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ABC BOOK OF U.S HISTORY. Demarcus Byrd 2 May 15,2011. A. Abraham Lincoln- president during civil war. Abolitionist- Against Slavery. Articles of Confederation- the first constitution. Andrew Jackson- 7 th president of the united states. B.

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Abc book of u s history


Demarcus Byrd


May 15,2011


Abraham Lincoln- president during civil war

Abolitionist- Against Slavery

Articles of Confederation- the first constitution.

Andrew Jackson- 7th president of the united states.


Blockade- Cut off areas buy means of troops.

Boycott- refuse to buy item from particular country.

Bill of rights- Citizen Rights

Black Codes- Controlling freedom


Cabinet- Group of advisers to presidents.

Cash crop- Farm crop raised.

Cede- to give up by treaty

Citizen- Person who gives loyalty


Debtor- Person or country that owes money.

Desert- to leave without permission

Discrimination- unfair treatment of a group

Draft- selection persons required for military


Emancipate- to free from slavery.

Embargo- trade with a particular country

Emiganto-person who leaves country or region

Export- worship


Famine- extreme shortage of food

Federalism- sharing of power

Frigate- worship

Fedaralist- supporters of the constitution


Guerrilla Warfare- hit and run tequnique

Guerrilla tactics- referring to surprise attacks.

Gettysburg address- by Lincoln made in cemetery

Gibbons Vs Ogden- states walnut with legeslation.


Holocaust- mass slaughter of Jews

Habeas Corpus- person being lawfully imprisoned

House of represantives- house of elective voters

House of burgesses- met first time


Implied powers- power not mentioned in constitution

Import-buying goods from other countries.

Impressments- forcing people into service

inflation- continues rise in prices.


Judicial review- right of supreme court.

Judicial Branch- branch of government

Joint occupation- possession and settling of area

Joint stock company- investors buy stock in company.


Laiazzez faire- government interference as least as possible

Landslide- an overwhelming victory

Loyalist- American colonist who remain loyal to Britain

Legislative branch-makes native laws


Majority- more than half

Manumissions- freeing of enslaved persons

Mayflower compact- a formal document

Mercantilism- theory that slaves nation or power depended on its wealth


Nationalism- loyalty to a nation.

Neutral- taking no side in a conflict.

Northwest ordinance- water route to aisa

Nullify- or cancel


Ordinance- a law or regulation

Override- to overturn or defeat

Overseer- person who supervises large operation

Ozone- layer of gas composed


Patriots- American colonists determined to fight.

Patent- A document that gives inventor sole right

Precedent- A tradition

Petition- a formal request


Quebec- Capital of new France

Quakers- women who enjoyed a certain amount of equality

Quencha- language

Quebec act-set up permanent government granted religious freedom to French Catholics.


Radical- Extreme

Ratify- To give official approach to.

Repeal- to cancel an act or law.

Recruit- to enlist soldiers into the army


Secede- To leave or withdraw

Segregation- separation or isolation of a country

Suffrage- the right to vote

Spiritual- an African American folk song


Tariff- a tax on imported goods.

Tejana- a Mexican who claims Texas as his country

Toleration- the acceptance of different beliefs.

Tribute- money paid for protective beleifs.


Unalieble rights- a right that cannot be surrendered.

Unconstitutional- no aggreeing with constitution

Underground railroad- escape routes used for enslaved African Americans

Utopia- community based on a vision of perfect society sought by reformers


Veto- to regret a bill and prevent it from being becoming a law.

Vigilantes- people who take the law into their own hands

Vertical interrogation- combining of companies

VAQUERO-Hispanic rich hand


War hawks- republicans who pressed war with britain

Wrist of assistance- officers who went into houses

War of 1812- a war between united states and Britain

Washington G- first president of the united states.


Yellow journalism-type of sensational biased and often false reporting.

Yankee-union soilders

Yeo man- southern owner for a small farm.

Battle of yorktown-a war in yorktown


XYZ Affair- three agents who demanded bribe that became known as the XYZ Affair.