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Briefing Session. Invitation to Operate Four New Counselling Centres for Psychotropic Substance Abusers In 2010-11 Youth & Corrections Branch Social Welfare Department 21 April, 2010. Programme. Contents of PowerPoint. Opening Remarks Upsurge in Youth Drug Abuse

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briefing session

Briefing Session

Invitation to Operate Four New

Counselling Centres for Psychotropic Substance Abusers

In 2010-11

Youth & Corrections Branch

Social Welfare Department

21 April, 2010

contents of powerpoint
Contents of PowerPoint
  • Opening Remarks
    • Upsurge in Youth Drug Abuse
    • Enhancement in At-risk Youth and Designated Drug Treatment & Rehabilitation Services since 2008
  • Invitation to Operate 4 New CCPSAs (2010-11)
  • Assessment of Applications
  • Output & Outcome Standards for CCPSA
  • Essential Service Requirements
  • Q & A
opening remarks

Opening Remarks

Background :

Upsurge in Youth Drug Abuse

Enhancement in At-risk Youth Services and Designated Drug Treatment & Rehabilitation Services since 2008

upsurge in youth drug abuse
Upsurge in Youth Drug Abuse
  • The total number of reported young drug abusers under 21 increased 51% significantly from 2 278 in 2005 to 3 430 in 2008
  • The total number of reported PSAs reached the historical high at 8 306 in 2008
setting up 4 new ccpsas objective
Setting up 4 New CCPSAs - Objective
  • To meet the urgent service demand to cope with the upsurge in youth drug abuse
  • To facilitate the operational merit to tie in with 11 district social welfare offices of the Social Welfare Department (SWD) for enhancement of necessary local collaboration and synergy
setting up 4 new ccpsas catchment areas
Setting up 4 New CCPSAs - Catchment Areas
  • Central Western/Southern/Islands District
  • Sham Shui Po District
  • Wong Tai Sin/Sai Kung District
  • Tsuen Wan/Kwai Tsing District
new service boundaries of 11 ccpsas
New Service Boundariesof 11 CCPSAs
  • Eastern/Wanchai –TWGHs CROSS Centre
  • Central Western/Southern/Islands–New CCPSA
  • Kowloon City/Yau Tsim Mong - HKCS PS33
  • Sham Shui Po –New CCPSA
  • Kwun Tong –HKLSS Evergreen Lutheran Centre
  • Wong Tai Sin/Sai Kung–New CCPSA
  • Tuen Mun –Caritas HUGS Centre
  • Tsuen Wan/Kwai Tsing –New CCPSA
  • Tai Po/North –HKLSS Cheer Lutheran Centre
  • Shatin – HKSKHWC Neo-Horizon
  • Yuen Long – ELCHK, Enlighten Centre


the applicant mandatory requirements
The Applicant –Mandatory Requirements
  • SWD-subvented NGO
  • Has experience in operating the following SWD-subvented young people services/ designated drug services in the past 5 years (i.e. 1.4.2005 – 31.3.2010)
    • children and youth (i.e. ICYSC/CYC/YC/CC and SSWU);
    • at-risk youth (i.e. YOT, YND and CSSS); and/or
    • designated drug treatment and rehabilitation services (i.e. CCPSA, DTRC and Social Club for Drug Abusers/Ex-drug Abusers)
project length
Project Length
  • Three calendar years

counting from the service commencement date (i.e. 1.10.2010 – 30.9.2013)

  • Further extension of project is subject to review of service demand, performance, etc. in accordance with the prevailing subventions policy of SWD
operation mode
Operation Mode
  • Non-residential community-based drug treatment and rehabilitative services providing a continuum of direct services with preventive, developmental, supportive and remedial functions
  • Elementary on-site medical support service including procurement of medical services for body checks, drug tests, motivational interviewing, and drug-related consultation
  • To assist the habitual/occasional/potential psychotropic substance abusers (PSAs)/ DTRC dischargees and young people at risk in abstaining from abusing psychotropic substances;
  • To raise the PSAs’ awareness about negative impacts of drug and seeking treatment early through elementary on-site medical support service;
  • To facilitate family/significant others, allied professionals and stakeholders in the helping process; and
  • To provide preventive education and publicity in the secondary schools and the community.
target service users
Target Service Users
  • Habitual/occasional/potential PSAs and their families/significant others
  • Dischargees of self-financing DTRCs without provision of professional aftercare service
  • Young people at risk
  • Secondary school students
  • Allied professionals/stakeholders
  • General public in the community
  • Net Operation Floor Area (NOFA) : 214m2, or

