript for Press/Students exercise

  • Cyclostyled print (mechanical means)

  • Printed cards with same thickness and flexibility of embossed card {Clause 117(2)}


  • Registered with Registrar of News paper for India, New Delhi (RNI)

  • Superscription as “Periodical registered with RNI-New Delhi under No…….”

  • Price to be printed

  • Free circulation- no concession, it should be accepted under Book Post rate

PERIODICALS-concession rate

Registered Newspaper

  • Registered with RNI-New Delhi & Divisional Supdt.

  • Published not more than 31 days

  • Registered be printed in 10 size font

    • KA/SK/CKM/656/2006-08

    • CKM/680/2008-10 (w.e.f 5.5.2008)

  • Printer, publisher, Editor and cost

Registered Newspaper

  • If free circulation- No concession

  • Bundle- Agents only

  • Licensed to post without prepayment (WPP)


    • For posting more than 500

Registered Newspaper- Tariff

  • Single copy

    • Up to 50 grams0.25

    • Above 50 up to 100 grams0.50

    • Each additional 100 grams0.20

  • Bundle (More than one copy)

    • Up to 100 grams0.50

    • Each additional 100 grams0.20

Printed Books

  • Should not be a publication published at regular intervals

  • Superscription- “Printed Book”

  • Should not contain any advertisement

Printed Books

  • Publisher and printer to be printed

  • Contains wholly or substantially of reading matter, painting, photographs, diagrams or similar matter

  • Tariff:

    • For every 100 grams or partRe.1.00

Modus operandi - general mails

  • Insufficient payment of postage

  • Use of used up & fake stamps

  • Non collection of Late fee

  • Private manufactured ILC and Post Cards not confirming prescribed size and thickness

Modus operandi - general mails…

  • Acknowledgements sent by couriers

  • Despatching articles without defacing postage stamp

  • Missending of letters

Modus operandi-Periodicals

  • Posting with bogus RNI number or without RNI number

  • Posting publication of less than 31 days as periodical (it can be presumed as bogus)

  • Sending periodicals more than one copy in single packet paying single copy postage

Modus operandi- RNP

  • Posting of Pamphlets, printed letters, appeals under RNP

  • Printing bogus registration number

  • Without registration

  • With registration number affixed with rubber stamp impression

Modus operandi- RNP…

  • Without renewal

  • With same number for different RNP

  • Different tariff for different POs

  • With enclosures

  • Posting the publication of more than 31 days under RNP

  • Without WPP number

Modus operandi- Printed Book

  • Posting magazines under Printed Book rate

  • With enclosures

  • Posting of Pamphlets, printed letters, appeals under printed book rate.

  • Posting Annual reports Souvenirs under printed book rate.

