Aim members online ad revenues
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AIM members online ad revenues. Revenues according terms and advertising types in year 2009. Revenues according terms and advertising types in year 2008. Revenues according terms and advertising types in year 2007. Elaborated according IAB Europe. AIM members online ad revenues.

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AIM members online ad revenues

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AIM members online ad revenues

Revenues according terms and advertising types in year 2009

Revenues according terms and advertising types in year 2008

Revenues according terms and advertising types in year 2007

Elaborated according IAB Europe

AIM members online ad revenues

Revenues according terms in years 2006 - 2009

Total revenues in years 2004 - 2009

Elaborated according IAB Europe

Display advertising and rich media in industrie‘s shares

Industrie‘s shares in display and rich media in first term 2009

Definitions of online advertising types

Definitions to the online advertising types:

Display Advertising

A form of online advertising where an advertiser’s message is shown on a destination web page, generally set off in a box at the top or bottom or to one side of the content of the page.


Sponsorship represents custom content and/or experiences created for an advertiser which may or may not include ad unties (i.e., display advertising, brand logos, advertorial and pre-roll video).


Banner ads, links or advertiser sponsorships that appear in e-mail newsletters, e-mail marketing campaigns and other commercial e-mail communications. Includes all types of electronic mail (e.g., basic text or HTML-enabled).


Search with keywords. This category includes paid listings, contextual search, paid inclusions, site optimalization.

Classifieds and auctions

Classified advertising is usually text-only and can consist of as little as the type of item being sold and a telephone number to call for more information.

Lead Generation / Referrals

Fees advertisers pay to Internet advertising companies that refer qualified purchase inquiries (e.g., auto dealers which pay a fee in exchange for receiving a qualified purchase inquiry online) or provide consumer information (demographic, contact, and behavioral) where the consumer opts into being contacted by a marketer (email, postal, telephone, fax).

Rich media

A broad range of digital interactive media.

Slotting fees

A fees charged to advertisers by media companies to get premium positioning on their site, category exclusivity or some other special treatment. It is similar to slotting allowances charged by retailers.

Elaborated according IAB Europe

Definitions of industries branches

  • Categories:

  • Financies

  • Automotive

  • Telecommunications

  • Health

  • Media

  • Entertainment and freetime services

  • Tourist trade and transport

  • Household and officies furnitur

  • Food goods

  • Drugstore goods and parfumery

  • Other services

  • Other goods

AIM has officiated since May 2005 as a partnership of Slovak Internet media. Main purpose of this association is to inform about Internet and its options as an advertising medium. Association indicates the online advertising amounts from its foundation, with the first numbers being from the year 2004. AIM is also a sponsor of AIMmonitor, the representative measurement of Slovak Internet visitors data. AIMmonitor has been working since January 2007. Members of AIM are due to take part in it, but other Internet providers can also attend this measurement.

AIM had to 1st of November 2009 31 members.

Address:Asociácia internetových médií

Viedenská cesta 5

851 01 Bratislava



Executive Board Chief: Mgr. Milan Csaplár Email:

Executive Manager:Mgr. Veronika PizanoEmail: Tel.: +421 948 112 100

Vypracované AIM, podľa IAB Europe

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