Internal Floor Area (IFA) : 246m2

  • Applicant NGO to identify premises as an interim arrangement (pls confirm land use for Social Welfare Facility, and specify if renovation/alteration works is required)
  • Fitting-out works and Furniture & Equipment will be supported by Lotteries Fund as necessary and appropriate
service commencement date necessary preparatory work
Service Commencement Date & Necessary Preparatory Work
  • Service commencement date targeted:

1 October 2010

  • 2-month preparatory period upon allocation of the project
  • Staff cost supported for preparatory period:
    • 0.5 SWO as officer-in-charge
    • 1 ACO as supporting clerical staff
necessary preparatory work cont d
Necessary Preparatory Work– Cont’d
  • Preparatory Work:
    • Community needs study
    • Networking with stakeholders
    • Staff recruitment and administrative matters
    • Local consultation, etc.
funding allocations
Funding Allocations
  • On Lump Sum Grant

* School Programme Fee to be separately granted at unit cost per secondary school per annum (currently at $8,000)

payment arrangement
Payment Arrangement
  • Lump Sum Grant Manual (Edition 2) applies
  • Contract sum will be in line with salary, price and fees adjustment
  • Payment for rent & rates
notional staff provision
Notional Staff Provision
  • 0.5 SWO
  • 4 ASWOs
  • 3 SWAs
  • 1 RN(Psy)
  • 1 WW
  • 1 ACO
  • 1 Wkm II


  • Total : 11.5 (7.5 RSW)
control mechanism
Control Mechanism
  • Funding and Service Agreement (FSA)
  • Quarterly statistical returns – Output Standards and Outcome Standards
  • Annual audited financial reports
  • Service Quality Standards (SQS) under the Service Performance Monitoring System
submission of application mandatory requirements
Submission of Application –Mandatory Requirements

Only applications having met ALL the mandatory requirements set out below will be considered:

  • The applicant NGO shall be a SWD-subvented NGO;
  • The applicant NGO shall have experience in operating SWD-subvented young people services for children and youth, at-risk youth services and/or designated drug treatment and rehabilitation services in the past 5 years (i.e. 1.4.2006-31.3.2010);

- to be continued

submission of application mandatory requirements continued
Submission of Application –Mandatory Requirements (continued)
  • The applicant NGO shall submit only ONE application in the prescribed form with clear indication of only ONE chosen district; and
  • The applicant NGO must submit in the prescribed application form and relevant documents before the deadline by 5:00 p.m. on 14 May 2010 as stipulated in Paragraph 29 of the Service Specifications (Detailed Description). Late submission will not be considered


submission of application prescribed form
Submission of Application –Prescribed Form
  • Not more than 25 pages in total (including contents and attachments), in which the textual contents (i.e. Part IV of the prescribed application form) shall not be more than 10 pages [ SWD reserves the right not to assess information beyond prescribed pages ]
  • In A4 size
  • For English :- Font size 12 in Times New


  • For Chinese :- Font size 13 in 新細明體
  • Original + 5 hard copies + one soft copy
submission of application closing date delivery
Submission of Application –Closing Date & Delivery
  • No late submission after 5:00 p.m., 14 May 2010 (Friday)
  • Delivery : by hand in sealed envelope
  • To : Director of Social Welfare

[Attn: Miss Jessica Cheung,

Senior Social Work Officer (Youth)2]

