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Kuna Indians. Of the San Blas Islands. Created by Barbara Finkle. Climate and Geography. The San Blas Islands are located in the Caribbean Sea off of the coast of Panama. It is close to the equator, so it is very hot there. Natural Resources. FISH. BAMBOO.

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Kuna Indians

Of the San Blas Islands

Created by Barbara Finkle

Climate and Geography

The San Blas Islands are located in the Caribbean Sea

off of the coast of Panama.

It is close to the equator, so it is very hot there.

Natural Resources



There are many kinds of fish in the sea surrounding the San Blas Islands.

Coconut trees grow all

over the islands.

Bamboo is abundant on the nearby coast of Panama.



The Kuna people build their

homes out of bamboo and

coconut fronds.

They get the bamboo from

the mainland of Panama and the fronds from trees on the islands.

Homes cost about $100 to build and last about 10 years.


The Kuna people eat lots of fish from the sea and coconuts from trees that grow on the islands.

They own some land

on the coast of Panama

where they grow bananas

and other tropical fruits.

The Kunas also buy

food like beans and rice

because they can be

stored without refrigeration.

There is no refrigeration because

there is no electricity on the islands.


Kuna women wear colorful

clothing and beads around

their ankles and wrists.

They are known for their

colorful mola blouses, which

they sew by hand out of many

pieces of cloth.

They also wear gold jewelry

on special occasions.

The jewelry is made by pounding gold into flat pieces and then cut into shapes.


Wooden boats are carved from trees found on the

coast of Panama.


Kuna men make baskets

from plants found on the

coast of Panama.

Community Leaders

Kuna Chief and His Wife

Medicine Man

Medicine Dolls

The medicine man uses special wooden dolls for healing.


The Kuna Indians sell colorful mola

panels to tourists.

People from all over the world collect molas.




Berta Alicia Avila, a Kuna woman from Suitupu, 1997. Photo by Mari Lyn Salvador.

Molas, Ann Parker, Barr Publishing, New York