Nablus City Hall
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Nablus City Hall . By Areen Abu Zaid Zinab Abu Shaqdam Mdlaeen Godeh. Chapters. Chapter one:Introdution. Chapter two: architectural design. Chapter three: Inviromental design. Chapter four: Structural design. Chapter five: Internal system design. Chapter One : Introduction.

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Nablus City Hall

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Nablus City Hall


Areen Abu Zaid

Zinab Abu Shaqdam

Mdlaeen Godeh


Chapter one:Introdution

Chapter two: architectural design

Chapter three: Inviromental design

Chapter four: Structural design

Chapter five: Internal system design

Chapter One : Introduction

A building lies in the western side of Nablus , this building consist of two stories of (8000 m2) , and height of each storey is (5m).

Ground floor consists of two main halls, library, cafeteria, bathrooms, and security and Theatre.

1st floor consists of computer hall, bathrooms, cafeteria , theare first floor.

Buildings of the project:

1-Building Main Halls

2-theater of the project

3-Central cafeteria

4-A major public library

5-Computer hall

The site with respect to palestine

Analysis of street

Suggested Enterance

Map that shows street dirt

Traffic around the site

Elements of agroup within the site

Analysis of the noise level

Nablus City Hall

Architicture Design

Site plan

Master plan (ground floor)

Master plan (FIRST FLOOR)




Chapter Two

Nablus City Hall

Structural Design

Design Data

  • Yielding strength of steel, fy = 4200 kg/cm2.

  • Modulus of elasticity of steel, Es = 2.04x106 kg/cm2.

  • Modulus of elasticity of concrete, Ec = 15100 √ fc .

    B300 → fc = 240 kg /cm2 → Ec = 2.34×105 Kg /cm2

Design Data

  • Unit weights of materials: Reinforced concrete = 2.5 ton/m3 . Blocks = 1.2 ton/m3 . Stone =2.6 ton/m3. Sand =2 ton/m3.

  • soil bearing capacity = 1.5kg/cm2 .

Design Data

Design loads:

live load is 500 kg/m2 =0.5 T/m2 for grond and first floor __ L.L For final roof=0.2 T/m2 .

Super imposed dead load is 0.3 T/m2 .

Slap thickness = 20 cm solid slap (roof)

Stair thickness =25 cm

Wall thickness = 20 cm

Theatre column center

Pannel beam roof reinforcement

Footing and tie beam for theatre

Structural Details for theatre

Theatre and cantiliever stairs

Structural analysis

laws and checking the results:

Theatre Block

Service Block

In this block we use pannel beam system using solid slab 20 cm depth with continuos beams carried on shear wall.because of long spans and to achieve theatre function.

first floor

Ground floor

Design steel for ground floor as the shear wall carry the load

Moment from sap (M=20t.m/m)

Design steel for first floor as the shear wall carry the load

Moment from sap (M=20t.m/m)

Case 2:

As another solution if there is compressive refile siolwith minnimum load 98% underground use 7 Ø12/ m in two direction upper and bottom steel use minnimum steel.

Design of beam

After design on sap and select beam dimension(120*80cm) approximetly each 4 m, the figure from sap show steel value as follow:

Use 22 Ø20 mm for the bottom

  • For the top steel use As minUse 12 Ø18

Use Ø10/20cm


Design for exterior wall:

From sap we find F11 = 14 t/m

Use 5 Ø12/ m Horizontal Steel

We find from sap F22 = 46t/m

Shear wall reinforcement

Use 7 Ø16/ m Vertical Steel

Footing design:

After analysis on sap and finding load on footing per meter :

DL on Foundation = 40t/m

LL on Foundation = 20t/m

Section in footing

Column design

  • The design load can be calculated using the following equation:

  • Pd= 𝜙Pn=𝜙*λ {0.85* fc(Ag-As) + As*f y}.

  • 𝜙 = 0.65 for tied columns.

  • 𝜙 = 0.7 for spiral columns.

  • λ = 0.8 for tied columns.

  • λ = 0.85 for spiral columns.

Type of column

Service block (rib distribution)

Structural details for service block

Column centre and footing for service

Piles design

Chapter three

Nablus City Hall

Electrical Design

Lighting calculation

N=E*A/(n* FL*Ku*Km)


N=number of units in place(#of luminair).

E=Illuminance,measured by lux.

A=area of space.

n= number of lamp.

FL=Flux (lumen/lamp).

Ku=utilization factor (depend on room factor ).

Km=maintenance factor.

Sample of calculation

Calculation of the (MDB) and cross section area of cables

Total current for lighting = 80 A

We select diameter of cables

D cables = 25 mm

Total Current for sockets = 40 Amp and use cable with diammeter = 16 mm

Power for ground floor

Lighting for ground floor

Theatre (MDB)

Chapter four

Nablus City Hall

Mechanical Design


We use direct up feed system

We use cold water collecter

And hot water collecter

and electrical heater

Water distribution plan

Drainage system

Fire system

Slope plan

We Used (2) system in the project:

1- chilled water systym in the main hall. 2- gas to gas systym in the secondary hall.


CHILLER 136 ton (Heat pump)327 GPM

We used air handler unit with capacity 8000 CFM

- Heating Load Calculation:


Required ventilation = 8 (L\s)\ person

#No Person= 900

Q Total=80 TON

  • NO diff = 100 we used (60x60) provide 400 CFM

Cooling load

Cooling calculation

Q total = 61.25 Kw

Q s= 43.10 Kw

V cir = 3591.71 L/S

V cir =7901.76 CFM

No . diffuser =100 use 100SIZE THE DIFFUSER FOR 400 CFM (60x60) CM

Difuser and grill for the building

Difuser and grill for theatre


Use two type

Exhust fan window

Exhust duct grill

Chapter Five

Nablus City Hall

Inviromental Design

Inviromental analysis

تصنيف منطقة المشروع مناخياً:

تقع في المنطقة المناخية الثالثة وتقع بين خط طول شرقا ((35.370 وخط عرض (32.322) شمالاً

Design Condition

Sun Motion

Heat calculation

Calculate the thermal of the external wall

Calculate the thermal of the internal wall

Calculate the thermal of the ceiling

Sample of calculation

Heat loss for the All external and internal walls of the building (theatre ):

North wall:

Area wall = ((28.35+25.2+47+40.5+22.5+24+17.2+311.8+76.2)-(4+3)-(40)

= 540 m²

Area windows = 7 m²

Area door = 40 m²

Q(heat loss) = Σ Area × U × T

= [540 × 2.6 + 7 ×6.7+40×3.5]×[20] = 31818 watt.


For external ceiling

For internal wall


منطقة المرافق المحيطة بالمسرح ويكون فيها ضجيج عالي

منطقة المخازن المحيطة ويكون مستوى الضجيج فيها اقل

منطقة اللوبي والحركة الخارجية قريبا من المسرح ويكون مستوى الضوضاء فيها عالية اثناء وبعد العرض

Noise Plan of theatre

Thank you

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