Modus operandi- BD Product

  • Posting SP/EPP without payment of postage

  • Booking SP with Registered acknowledgement I/O POD

  • Booking NBMS at BMS tariff

Modus operandi – Regd articles

  • Registered post without payment of postage

  • Articles booked in special journals without postage/ without correct postage

    • MPCM with “postage prepaid” option

    • Registered post with parcel postage

    • Deficiency in Registration fee and acknowledgement fee

  • Modus operandi – Regd articles

    • Foreign articles- customs duty & postal charges not realized

  • Non collection of redirection fee for parcels

  • Non collection of home delivery charges for parcels

  • Leakage of revenue


    Mailing facility

    Leakage of revenue- Mailing facilities

    • Post Boxes/Post Bags

    • Business Reply Systems

    • BNPL

    • Franking Machines

    • Money Order

    Leakage of revenue

    in SB/SC

    Leakage of revenue- SB/SC

    • Non collection of DF for late payment of installments

    • Non collection of various fees

      • Transfer of certificate from person to person

      • Pledging/releasing of certificates

      • Issue of DPB and Duplicate certificates

    • Payment of commission to agents without verifying records

    Leakage of revenue- SB/SC

    • Diversion of counter transaction to Agents

    • Allowing accounts to become silent and discontinued

    • Improper maintenance of statistics

    • Commission of frauds

    Leakage of revenue


    Leakage of revenue- PLI & RPLI

    • Issuing policies to ineligible persons

    • Irregularities in collection of interest on defaulted installments

    • Accepting deposits in lapsed policies

    Leakage of revenue

    in miscellaneous services

    Leakage of revenue- Miscellaneous services

    • Non credit of amount realized from sale of old records

    • Advertisement on postal stationeries

    • Non credit of amount realized from sale of unserviceable articles

    • Non credit of amount realized from rent in respect of Inspection quarters

    • Non credit of amount realized from sale of garden products

    Leakage of revenue- Miscellaneous services

    • Non maintenance of correct statistical data in respect of work performed for agency services;

      • Pension payment

      • Custom duty realization

      • Transactions of IMTs

      • SB/SC

    • UCR

    Leakage of revenue- Miscellaneous services

    • Excess payment of coolie charges

    • Improper payment of conveyance charges

    Preventive Measures

    • Careful examination of mails received for delivery , posted for dispatch and received for sorting

    • By paying surprise visits

    • By surprise check of stamp advance to counters

    • Up dating rate lists

    Preventive Measures…

    • Acceptance of RNP at counters only

    • Acceptance of Franked articles at counter only

    • Acceptance of bulk mails at counter only

    • Maintenance of required registered for posting of RNP and Franked articles.

    What will we get ?

    • Huge revenue

    • Recurring revenue in case of RNP/Periodicals

    • Detection of frauds in bulk posting

    • Award/reward

    • Self satisfaction

    Wel-come to Quiz

    How many Registered number should be printed on periodical ?

    • One (RNI-New Delhi)

    How many Registered numbers should be printed on RNP?

    • Two- (RNI-New Delhi and Postal Registration Number)

    How many Registered number should be printed on RNP with WPP facility ?

    • Three (RNI-New Delhi, Postal Regn. And WPP number issued by RO/CO)

    For RNP how many years the postal registration number is valid for ?

    • Three years

    Who will renew the Postal Registration number of RNP ?

    • Divisional supdt.

    Which are two best examples for Printed books for posting under concession rate ?

    • Text book & Story book

    What Registration would RNI New Delhi give for periodicals?

    • Title registration

    What are all coming under RNP category among Periodicals?

    • Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly & Monthly

    What is the tariff for annual report weighing 70 gms?

    • Rs.7.00

    What is the tariff for bi-monthly magazine having its title registered with RNI-New Delhi cost of Rs.10/ and weighing 80 gms?

    • Rs.2.00

    Exercise 3

    Role of Inspector/ASP on Business products

    • Marketing the business products

      • Location of potential-Focus on corporate customer

      • Motivating the staff

      • Monitoring –BNPL bill settlement

      • Leading the team-Take follow up action, Ensure better after sale service

      • Achieving the assigned targets

      • Contribute revenue increase

    Role of Inspector/ASP-Business products

    • Customer oriented

      • Retention of existing customer-after sale service

      • Getting new customer –marketing

      • Organize customer meet

    Role of Inspector/ASP

    • Providing supporting service

      • Logistic

      • Staff

      • Alternate mail arrangement

      • Segregate time sensitive mail-speed post

    Monitoring and Analysis.

    • Progressive Target Achievement.

    • Quantify the Business:

      Division wise/Product wise/ME wise

    • Analytical & Comparative Review of Performance.

    • Monitoring of BD Budget: Plan/ Non-Plan.

    • Review of BNPL bill and it’s realisation in-time.

    • Inspire the Marketing Team to Excel.

    Role of Inspector/ASP

    • Only eMO

    • Ensure printing immediately

    • Postman module only

    • Monitor payment at non eMO office?

      • SO to be connected to HO

      • SO paid data to be updated at HO

    Role of Inspector/ASP

    • IMO,WUMT & Money Gram-Ensure

      • Security of the user name and password

      • Preferential treatment to WUMT & Money Gram customer

      • Antivirus protection to the communication system

      • Marketing

    Exercise 4

    • List the preventive checks to be carried out by the Inspector on BD products during his visit to the post office?

    Thank You

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