The ican campaign
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The ICAN Campaign. ICAN stands for International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons. Nuclear Weapons -Declared States. Nuclear Weapons - De Facto States. Israel – 75-200 India – 40-50 Pakistan – 25-50 Nth Korea - ?. Nuclear Weapons. Numbers by Region. Status Of Key Treaties In 2006.

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The ican campaign

The ICAN Campaign

ICAN stands for International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons

Nuclear weapons de facto states
Nuclear Weapons - De Facto States

Israel – 75-200

India – 40-50

Pakistan – 25-50

Nth Korea - ?

Status Of Key Treaties In 2006

  • NPT: Signed-188, Ratified-188

  • CTBT: Signed-175, Ratified-122 (“Annex 2”-33)

  • FMCT: Treaty in draft form

  • NWC: Treaty in draft form

Status of the non proliferation disarmament regimes
Status Of The Non-proliferation & Disarmament Regimes

  • The risk of nuclear war has not gone away and is in fact increasing

  • The opportunity presented by the end of the cold war was squandered

  • Multilateral disarmament deadlocked


  • ICAN to address the erosion of the global nuclear disarmament regime

  • Nuclear Weapons Convention – Review, update, progress

  • MAPW to take a leading role within IPPNW and the global peace movement in the ICAN Campaign

Model nuclear weapons convention nwc
Model Nuclear Weapons Convention (NWC)

  • Draft text produced by NGOs

  • Submitted to the UN by Costa Rica in 1997

  • NWC would prohibit:

    • development

    • testing

    • production

    • stockpiling

    • transfer

    • use and threat of use

What ican would aim for
What ICAN Would Aim For

  • IPPNW members feel that a coordinated effort across states and institutions, in the framework of voluntary governmental and non-governmental participation, is necessary if there is to be a reversal of the nuclear threat.

  • One element of such coordination will be a multilateral agreement to prohibit and eliminate nuclear weapons ~ a Nuclear Weapons Convention.

How to work towards a nwc
How To Work Towards A NWC

  • It is strongly felt that the campaign for a NWC would need to be based on an Ottawa style process that lead to the Landmines Treaty – a strong and effectively coordinated global coalition of NGO's and international organisations that drew in governments, starting with Canada, and achieved a treaty in the space of five years.

Phases for elimination
Phases for Elimination

  • All States possessing nuclear weapons will be required to destroy their arsenals according to a series of phases.

Step by step
Step by Step…

  • The Convention outlines a series of five phases for the elimination of nuclear weapons beginning with:

    • taking nuclear weapons off alert

    • removing weapons from deployment

    • removing nuclear warheads from their delivery vehicles

    • disabling the warheads

    • removing and disfiguring the "pits"

    • and placing the fissile material under inter-national control.

Fissile materials and delivery vehicles
Fissile Materials And Delivery Vehicles

  • The Convention also prohibits the production of weapons-usable fissile material and requires delivery vehicles to be destroyed or converted to make them non-nuclear capable.

Working towards a nuclear weapons free world
Working Towards A Nuclear Weapons Free World

  • Today some of these issues may appear intractable, and there is no guarantee that they are soluble.

  • However, a robust and open debate is the most likely - if not the only - way to generate creative solutions and engage the broad transnational and cross-industrial involvement necessary for a nuclear weapons free world.

Nuclear weapons knowledge
Nuclear Weapons Knowledge

  • Nuclear weapons knowledge cannot be disinvented. However, a vast portion of the knowledge, design and maintenance information can and should be destroyed once it is no longer necessary for disarmament.

Our responsibility
Our Responsibility

  • Moreover, and precisely because we cannot return to a world innocent of nuclear weapons knowledge, the answer to the "genie out of the bottle" is to increase scientific responsibility and awareness of potential proliferation risks.

Get involved
Get Involved

  • For further information about the NCW, please see:

  • or contact the Medical Association for Prevention of War (Australia)

    phone: (03) 8344 1637

    email: [email protected]