the magic genie
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The Magic Genie

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The Magic Genie. By: Clay Godbee. Once upon a time there was a magic genie who gave three wishes to whoever summoned him. To summon the genie you would have to be in danger. You had to be a person who needed help. So on this day, the genie was summoned by a man on a stranded island.

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the magic genie

The Magic Genie

By: Clay Godbee

Once upon a time there was a magic genie who gave three wishes to whoever summoned him.

To summon the genie you would have to be in danger.

You had to be a person who needed help.

So on this day, the genie was summoned by a man on a stranded island.

The man wished to get off the island and return home, and his wish was granted.

The genie told the man he had two more wishes, and could use them whenever he wanted.

The man was thankful to be back home and did not have anymore wishes.

So, the genie spent weeks in his lamp, and was not summoned by anyone.

He spent much time in this lamp.

One day, the man used his second wish.

He wished he was a millionaire.

The genie granted the man his wish.

The man all of the sudden had plenty of money.

But, this money was now stolen money.

The man did not want to get caught with the money.

The man could use one more wish before the genie was summoned by someone else.

But he could not wish away the trouble he could be in.

He wished for a new car.

His wish was granted, but after the genie let him know the car would have to be taken from somewhere.

The man said wished for it anyway.

The genie said “As you wish”

The next day, the cops showed at the mans door.

They said he was being arrested for stolen money, and property.

The man said he wasn’t the one who did it.

But the cops saw the money bags and car.

The man realized he shouldn’t have gotten so carried away.

A week later, the genie was summoned by a woman.

This woman was in deep trouble.

She was stuck in a barn because of a nearby tornado.

The genie showed up.

The woman wished the tornado away.

Her wish was granted.

She was very grateful.

The genie let her know about her two wishes remaining.

Her next wish was a few days later.

She wished for a mansion.

Her wish was granted.

The genie let her know about her 1 wish remaining.

The woman wished for a luxury fountain.

Her wish was granted.

She now had a new fountain to go with her new house.

She bragged about it to all of her friends.

She always told someone about her new things.

Everyone knew about her new mansion and fountain.

She invited people over just to show off.

Until, one day she couldn’t afford her electricity bill.

Her power went out during one of her many parties.

Everybody left the party.

No one ever came back over.

The woman wanted to wish her normal life back.

But didn’t have any more wishes.

She realized she should have thought about what she wished for.

The genie waited another few weeks in his lamp.

He waited….. And waited

He was summoned by another person in trouble.

This man needed help with nearby fire at his office.

The man wished the fire away.

The mans wish was granted.

The fire was extinguished by the genie.

The man had two more wished but chose not to use them right away.

He was just happy to be out of the fire.

So the genie waited in his lamp until the man had another wish.

The man’s next wish came a few days later.

He wished for wealth so he could quit his job.

His wish was granted.

The man was now rich.

He had one wish left.

His last wish was used the day after.

He wished that he was the mayor of the city.

His wish would have to be granted.

He was now the mayor of his city.

He felt powerful.

The man quickly took advantage of his power.

He made new rules but did not think of the citizens.

He was very selfish.

One day the people of the city got sick of it.

They wanted a new mayor.

The citizens went on strike.

They wanted to run him out of office.

And that is what they did.

He was overthrown and left without a job.

The man got carried away with his wishes.

All of these people regret the wishes they made.

Even though these people needed help they took advantage of their wishes.

Each person regretted the last wish they made.

They got carried away.

But the Magic Genie has to grant every wish.