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Pecan Creek Science Fair. Parent Meeting January 16, 2014. The Basics of a Science Fair Board. Testable ? Hypothesis Materials Procedures Data Collection Tables, Charts, Graphs Science journal or notebook for notes Written Report: 5 th grade. Projects.

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Pecan creek science fair

Pecan Creek Science Fair

Parent Meeting

January 16, 2014

The basics of a science fair board
The Basics of a Science Fair Board

  • Testable ?

  • Hypothesis

  • Materials

  • Procedures

  • Data Collection

  • Tables, Charts, Graphs

  • Science journal or notebook for notes

  • Written Report: 5th grade


  • The project should be based on a ? That the student has. It doesn’t have to be something that is difficult…….Most often times, the best projects are the ones that students just have a curiosity of……such as:

  • I wonder if……….?


  • Scientists will conduct 3 or more trials to validate their hypothesis

  • Record all data

  • Repeat the steps of each trial exactly the way you did on trial 1 for validation

  • Record the data from the trials

Testable ?

  • A testable ? Is one that can be done safely at home or school with minimal supplies or money.

  • Ex. Are boys more accurate than girls when shooting a Nerf gun at a target from different paces… 10 paces, 15 paces, 20 paces

Non testable
Non-testable ?

  • A question is non-testable when it is NOT safe or can NOT be done at home or school.

  • Ex. How much does an elephant weigh?


  • An hypothesis is an educated guess on what YOU think the project will accomplish.

  • Example: I think that boys will be more accurate at shooting a Nerf gun at a target because they have more experience.


  • LIST everything you used to conduct your trials. EVERYTHING, if mom helped you, list her as a resource.

    • Pencil

    • Journal

    • Participants

    • Nerf gun

    • White board

    • Markers

    • target


  • Procedures include anything and everything that you did in order to conduct the experiment.

  • DETAILED: 1., 2. 3., 4., 5., 6 etc.

  • Judges should be able to recreate the experiment based on your listed procedures in their head.

Data collection based on trials
Data Collection based on trials

  • Some measure of data collection based on three trials for your experiment

  • Such as: tally marks

Tables charts or graphs
Tables, charts, or graphs

  • Turn your data collection into a visible table, chart, or graph.

  • Examples:

  • Bar graph

  • Line graph

  • Pie graph

  • Picto-graph

Resource documentation
Resource documentation

  • websites.

  • Books

  • Magazine articles

  • interviews

Using animals
Using Animals

  • Denton ISD policy: NO animal that is a vertebrate (backbone) may be used for an experiment unless approved by the Denton ISD district science coordinator: Kathy Morrison ext. 040-369-0665

  • MUST also include a veterinarian note stating that the project is NOT harmful to the animal.

Science fair boards
Science Fair Boards

  • Regulation size only

  • Nothing larger

  • Nothing smaller

  • Examples: shown at meeting