hist 33d l 5 kristallnacht and the turn to genocide
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Hist 33D, L 5: Kristallnacht and the Turn to Genocide

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Hist 33D, L 5: Kristallnacht and the Turn to Genocide - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hist 33D, L 5: Kristallnacht and the Turn to Genocide. Turn in journals (2 piles: A-P; R-Y) ; Q1 Kristallnacht: Anatomy of event Announcements (Strike Tue; Tibet) Holocaust denial (web). (“midterm”) Question 1.

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hist 33d l 5 kristallnacht and the turn to genocide

Hist 33D, L 5:Kristallnacht and the Turn to Genocide

Turn in journals (2 piles: A-P; R-Y); Q1

Kristallnacht: Anatomy of event

Announcements (Strike Tue; Tibet)

Holocaust denial (web)

midterm question 1
(“midterm”) Question 1
  • Name 2 reasons why National Socialism appealed to a specific group in German society.For each reason, state (in at most 1 or 2 additional sentences) why.(4 points total: reason+because, reason+because)
some answers to q1
Some answers to Q1
  • p. 76: ended “state of almost perm. crisis”Which group? (Mittelstand)
  • Ended shame of loss in WW1/Versaillesp. 91 “political and psych. consequences”
  • p. 101: who voted for
  • p. 102: who did not vote for
last time causal role of history
Last Time: Causal role of history
  • Question: What role did “history” (historical experience) play in the ultimate occurrence of the Holocaust?
  • Answer:
    • Long-term (culture=militarism, antisemitism, bureaucracy): highly contingent (it depends)
    • Middle-term (path to “modernity”): some role, but you can “spin” it the other way, too(compare textbook pp. 76, 78, 83)
    • Short-term (lived experience): professor thinks so, but lots of coincidences along the way
kristallnacht anatomy of an event
Kristallnacht: Anatomy of an Event
  • History of anti-Jewish measures since 1933 (longer-term)
  • Specific events during 1938(middle term)
  • Events November 6-12(short term)
anti jewish measures 1933 38
Anti-Jewish Measures, 1933-38
  • 1933 (March: Hitler "elected")April 1: boycottApril 7: barred from public service
  • 1935 "Nuremberg Laws" at Party rally
    • Defined who was a Jew
  • 1936: no welfare for "Mischlinge" & vets
  • 1938
    • July 6, 25: barred from business, medicine
    • August: adopt names "Israel" and "Sarah"
    • Sept. 27: barred from practicing law
specific events during 1938
Specific events during 1938
  • March: Austria; Polish re-immigration ruling
  • Sept.: Munich conference (appeasement)Germany gets Sudetenland
  • Oct.: "Aktionen" in Vienna (7th-16th, 21st, 25th)
  • Roll call
  • STRIKE: no regular class next Tuesday
    • In IV, park on Pardall Rd.
    • Or: during Wed. lab time (Milgram film?)
  • Rest of JOURNALS due Wednesday (Tue)
  • FIELD TRIP Sunday Oct. 20, 8am:
    • See web site for information
  • Free Tibet announcement (by Leron)
    • Meetings every Tuesday, 8pm, UCEN Harbor rm.
events november 7 12
Events November 7-12
  • Nov. 7: 9:30am: Grynszpan shoots diplomat in Parisevening: violence in Kassel and Hannover
  • Nov. 8: sporadic violence in Germany
  • Nov. 97pm: commemorative dinner in Munich9pm: news of diplomat\'s death to Hitler10pm: Hitler leaves, Goebbels speaks11pm-midnight: SA leaders make phone callsmidnight: Himmler swears in SS recruits
events cont d
Events, cont\'d
  • Nov 10:
    • 12:30am: Graz (Austria) synagogue blown up
    • 1:20am:Heydrich (SS): protect neighboring property
    • 2-4am: first synagogue fires in Germany proper
    • 9:15am-1:30pm: destruction of syn. in Vienna
    • 7pm-10pm: first 3 major synagogue fires in Hamburg
    • Most destruction happened on this day
  • Nov. 11: second wave of destruction; arrests30,000 men and boys arrestedmost released within 3 months, to emigrate
events cont d 2
Events, cont\'d 2
  • Nov. 12: Goering presides over cabinet meeting
  • 4 goals:1. Complete process of "Aryanization"2. Accelerate emigration3. Complete isolation of Jews from populace4. Abolish Jewish self-organization
holocaust denial revisionism
Holocaust Denial (“revisionism”)
  • Jsourcehttp://www.us-israel.org/jsource/Holocaust/kristallnacht.html
  • Yad Vashemhttp://www.yad-vashem.org.il/about_holocaust/month_in_holocaust/
  • Institute for Historical Review; essay:http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v06/v06p183_Weckert.html
parting reminders
Parting reminders
  • Next Tuesday’s class probably NOT here(unless strike is called off) Class either in IV, or Wed. evening
  • Check course web site for updates