Youth Section

Social Welfare Department

Room 942, 9/F, Wu Chung House

213 Queen’s Road East

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

assessment of applications vetting committee
Assessment of Applications –Vetting Committee
  • To be assessed by a Vetting Committee (VC) on a quality basis; and
  • To be recommended by VC and endorsed by Director of Social Welfare
assessment of application expression of interest
Assessment of Application –Expression of Interest
  • If there is nil application or the only application or the application with the highest mark is still below the qualified passing mark pitched at 60% in any one of the designated districts, SWD reserves the full right to assess suitability of the second best and qualified applications from other designated districts and then invites an expression of interest to take up the operation of the CCPSA in the designated district(s) without applications or qualified applications.
assessment of application quality aspects
Assessment of Application –Quality Aspects

* Detailed information at Annex 5 of Appendix II –

Information to be Included in the Application

  • Core Service Provision – Service Design and Performance Management (36%)

1.1 Service design and programmes for target service users and elementary on-site medical support service (32%)

      • Services to target service users :-
        • PSAs,
        • at-risk and hard-to-reach youths,
        • secondary school students,
        • allied professionals and stakeholders,
        • families/significant others, and
        • general public

- to be cont’d

assessment of application quality aspects continued
Assessment of Application –Quality Aspects (Continued)

1.1 Service Design (Continued)

  • Elementary on-site medical support service
  • Continuum of direct and one-stop service
  • Measures to smooth service operation

1.2 Performance management (4%)

  • Mechanism for monitoring and evaluating service quality and effectiveness

- to be cont’d


assessment of application quality aspects continued1
Assessment of Application –Quality Aspects (Continued)

2. Relevant Service Experience and Ability to Network and Form Alliance in the Serving District (36%)

2.1 Relevant experience in providing services to children and youth, at-risk youth and/or PSAs (16%)

  • Pls see the Attachment of Annex 4

- to be cont’d


assessment of application quality aspects continued2
Assessment of Application –Quality Aspects (Continued)

2.2 Ability in networking and forming alliance with the community organisations and allied professionals (8%)

  • Network/approach to network service units of C & Y, at-risk youth, drug services
  • Network/approach to network other professionals/stakeholders, schools, community organisations, etc.

2.3 Direct work experience and familiarity with the serving district (12%)

  • Direct work experience
  • Knowledge about community needs
  • Experience in local consultation

- to be cont’d

assessment of application quality aspects continued3
Assessment of Application –Quality Aspects (Continued)

3. Planning of service commencement (12%)

  • Availability of premises
  • Earliest date for commencement and contingency arrangement

4. Human Resources Management and Management Support (12%)

  • Staffing: number and qualifications/ experience, roles and responsibilities
  • Staff supervision/training
  • Management support (central admin., HRM policy, etc.)

5. Innovative and Value-added Services (4%)

Total : 100%


output indicators core service provision total 9 indicators minimum performance requirements
Output Indicators –Core Service Provision (Total: 9 Indicators & minimum performance requirements)
outcome indicators core service provision total 4 indicators minimum performance requirements
Outcome Indicators –Core Service Provision - (Total: 4 Indicators & minimum performance requirements)
Output Indicators –Elementary On-site Medical Support Service (Total: 4 Indicators & minimum performance requirements)
Outcome Indicators –Elementary On-site Medical Support Service (Total: 1 Indicator & minimum performance requirements)
output outcome measures
Output & Outcome Measures
  • The above output/outcome standards and their requirement levels will be subject to variations and mutual agreement between SWD and the successful NGO applicant
essential service requirements
Essential Service Requirements
  • Service to be rendered by Registered Social Workers and Registered Nurse (Psychiatric);
  • For provision of elementary on-site medical support service, procurement of medical support service to be rendered by a medical practitioner, who possesses qualifications recognised under the Hong Kong Medical Registration Ordinance; and
  • Compilation and provision of service statistics as stipulated in the SIS Form.

Miss Jessica CHEUNG

Senior Social Work Officer (Youth)2

Tel: 2892 5128

Email: [email protected]

Thomas CHAN

Assistant Social Work Officer (Youth)5

Tel: 2892 5121

Email: [email protected]


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