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Foods Quick Breads Notes. What is a Quick Bread?. A quick bread is one that takes a short amount of time to prepare and bake. Biscuits Muffins Pancakes. Function of Ingredients. Liquids—milk and water Used to moisten dry ingredients Flour Used to give structure Eggs

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Quick Breads Notes

What is a quick bread
What is a Quick Bread?

  • A quick bread is one that takes a short amount of time to prepare and bake.

    • Biscuits

    • Muffins

    • Pancakes

Function of ingredients
Function of Ingredients

  • Liquids—milk and water

    • Used to moisten dry ingredients

  • Flour

    • Used to give structure

  • Eggs

    • Used to give structure, flavor, and richness

Function of ingredients1
Function of Ingredients:

  • Fats—solid or liquid such as shortening, margarine, butter, and oil

    • Gives tenderness, flakiness, richness, and flavor

  • Baking soda + acid

    • Leavening agent (makes it rise)

Function of ingredients2
Function of Ingredients:

  • Baking Powder

    • Leavening agent (makes it rise)

  • Sugar

    • Gives flavor (sweetens) and tenderness


  • Preparation

    • Cut in shortening to resemble small peas, stir with spoon, do not overmix

    • Mix dry and liquid ingredients all at one time

  • Mixing

    • Roll out with rolling pin, cut with glass or biscuit cutter

  • Cooking

    • Make sure oven is preheated to 375 to 475


  • Mixing

    • Mix liquid in one bowl

    • Mix dry in another larger bowl

    • Make well (hole) in center, add liquid all at once

    • Stir with spoon gently and do not overmix


  • Preparation

    • Spray or line muffin pan with cupcake liners

    • Fill muffin cups ½ to 2/3 full

  • Cooking

    • Preheat oven

    • Fill empty muffin cups with water for even cooking

    • Use toothpick to test for doneness


  • Mixing

    • Add all ingredients together and stir gently

    • Some lumps are ok

  • Preparation

    • Pour by cupfuls onto hot pan


  • Cooking

    • Use very hot nonstick griddle or skillet

    • Pour batter

    • Flip when edges get dry and bubbles form on top

Characteristics of high quality biscuits
Characteristics of High Quality Biscuits

  • Tender

  • Light and fluffy

  • Lightly brown

  • Flaky

  • Pleasing flavor

Characteristics of high quality muffins
Characteristics of High Quality Muffins

  • Tender

  • Lightly browned top

  • No tunnels (inside the muffins) or peaks (on top)

  • Moist

  • Pleasing flavor

Characteristics of high quality pancakes
Characteristics of High Quality Pancakes

  • Tender

  • Lightly brown

  • No clumps

  • Fluffy and light

Always remember
Always Remember…

  • Ingredients are proportional

  • Baking is a science!

  • Do not change ingredient amounts!!!

Always preheat the oven
Always Preheat the Oven…

  • So that the rising process occurs properly and the products do not overcook

What is a leavening agent
What is a Leavening Agent?

  • It causes a product to rise

  • Yeast, baking soda, and baking powder


  • To push with your hands to smooth the dough.

  • ONLY knead 8-10 times…or your biscuits will be tough!

Rolled or dropped
Rolled or Dropped?

  • Some biscuit dough is rolled and cut with biscuit cutters or the rim of a glass.

  • Some biscuit dough has more liquid and is dropped onto the pan.

    • Can also be used as a dumpling in a stew.

Does the size of the pan matter
Does the Size of the Pan Matter?

  • Cooking time needs to be increased for larger pans and decreased for smaller pans.

    • Example: A recipe written for 2 inch muffins will not take as long to cook if you bake it in a loaf pan.

What about the color of the pan
What about the Color of the Pan???

  • The temperature should be lowered 25 degrees for a dark coated pan.

  • A dark pan absorbs more heat.

What ingredients can be added
What Ingredients Can be Added?

  • Fruits

  • Nuts

  • Spices

  • Extracts

  • Cheese

Sifting flour
Sifting Flour

  • Flour today is sifted in the processing plant.

  • If the recipe calls for it, sift BEFORE you measure!

  • Some recipes do not require the air necessary in sifted flour.

Types of flour
Types of Flour?

  • Self-rising (has leavening agents added)

  • Plain or all-purpose

  • Bleached or unbleached

  • Whole wheat

  • Bread flour

  • Cake flour

  • Rye flour

  • Oat flour

  • Rice flour

Other types of quick breads
Other Types of Quick Breads

  • Pita Bread (Mediterranean)

  • Cornbread (Southern USA)

  • Crepes (France)

  • Tortillas (Latin America)

  • Matzo (Jewish)

Non quick breads
Non-Quick Breads

  • Yeast breads

  • Croissants

  • Loaf bread

  • French bread

  • Bagels

  • English muffins

  • Sourdough bread