Assistive technology easier than you may think by emily dalgleish
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Assistive Technology: Easier Than You May Think… By Emily Dalgleish - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Assistive Technology: Easier Than You May Think… By Emily Dalgleish. Fair means that each person gets what they need in order to succeed. What is Assistive Technology?.

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Assistive technology easier than you may think by emily dalgleish
Assistive Technology:Easier Than You May Think…By Emily Dalgleish

What is succeed.Assistive Technology?

  • Assistive technology, as defined by The Family Center on Technology and Disability, is anything that “helps a person with a disability do something s/he otherwise cannot to do.”

  • “Assistive technology can be anything from a simple device, such as a magnifying glass, to a complex device, such as a computerized communication system.”

Why use assistive technology
Why Use Assistive Technology? succeed.

  • Besides enabling formerly “disabled” students, assistive technology is beneficial for all students

  • Research shows students in the early and middle grades benefit in reading instruction as well as students with special reading needs when technology is used

  • Studies show that students in technology rich environments show higher overall academic achievement, improved attitudes towards learning, and increased self-esteem

Isn t assistive technology expensive
Isn’t Assistive Technology Expensive? succeed.

  • Many free programs and resources available online

  • Medicaid

  • Grants

Free assistive technology online
Free Assistive Technology Online succeed.

  • Online spell checkers

  • Audio calculators

  • Text to speech programs

  • Visual aids

  • Computer based learning and review options

Medicaid succeed.

  • The doctor writes a letter of medical necessity

    • Describe the assessments given to determine the need

  • Formal request of specific equipment

  • Vendor ships AT device to individual

  • Device is used

  • Additionally- Schools are eligible to apply for Medicaid, these same steps should be followed

Grants succeed.

  • Multiple grant programs can be found through the US Department of Education

  • Small grants through civic organizations such as:

    • Lions Clubs

    • Junior League

    • Rotary International

    • Kiwanis International

Wrap up
Wrap-up succeed.

  • Assistive technology is useful and beneficial for all students

  • Assistive technology does not need to be expensive

  • By using technology, our school can diversify its population and better service its students

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