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Idea: A campus event check-in app @ renren Events: 43 Contacted users: 15 Registered users : 460

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Idea: A campus event check-in app @ renren Events: 43 Contacted users: 15 Registered users : 460 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ZiiLion. Idea: A campus event check-in app @ renren Events: 43 Contacted users: 15 Registered users : 460. Outline. What learned from event goers. Interview Insights .

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PowerPoint Slideshow about ' Idea: A campus event check-in app @ renren Events: 43 Contacted users: 15 Registered users : 460' - talisa

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Idea: A campus event check-in app @ renren


Contacted users: 15

Registered users: 460


What learned from event goers

Interview Insights

1. “I thought you guys were hosting events that involved foreign and local (China) colleges! Disappointed that was not the case”

- event goer, WU

Overseas colleges events

2. “I found it is hard to search inter-college event in current social media platforms”

- event goer, HUST

Inter-college events

3. “A good reason makes me to attend an event is that the speaker is very famous and has huge social infulence”

- event goer, Tsinghua

Celebrity events


Hypothesis for event goers

1. Get inter-college events hosted on our site.

BBS and does not offer such functionality.

Colleges in Wuhan (Wuhan University, HUST), Beijing (Tsinghua, Peking University), etc close in proximity, but poor organization of intercollege events.

Quick Hack:

Self organize an event between HUST and Wuhan University for the cherry blossom festival.

User data analysis result:

Students not really interested in inter-college events.


Hypothesis for event goers

2. Offer events goers better connections to overseas college events

We offer competitive advantage in this segment over BBS and

Exponential increase in chinese college students overseas

Quick Hack:

Allow events hosted on Stanford to be viewed by our initial few colleges.

Broadcast a link on saying that our app provides connection to overseas colleges like Stanford

User data analysis result:

1. Little students really interested in overseas college events.


Hypothesis for event goers

3. Celebrity events attract more attention

College students are more willing to attend the event if the speaker is famous or has large social influence. This kind of event is HOT on campus.

Quick Hack:

Four selected celebrity events ( speakers such as co-founder of Toread) posted on Tsinghua University.

User data analysis result:

Event page view at 17.

There is interest in such a value.


What learned from event hosts

Interview Insights

Long-term value is not appreciated by early adopters

1. “The event attendance data analysis is not useful right now, I just want to advertise my event.”

- event host, HUST

2. “There are not enough users on your site! I need to go elsewhere to host my events to get users.”

- event host, HUST

Large user base is key

3. “So troublesome to switch advertising channel from BBS (college forum) and renren public page to your app”

- event host, HUST

Lower initial entry barrier

New idea: easy export

4. “Need a solution for a multi-media channels management,”

- event host, HUST


Hypothesis for event hosts

1. Reduce entry barrier to post event on our site:

Lower entry barrier to post on our site.

No actions required on event hosts part to post on our site.

Quick Hack: One-button easy import

Event hosts only need to provide us a url of their current event promotion page, we will scrape the information and post on our site automatically.

Interview Result:

All interviewed event hosts love this feature.


Hypothesis for event hosts

2. Be the site that broadcasts events to other channels

Help event hosts to easily manage the multi-media channels for their advertisements.

Quick Hack: One-button easy export

Event hosts can create an event on our site, and our app automatically forwards it to other media channels, like BBS, QQ groups, and SinaWeibo.

Interview Result:

All interviewed event hosts love this feature, and would like to use our site as a destination site to manage other social media platforms.