Ief 2020 and my university a reflection
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IEF 2020 and My University: A Reflection - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IEF 2020 and My University: A Reflection. Kacung Marijan Airlangga University, Surabaya, Indonesia. Interesting Forum.

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IEF 2020 and My University: A Reflection

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IEF 2020 and My University: A Reflection


Airlangga University,

Surabaya, Indonesia

Interesting Forum

  • Being part of the IEF 2020 in Bangkok is a great opportunity for me as the issues discussed are timely and relevant to my university. In addition, the participants are from various countries who have valuable experiences to share;

  • Here I would like to share what I have learned from the IEF 2020 in Bangkok, and reflect what should I and my university do in the future.

place of A University

  • University, or whatever it is called, is not located in a vacuum entity; it is a product of social relations within communities (state, local government, international organization, etc);

  • Therefore, university is a social life that has intensive relations with its environment (political, social, economic {global or local}, and physical environment). Whatever happens in university it cannot be separated from the environment

Rapid Changes

  • Nature of the world, environment of university, has been changing rapidly. So do the university. The inventions of technology and ideas, have been drivers for the changes ;

  • Globalisation has moved so rapidly. One might have breakfast in Jakarta, lunch in Dubai, and dinner in London. Globalisation have made many things possible;

  • The rapid changes of the environment have influenced university around the globe.

  • Currently there has been similar trends among universities, such as internationalization, global research collaboration, and having democratic governance university or good governance university, which is characterized by transparency, decentralisation, responsive, and responsibility;

  • The appearance of world rank university, like or dislike, has stimulated competition among universities more obvious . Standardization, quality assurance, etc, have been languages and instruments for being world class university.

The Complexity of Changes

  • Do the changes mean that the world is flat as Friedman said, or universities are also flat and will be similar around the globe?

  • It is no more to argue that the world has been changing and globalisation has been taking place. But the changes do not make the world so simple;

  • In fact, the changes have resulted in contradictions, such as between liberalization and conservatism; between centralisation and decentralization; even between globalisation and regionalization or localization

  • Therefore, in addition to the appearance of similarities in managing university, there are some differences;

  • As we discussed in groups, some universities have been decentralised. Or the universities themselves have decentralized some aspects such as in academic, finance, and administration. But other universities have centralised the issues;

  • My own university has posited in two different direction all together: decentralise academic aspects but centralise administration aspects.

Lessons for My University

  • No matter what, I have learned much from the IEF 2020 in Bangkok. It is countless lessons and will be valuable for me and for my university;

  • As a university in developing country, my university (Airlangga; UNAIR), currently has been realised that we need to be part of a global university;

About Airlangga University

  • Originally Airlangga University or called UNAIR started from a medical school established in 1913 by the Dutch which was called Nederlands Indishe Artsen School (NIAS). After independence, the Indonesian government extended NIAS and founded UNAIR in 1954,which is located in Surabaya, East Java.

  • Currently UNAIR has 13 faculties, consist of 32 undergraduate programs, 34 master programs, 6 PhD programs, 20 diploma programs and 32 specialist medical school programs.


To become an independent, innovative, and foremost University both regionally and globally, a forerunner of science development, technology, humanities and arts based on moral and religion


  • To administer academic, vocational and professional educations.

  • To administer basic and applied researches, as well as innovative policy researches to support education advancements and public services.

  • To devote the expertise in science, technology, humanities and arts to the society.

  • To attempt independence in conducting the three responsibilities of higher education by way of institutional management development by orienting on excellence and wordlwide competitiveness.

Current Position

  • In spite of the fact that UNAIR is one of the best universities in Indonesia, its position in the world university is still low.

  • The current position has been better, based on QS World Rank University

Facing the Future

  • As UNAIR become public autonomous university, its capacity to improve the quality is getting better;

  • Thus, by 2015 UNAIR is hoped to be a world class university with rank around 200-300;

  • However, achieving a world class university is not an easy job as the environment become more complex and competition among universities are higher;

  • I will attempt to impose many betters ideas from this forum to my university as way to accelerate for being world class university.

Agenda for the Forum

  • IEF 2020 in Bangkok is a great forum. I have an idea to have further forum such as a seminar in 2011 or beyond. We might write a paper and publish it into a book. Dr Xiaguang Shi perhaps can e volunteer to organise the seminar:

  • Or we probably meet again sometime, say in 2020, and discuss what would we have practiced, and what the our universities would be look like.


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