Podcasting in education
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Podcasting in Education PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Podcasting in Education. Why go Podcasting?. Why go Podcasting?. Educational Uses of Podcasts. Sound Seeing Tours Daily Reporter Student Almanac Process Streams Study Guides Sound Stories Podcast Dramas Poetry Slams. Educational Uses of Podcasts. Our View Today in History

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Podcasting in Education

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Podcasting in Education

Why go Podcasting?

Why go Podcasting?

Educational Uses of Podcasts

  • Sound Seeing Tours

  • Daily Reporter

  • Student Almanac

  • Process Streams

  • Study Guides

  • Sound Stories

  • Podcast Dramas

  • Poetry Slams

Educational Uses of Podcasts

  • Our View

  • Today in History

  • Remediation for slower learners

  • Extension activities

  • Assistance for students with disabilties

  • Book Talk

  • Spelling Bee

  • Pod Pals

  • Replace leturing



What is a Podcast?

Types of Podcasts

Radio Shows

News Shows

Museum Tours

And of CourseEducation

Types of Podcasts

Podcasts can be about any topic

and can last for hours or minutes.

How do you listen?



Where do I find Podcasts?

What do I need? Good Hardware Options $

  • Go to Froogle.com

  • Search mp3 voice recorder

  • Sort from Low to High

What do I need? Better Hardware Options $$

  • At least 1 GB

  • Line in jack

  • Adjustable Levels

  • Small size

  • $75-$300+

iRiver 899

Video iPod w/Belkin Microphone

Creative Zen Nano Plus

What do I need? Best Hardware Options $$$

  • Stereo microphone

  • Live monitoring

  • Multiple save formats

  • Removable media

  • Multiple microphone inputs

  • $300-$500

Marantz PMD660

Edirol R09

Making your own

Making your own

  • Choose a topic

  • Create a script

  • Record the Podcast

  • Produce and Publish

Choosing a Topic

Given the diversity of culture and the breadth of the curriculum as well as individual experiences, the number of topics are limitless

Creating a Script

  • Challenge #1

    • Taking all of the information and editing it down to the appropriate length

  • Challenge #2

    • Writing a script that is compelling and paints a descriptive picture that tells the story in in the listeners mind

Audacity PC and Mac

Download Audacity Installer

Download LAME File

Download LAME File


Once you have downloaded the Lame File you will still need to extract the file. By completing this task now you will save yourself a step later

Understanding Your Audacity Screen

Step 1

Record your voice by clicking the red record button and speaking into the microphone

Step 2

When you are finished recording press the yellow stop button

Step 3

Rewind and listen to your recording by pressing the purple rewind key and green play key

If you mess up simply click the X for the audio track to delete

This one is dedicated to all those with writers block

Importing Background Music and Effects

After you have downloaded your audio file, simply drag and drop your audio file in or click Project Import Audio and search for your file. Note, some files are in stereo and will show up as 2 different audio lines

Here I have added a music file to play in the background. What I want to do is start the music strong, fade down, then fade back up. For this we will use the Pincher a.k.a Envelope Tool

By clicking your mouse you will create little dots. You will be able to duck/envelope/fade/decrease the music levels

Shifting Audio

You can shift your audio and sound effects to the desired location, by using the Time Shift Tool Button

Saving and Exporting

If you want to save your project and continue working later, click File Save Project

If you are finished, it is time to Export As MP3

Exporting MP3 for the First Time

If you choose to Export as MP3 You will be prompted to find the lame file. You will only need to do this once.

This one is dedicated to all those struggling readers

Editing Audio

To edit out errors, click the I and highlight the section you want to delete.

Click delete

Editing Audio

To edit out errors, click the I and highlight the section you want to delete.

Click delete

Additional Resources

Sounds and Effects

Free Music

Where to upload your podcasts for free.

  • Audio Podcasts

Listen Up

  • Educational Podcast Sites

    • iTunes

    • Historical Podcasts

    • TEDTalks

    • TechTeachers

    • Astonomy 161

Listen Up

  • Classroom Examples

    • Room 208 (http://bobsprankle.com/blog/)

    • Radio Willow Web (http://www.mpsomaha.org/willow/radio/)

    • TechSavvy Girls (http://web.mac.com/tntnzing/iWeb/techsavvygirlz/Podcasts/Podcasts.html)

  • Teachers Sharing

    • Women of Web 2.0 (http://www.womenofweb2.com/)

    • Teach42 (http://www.teach42.com/)

    • Grammar Girls (http://grammar.qdnow.com/)

Additional Resources

In addition to the great resources provided by unitedstreaming these other resources are exemplary media sites.


  • www.garageband.com

  • http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/

  • http://ccmixter.org/

  • Speeches and Narrations

  • http://www.historychannel.com/speeches/archive1.html

  • http://www.pbs.org/greatspeeches/timeline/

  • http://www.archive.org/index.php

  • www.librivox.org

  • www.gutenberg.org

  • http://creativecommons.org/audio

Sounds & Sound Effects

  • http://www.findsounds.com/

  • http://www.smartsound.com/

  • http://www.naturesongs.com/

  • http://soundamerica.com/

  • Videos

  • http://www.kitzu.org/

  • http://www.archive.org/index.php

  • http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/index.html

  • Pictures

  • www.pics4learning.com

When Will You Start Podcasting?

Brad Fountain


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