Iset khachapuri index
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ISET Khachapuri Index PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ISET Khachapuri Index. Inspiration. Aim - design a way of tracking inflation using the simplest and the most robust consumer basket that would appeal to everybody. Inspiration. “Big Mac Index” of The Economist.

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ISET Khachapuri Index

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Iset khachapuri index

ISET Khachapuri Index



  • Aim - design a way of tracking inflation using the simplest and the most robust consumer basket that would appeal to everybody.



  • “Big Mac Index” of The Economist.

    • This particular index is used to measure the purchasing power parity between any two countries by comparing the price of a "standard" good – the Big Mac hamburger – that is identical across countries

  • Similar index – but to trace inflation and the cost of living

  • Why khachapuri

    Why Khachapuri?

    • “The most common meal in Georgia?”- Khachapuri

    • The pride of local cuisine

    • Produced and consumed by practically every family regardless of its ethnicity

    Khachapuri index usage

    Khachapuri Index usage

    • Analytical purposes:

      • Cost of living across space and time

      • Changes in the terms of trade

      • Impact of global commodity prices

      • Seasonal fluctuations in demand

      • Seasonal fluctuations in agricultural supply

      • Market structure

    Kh index basket

    Kh-Index “Basket”



    Price of Energy (gas, electricity)

    • Cons

      • exclusion of other important consumer goods

    • Pros

      • Simplicity

      • Transparency





    Kh index methodology

    Kh-Index Methodology

    • First Tbilisi Survey - August 2008

      • Three major open markets in Tbilisi (so called “Bazari”)

    • May 2011 - survey expanded:

      • Kutaisi

      • Batumi

      • Telavi






    Index compilation method

    Index compilation method

    • Interview 5 sellers of every item in the Khachapuri basket

    • Calculate the average cost of cooking one portion of Khachapuri in different cities

    • Calculate the minimum and maximum prices of one Khachapuri portion

    Index calculation techniques

    Index Calculation Techniques

    • Calculate following indices for each city and the country as a whole:

      • Khachapuri Index (Kh-Index)

      • Frugal Housewife Khachapuri Index

      • Monthly Kh-Index inflation

      • Annual Kh-Index inflation

    Explanatory power kh index vs cpi

    Explanatory PowerKh-Index vs. CPI

    Explanatory power kh index vs food cpi

    Explanatory Power Kh-Index vs. Food CPI

    Frugal housewife kh index

    Frugal Housewife Kh-Index

    Kh index comparing cost of living

    Kh-Index comparing cost of living

    Khachapuri and the economist pancake index

    Khachapuri and The Economist Pancake Index

    Kh index in the financial http www financial ge pdf epaper pdf

    Kh-Index in The Financial

    • Since June 2011 - Kh-Index column in The Financial on a weekly basis

    • 63 column published

    • Two main sections in each:

      • Kh-Index analysis

      • “Economic lesson of the week”

    Economic lessons of the week

    Economic lessons of the week

    • Labor migration and remittances to Georgia

    • Farmer cooperation, the Nikozi experiment assessed

    Economic lessons of the week1

    Economic lessons of the week

    • No money, no venture, no gain in Georgia’s agriculture

    • Georgian driving manners and economic competitiveness

    Economic lessons of the week2

    Economic lessons of the week

    • IMF monetary policy prescriptions in action

    Economic lessons of the week3

    Economic lessons of the week

    • How rich Georgia really is?

    Economic lessons of the week4

    Economic lessons of the week

    • Are Georgian village communities able to organize themselves?

    • The Case Of Shrosha

    Thank you

    Thank you

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